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Choosing interesting essay topics is a very crucial stage. Remember, choosing the right topic simplifies writing work, and a wrong choice will only complicate your task. Do not postpone the choice to the back burner. Otherwise, you risk getting the very topic that all your classmates have abandoned.

Often the teacher gives a list of possible topics for the essay, so your task is to choose the one that suits you as quickly as possible. What does it mean? This means that you should not only have familiar words found in the title of the topic of the future essay, but you should be quite clear about what will be discussed in the text of your scientific work itself. It's even better if the theme is interesting to you. If the teacher himself assigns who and what theme will write, it remains only to write it down and move on to the writing process.

Choosing a topic yourself, you better not dive into complex and incomprehensible concepts; otherwise, you risk ruining the entire project. Moreover, it is almost impossible to change the topic later. It must be remembered that a correctly chosen theme is the first step to success, and a person is successful in what he/she is familiar with. Therefore, your theme should be:

  1. Interesting - first of all, to the author himself, so that the process of writing work does not turn into forced labor.
  2. Developed enough - only such work is highly appreciated. And for this, you need to process a large number of literary sources, choose the necessary fragments correctly, and draw your conclusions based on their analysis. The more specific, accurate, and essential information the work contains, the more complete and qualitative it is.

How to Choose the Best Essay Topic?

Choose good topics carefully. If the topic turns out to be difficult for you, it will be almost impossible to change it to another. When choosing an essay topic, you should have an idea of ​​the area in question. It doesn't matter what subject you were asked to write the essay. The main thing is that the author has a fully formed opinion on this issue.

It is unlikely that anyone will be interested in old data that will not benefit humanity, even for some small ​​production or industry area. Therefore, when choosing a theme, please pay attention to its relevance.

The topic of the essay should be of interest to you. A psychological moment plays here. For example, you won't read Forbes magazine if you are not interested. You'd better take the literature or those sources that arouse your particular interest and some positive emotions. The same goes for choosing an essay topic.

It is necessary to choose the theme of the project in terms of conveying its voluminous information. It is understood that the area to be described and considered should be broad and not based on multiple definitions. The larger the theme, the easier it will be to build a logical chain, followed by a description of the theme's work.

Step-by-step Guide to Choosing an Essay Topic

Instructions for choosing the right theme:

  1. It would help if you had at least a general idea of ​​the selected theme. If you do not know about the topic, read the relevant literature.
  2. The topic is selected, taking into account the relevance. Relevance is a rather vague concept. A theme can be considered relevant if the scientific literature has not yet considered all its aspects. Ideas related to policy or controversial topics about educational reform will be relevant. In general, everything that makes sense to work on can be considered relevant. If you doubt the relevance of a theme that you like, consult one of the teachers.
  3. The topic should be, first of all, enjoyable to you. This will increase motivation; you will start to enjoy the work done.
  4. It is essential to choose the right theme in terms of volume. Already at the stage of selection, you should imagine the questions that contain this or that topic. Each time you consider any option, ask: "Will I be able to expand the theme in the allotted number of pages?" If your choice is on a very narrow theme, it will be difficult to type in the required number of pages.
  5. Access to sources of information. No matter how attractive a topic is for you, do not tackle it if there are only a couple of articles on the Internet and in the library that you can use. Always check for quality material!


  • Decide what type of essay you are going to work with. For example, it could be a narrative essay. Only after you have decided on the type can you start choosing from topic examples.
  • Don't change the subject if it seems complicated to you. Perhaps there are many exciting sources on it.
  • Make sure you have enough materials to work with and have access to them.
  • Pick only the best sources.
  • If you understand that the list of sources is too hard to read or there is too little material, choose another theme.
  • Discuss ideas on the topic with the teacher if he can give advice. This advice is suitable for those who are unsure about the theme and want to hear an objective opinion.


