Easy Guide to APA Essay Format

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Easy Guide to APA Essay Format

The APA style involves using references in the text whenever you cite a source, be it a paraphrase, a quote inside a line, or a blockquote. The in-text link contains facts about the job (editor/compiler/title of the cited basis, if the author is absent), which mentioned.

It is allowed not to indicate the sheet interval if you do not quote, but express an idea or refer to the job. The quote inside the line quoted. Author's last name may appear:

  • in the sentence itself, then after it, the card's year is indicated in parentheses, and after the quotation, the page interval reported;
  • in brackets after citation with a year of the card and sheet spacing (see sample below).

What Is APA Format?

APA format commonly used in research papers in the social sciences and humanities. This style developed by the American Psychological Association, not the Methodists - perhaps psychologists know how to make our brains comfortable with the facts. It is quite simple to indicate sheet by page, only the creator's name and writing year. Nothing more is needed for page citations, using sample we created the same text..

APA format also uses by those students who have dedicated their studies to the humanities or social sciences. It is especially convenient for works in which there are many direct quotations; after all, it is necessary to specify only a surname and the used sheet by sheet. The correct use of citations and references in scientific papers is an essential component of adherence to academic integrity principles. This allows the young researcher and the world of science to develop.

General APA Guidelines

  1. Each abbreviation should be entered in the text in parentheses after the first mention of the corresponding full phrase, and only then it can be used;
  2. Sources of the list of references should be given in the text in brackets, in italics, indicating the creator's name in the original language and the year of publication for APA format;
  3. All text citations should be submitted in the article's language and accompanied by links to the basis and a specific page;
  4. Do not make sheet links, but put them in parentheses directly in the text, look for sample;
  5. Give references to all tables and figures in the text of the article;
  6. All tables must have a rubric (above the table, a separate indent of text, without indentation, Arial, 8 pt, bold);
  7. The creators are fully responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the use of scientific terminology.

The Basics of APA Paper

APA research paper format carried out according to the following principle: the rules of transliteration give the author's surname and initials. The names of foreign creators submitted in the original, without the use of transliteration.

If the publication lists eight or more creators, the link must contain the first six creator names, insert three dots (...), and add the last author's name. Before the previous creator's previous first name, we put &.

For the English-language manual, the original first name gives — the first name of books, collections, or magazines highlighted in italics. If the publishing house (enterprise, institution, organization, etc.) has an official English name, you can give it. Links to electronic resources are described by rules APA style, additionally specifying the URL (see sample).

Essay Components

Any APA essay consists of three parts:

  • Introduction.
  • The central region (including several sub-items).
  • Conclusion.

But the words "introduction," "main part," "conclusion" are not the names of the points of the plan. As a rule, the introduction outlines the basic idea, sets the tone for the whole work, and introduces into the circle of the problems under consideration.

The central part reveals the idea of essay writing and related issues presents a system of evidence for the provisions put forward. The conclusion summarizes the results, contains findings and assessments APA format.

The main goal of the introduction is to lead to the central part correctly. The body and conclusion are the two most essential components of an essay that show your understanding of the theme. The end should contain the work's primary findings, a generalization, or a summary, as in the sample.


Written jobs, including essays, are written in Times New Roman font, 14 point-sized, and double-spaced. Throughout the text, continuous numbering used, the sheet not placed on the title page, but it is taken into account when numbering.

In the primary body of the essay, subheadings may use, which are acceptable in bold, as in the sample. Subheadings should be printed with paragraph indentation, with a capital letter, without a period at end subheading, and without using an underline.

In the most crucial part, using such techniques as tables, charts, and diagrams is allowed. But follow the APA format rules: the form corresponds to the table; the name is in the middle and carries accurate facts. The figure's first name writes below the picture, and the table name writes above the table. The word "Essay," located on the middle sheet, is usually written in a larger font than the rest of the text.


Margins look like 1.5 cm for the top, 3 cm for the bottom, 1.5 cm for the right, and double spaced for the left. Increasing margins is sometimes used by students to improve the form of layers. Still, this practice can get in trouble, especially if you are entirely proud and set the settings in settings 3 - 3 - 3 - 4.

A4 pages used, in no case in color, only white, printed on the printer Times New Roman font. The text not print on both sides, use only one, it will be a sample in the future. The text on the paper should correspond to the borders, not to the whole document, but adhering to the limits. Please do not use your friends; do not write text on both sides; it is not a notebook.

Focus on such a writing APA format as a portrait, all the attention in the center. At the same time, the landscape is used only for additional notes or tables. There are no clear guidelines for headings in the standards. Most often, they located in the middle; no dots put at the end.


The interval when creating the text of APA format is allowed one and a half. If you use a more extended range, the teacher will think that you want to deceive him with volume, no need to cheat. All thoughts and statements on the theme of the essay writing borrowed from the basis and other researchers should mark with appropriate footnotes.

Information about the creator and teacher is right-aligned, and everything else is centered. The theme highlighted in bold, and all capital letters can use if desired. You do not need to write the word "subject." You only specify the first name of the theme — the essay's topic not taken in quotation marks, except for one case - a quote.

Conclusions cannot be more than two paper long. This is an analysis of the primary text, summing up. The goals achieved are described, highlighting credible statements. It is essential to pay attention to the possibility of the practical application of the job.

Major APA Paper Sections

Students find that an APA essay is not a difficult task compared to other student jobs. Therefore, we usually do not worry about writing it and do not pay attention to it. We forget about the originality, which harmoniously looks at the composition, or corresponds to the norm.

Be that as it may, we have all written essays, and we know that this task awaits every student. Teachers have created jobs to make it easier for us to write more seriously in the future. That is, development from small to large, so all must master writing skills.