  • Don't change the subject if it seems complicated to you. Perhaps there are many exciting sources on it.
  • Don't be lazy and write a long article. If you have an unlimited number of words, it is better to write a lot to cover it better. If the number of words is limited, choosing only the most suitable material and removing unnecessary information is better.
  • Be a smart student and don't choose topics that your classmates have already chosen.

Essay Topics For Grade 3-8

Students in grades 3-8 need a list of themes, as they do not yet have the skills to generate funny topic ideas. So check out our themes:

  1. What does knowledge give a person?
  2. What is more important: who to be or what to be?
  3. How literature helps the study of history?
  4. If I were the headmaster of the school.
  5. The person I trust.
  6. Stories and legends of my family.
  7. A book that left a lasting impression.
  8. The book is a textbook of life.
  9. Respect for elders is the law of our life.
  10. What do I value most in a person?
  11. Why is it so important in life to learn to understand another?
  12. Do people of the XXI century need a fairy tale?
  13. How to make everyday life interesting?
  14. The pros and cons of the computer.
  15. Is it possible to do without spiritual values?
  16. Intelligence and education: are they the same?
  17. An interview with classmates about an essential event in their life.
  18. Argumentative essay about the benefits of the country I live in.
  19. Help and charity: what are their similarities and differences?
  20. For what I scold myself and what I am pleased with myself.

Exciting Middle School Essay Topics

We have also prepared interesting topic ideas for middle school students. Your teacher will be delighted:

  1. An essay on the topic of honesty.
  2. Life values ​​are examples of life.
  3. What are immoral concessions?
  4. Why does revenge destroy the soul?
  5. There is always a place for a feat in life.
  6. What is happiness?
  7. What is the difference between interests and values?
  8. The influence of books on our development.
  9. I am choosing a life path.
  10. My attitude towards pessimist, fatalist, and optimist.
  11. Education is the road to the future.
  12. What is happiness, good and evil?
  13. What is the inner world of a person?
  14. What is self-doubt?
  15. Man and nature in modern literature.
  16. Will it replace Internet TV, books, theater?
  17. Could a person live without nature, without harmony with the environment?
  18. Is a person responsible for his thoughts and actions?
  19. Need to heed the advice of adults?
  20. Or a fulfilling life without friends?

Interesting High School Essay Topics

High school students find it hardest to pick up themes since the experience of writing an essay is very large, which means there are very few ideas. But we know how else you can surprise a strict teacher:

  1. What human qualities are most needed by young people in the modern world?
  2. Do modern people need etiquette?
  3. A person's character creates his destiny.
  4. Only those who do nothing have little time.
  5. Are the laws of morality the best landmarks in life?
  6. Should you choose your future profession according to prestige or vocation?
  7. How is love different from falling in love?
  8. How does scientific and technological progress affect humanity?
  9. Need to join ROTC?
  10. What should be done to add exams successfully?
  11. How to focus on school during a pandemic?
  12. How to invite a girl or boy to the prom?
  13. Is it better to get an education abroad or in the country you live in?
  14. What kind of sport is needed in high school?
  15. Should a student take part in FFA, BPA?
  16. What foreign language should you learn in high school?
  17. Do I need to organize a graduation party if the tuition fees are very high or leave money for education?
  18. What does a girl or boyfriend have to do on a date to show themselves educated?
  19. Does the school need apprenticeships or technical programs to find a job after graduation immediately?
  20. Can the exams appreciate the student's level of knowledge?

Essay Topics for College

If you are a college student, then we also have ideas for you:

  1. Can a book help in a moment of despair?
  2. What book would you advise someone tired of hoping to read?
  3. Is it true that you can only rely on yourself?
  4. Why is despair dangerous for a person?
  5. What helps a person not to despair in a difficult life situation?
  6. Do you agree that there are no hopeless situations?
  7. In what situations can despair take over a person?
  8. How does conscience help a person choose between good and evil?
  9. How are goodness and nobility related?
  10. How do you understand the well-known statement that the main battlefield of good and evil is the human heart?
  11. Why are proud people often lonely?
  12. What could you never put up within your life?
  13. What prevents mutual understanding between lovers?
  14. What is the polite attitude towards a woman?
  15. What is the meaning of mutual understanding in love?
  16. Is it true that keeping love is more complicated than finding it?
  17. What is the drama of the battle between pride and humility?
  18. Can an evil act be forgiven?
  19. How does love help you cope with despair?
  20. How is hope different from a dream?

We also prepare a list of thesis topics, so take a look for inspiration.

Fascinating Essay Topics by Different Essay Types

The choice of the topic of the article depends on how successful it will be. Accordingly, when solving this issue, you should not rush: the main thing is to think over all the nuances and trifles of future work. Therefore, we have prepared a few more tips to guide you when choosing a topic:

  • it is worth asking the teacher's opinion. In such matters, he has more experience, which means that his opinion is more authoritative. The teacher will help determine whether this topic is relevant, can advise literary sources that will help in writing the work;
  • when choosing the topic of the article on your own, you can, as an option, analyze the immediate environment - it can suggest the topic;
  • determination of the specific direction of the paper. The issue considered in the article should be relevant, while the author should have all the necessary information on the selected topic. An essential requirement is a substantial amount of work - this will facilitate bringing the article into a proper form by all the requirements and standards of execution;
  • when choosing a topic, it is necessary to consider the relevant disciplines bordering on the fundamental sciences. It should also be borne in mind that significant scientific discoveries often occur in such areas.

Now let's take a look at the topics in different directions.

Cause and Effect Topics

If you want to speculate about the cause of the appearance of a certain phenomenon, situation and find the consequences, then you will definitely like these cause and effect topic ideas:

  1. Can optimism and good mood affect the state of the immune system?
  2. If people get rid of cars and switch to a bicycle, will our world become cleaner?
  3. Can social media affect people's communication?
  4. Students who study at the university become more successful than those who study at the college?
  5. Can there be a long-distance relationship without trust?
  6. Can exercise prevent childhood obesity?
  7. Why are alcohol and drugs believed to be the main reason why people stay on the street?
  8. How could global warming affect critically endangered animals?
  9. Why do panic attacks occur, and what causes them?
  10. What are the consequences of bulimia?
  11. How do parental divorce and separation impact the emotional wellbeing of children?
  12. How does peer pressure influence teenage behavior and decision-making processes?
  13. What are the causes and effects of high rates of unemployment in urban areas?
  14. How does stress impact mental and physical health?
  15. What are the consequences of rising global temperature and climate change?

Argumentative Essay Topics

Have you faced an argumentative essay? No ideas? Not a problem, we have selected:

  1. Who should control abortion: Woman or country?
  2. Does the tax system suit everyone equally, or is it difficult for small businesses to cope with it?
  3. Why is vaping as bad as smoking?
  4. Why is consumerism a problem for humanity?
  5. Can social media invade confidential information?
  6. Do all people need vaccines or only sick people?
  7. Do we need to monitor what we eat?
  8. Are modern curricula suitable for students to become self-sufficient people in the future?
  9. Which languages ​​for communication must be official in the United States?
  10. Is it worth bringing back the death penalty for rapists?
  11. Should college tuition be free for all students?
  12. Is the use of animals in scientific experiments ethical?
  13. Should the minimum wage be increased to a livable wage?
  14. Is social media harmful to mental health?
  15. Should the death penalty be abolished?

Narrative Essay Topics

If you are interested in creating exciting narrative themes that have not yet been touched by anyone, then our list will be useful to you:

  1. How did you meet your best friend?
  2. Have you ever flown on an airplane?
  3. What emotions did the first book you read evoke in you?
  4. What's the worst memory you have in your mind?
  5. What fear can significantly affect you?
  6. What traditions does your family follow?
  7. Have you ever attended a summer camp?
  8. Have you learned to drive?
  9. What unpleasant situation upset you the most?
  10. How do you spend your weekend?
  11. Can a single moment change the course of a person's life forever?
  12. How has the experience of living in a different country challenged your perspectives and beliefs?
  13. How have your childhood experiences influenced the person you are today?
  14. Discuss a time when you overcame a major obstacle or challenge, and reflect on the lessons you learned from that experience.
  15. In what ways has social media impacted your relationships with others?

Non-Standard Research Topics

Do you want to devote your work to research? Excellent! Our ideas for you research essay:

  1. What animal rights are violated by modern society?
  2. What is the legal age for drinking alcohol? Is this the right age?
  3. How does it feel to be a patriot? How do patriots show themselves in different countries?
  4. What can sexual harassment lead to, and how to deal with it?
  5. What can the doctor's negligence towards the patient lead to?
  6. What punishment should be for a crime committed out of spite?
  7. Has online commerce increased during the pandemic?
  8. Why do intelligence tests divide society into smart and non-smart?
  9. Can Solar Panels Eradicate Traditional Energy Depletion?
  10. How can humanity contribute to ocean pollution?
  11. Can an AI ever truly understand human emotions?
  12. Is it ethical to use genetic manipulation to enhance human intelligence?
  13. How has the rise of automation and AI impacted the future of work?
  14. In what ways does our culture prioritize individualism over community?
  15. How does the education system perpetuate inequality and reproduce social hierarchies?

Expository Essay Topics

If your teacher asked you to write an expository essay on any topic, then take note of the following ideas:

  1. Topic to talk about why it is essential to finish school.
  2. What problems do teenagers worry about most often?
  3. Should you open a credit card?
  4. Should children go to court? How does this affect the psyche?
  5. Is US higher education effective enough?
  6. Why is it hard to move from your beloved home or city?
  7. Why do the same things bring sorrow and joy at the same time?
  8. What kind of music can affect a person's life?
  9. How is a leader different from other people?
  10. Why do parents take great care of children, and how does this affect the child's condition?
  11. What is the process of human memory and how does it impact our daily lives?
  12. How does the human brain process information and make decisions?
  13. How does the media shape our perceptions of beauty and body image?
  14. How has the internet and social media transformed the way we communicate?
  15. What is the history and significance of a particular cultural tradition or holiday?

Definition Essay Topics

Probably all the terms have already been defined, but we have definition essay ideas for which it would be interesting to write:

  1. Can successful projects be identified?
  2. What does love mean?
  3. Why is it essential to be a kind person?
  4. Why is it necessary to be an optimistic person?
  5. How to deal with laziness?
  6. What is Buddhism, and how does it manifest itself in different countries?
  7. What does it mean to be a happy person?
  8. Do you have any friends? Can you consider your relationship a real friendship?
  9. Is being a perfectionist good or bad?
  10. Explain how marriage can affect the relationship between couples?
  11. What is the definition of courage and how can it be demonstrated in various situations?
  12. How can we define the term family in today's society, considering the diverse types of families that exist?
  13. What does it mean to be a good leader?
  14. Examine the different conceptions of happiness.
  15. Analyze the different interpretations and applications of justice in various legal, social and cultural contexts.

Descriptive Essay Topics

It is easiest to describe the phenomenon, subject, landscape. But so that you do not have problems with choosing a descriptive topic, then use our ideas:

  1. Do descriptive writing about the worst dream ever. Why do you remember him?
  2. The most spontaneous journey you've ever had.
  3. Have you visited the museum? Describe what the museum looks like that impressed you.
  4. What is the happiest day of your life?
  5. Do you have a favorite character? Describe it.
  6. Do you have someone who inspires? Describe what exactly he inspires you.
  7. Do you have any childhood memories?
  8. Describe your best friend and tell us why you think he is.
  9. Describe the most beautiful place on earth that you have seen.
  10. Describe the place you imagine in your dreams.
  11. What does a typical day look like in the life of a farmer?
  12. Describe the perfect beach day.
  13. What does it feel like to walk through a bustling city at night?
  14. Describe the experience of attending a live concert.
  15. What is it like to hike through a dense forest?

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