There were cases when the length of the text was from seven papers to twenty. Like all other works, it has several sections:

  • title page;
  • table of contents or outline;
  • introduction;
  • basic part;
  • conclusion;
  • list of used literature.

If you have not missed anything and have correctly designed your work, be sure that your efforts will not ignore.

Title Page

When creating a title page, use the rules specified by your school. In no box, do not violate them and do not add your own, because then the essay may not be accepted because it does not meet the requirements. To not redo it later, it is better to ask your teacher for a design sample in advance.

You need to make out the first name sheet very carefully so that there are no typos. If writing jobs to make mistakes in the primary text, namely, with the supply of reliable facts, they will undoubtedly notice that you write the whole text correctly, without errors.

According to the standard APA format, the title page must contain:

  • the name of the university (school) - the first line;
  • abstract;
  • department name - second line;
  • the word "Essay";
  • topic name;
  • student (student) data: name, surname, group (class);
  • teacher data;
  • city and year.

If you are looking for the phrase write my essay on the Internet and then contact the writing service center. Professionals will assist immediately when an order application comes from you.


This genre of science fiction style has two mandatory parts. The first necessarily characterizes the basis and determines the goal set by the creator, his basic idea, and the study's scope. The methodology APA format of job and the received results also described.

The second part defines the audience for which the annotated article intended. In this box, it is necessary to determine how accessible the language of presentation. In some tables, annotations to reports may contain additional information.

In them, it is appropriate to tell about composition, the structure of the basis, and get acquainted with illustrative material used in it. In conclusion, it is not superfluous to indicate what new opinions expressed by the creator in the study acquainted with his findings or recommendations.

Main Body

An essential feature of the central part APA format is specificity. The theme should be revealed not in general phrases, but to delve into the job's ideological and artistic content and argue their thoughts. Quotations provide specifics to the central part.

Quotes-theses, or proofs, are used in the central part of the job. They clearly express the basic idea of the situation. This is usually the expression of classics, famous people, scientists, writers, critics. Such quotations transmitted as direct speech, respectively, capitalization and punctuation preserved.

The quotation can be shortened, leaving the most significant part of it, omit unnecessary elements, and in place of abbreviations and omissions put three dots within the quotation marks. These are excerpts from the literary text, which given in the job as examples.


Subscript bibliography reference made as a note taken from the text of the document down the strip. The subline bibliography source repeats the bibliography information about the primary object, which is already in the document's version. However, this rule APA formatting has its peculiarities of application.

Typically, links used in online resources. This applies to electronic documents, databases, Internet portals, already known web paper, and Internet forums. The note used to see where the facts are coming from and whether it is faithful to the text you used.

The facts are provided in the following sequence: system requirements, effects on restricted access, the date of updating the document or its part, e-mail address, date of application, to the text.

APA reference page example

The regulatory reference list is a document with all the questions that arise in the reader and answers them; this applies to many student jobs. Typically, such a paper considers the amount of data that carries facts that are not clear when reading.

An excellent example of understanding the source list is the dedicated basis facts bases. In an essay, you need to write according to this example, APA formatting:

Bakalar, N. (2018, February 12). High blood sugar levels tied to memory decline. The New York Times. Retrieved from: https: // www. NYTimes. com / well / mind / high-blood-sugar-levels-tied-to-memory-decline. HTML

Festin, M. (2008). Continuous glucose monitoring in gestational diabetes. British Medical Journal, 337 (7675), 886-887. Retrieved from: http: // www. jstor. org / stable / doc25671429

Section Headings

The first and foremost thing to remember to get rid of the creative pause is that the text cannot ultimately come out without a heading. What is a headline anyway? Only Muggles call a first name "title," but in the end, it is the first name of the text, that is, an identifier that distinguishes it from millions of others and remains in the memory of readers.

But usually, we write not for eternity, but for the present, so the name is purely functional. It should attract the readers' attention, encourage them to click and read, convey the topic, and at least partially give an idea of the text's content and convey the idea or mood of the manual.

That which spins in your head and comes to the surface when you think about a text is that very idea. They won't necessarily be great headlines, but each word or phrase can be the first link in the chain to get you to a good one.

Heading 1 Format

Centered, Boldface, Uppercase and Lowercase Heading - there is nothing simpler than general headings. Like: "A concert dedicated to Women's Day held in the House of Culture." The first name of your article should include some detail. Preferably the most interesting.

If there are no interesting details, you need to consider whether you need to publish such a text. If the feature is one - everything is simple. And if there are many of them, you need to choose one thing.

This life hack jobs well for this: highlight in bold in the text everything that evokes emotions. It can be a quote, fact, figure, observation. Please take a look at each one, weigh the one that hits more laborious, and beat it in the first name.

You can quickly make a good headline by using one of these APA formats. But don't be too banal. And don't forget the details.

Heading 2 Format

Flush Left, Boldface, Uppercase and Lowercase Heading - is perhaps the most challenging part of writing an article. Many creators first write the text and only then come up with a first name based on it.

When the question with the underlying problem is made directly in the first name of the article, it has a unique effect on those looking to answer this question. The confident presentation of facts is half the battle. The student must eliminate all doubts from the reader, which can only be done with clear statements.

Choose a first name that communicates to readers the benefits and benefits they will receive from your research. The best first name solves the problem or helps the audience achieve the desired goal. The first name tells the reader about the content of the article.

Heading 3 Format

Indented, boldface, lowercase paragraph heading ending with a period. The text for the title is sometimes appropriate to put a full stop, an exclamation mark, or a question. The dot in the first name, made in a separate line, is omitted, except for beginners' cards to read children. Do not give in to the stereotype, if you think it is necessary, use the vital sign for your opinion. After the first name in the selection with the text, the point needed.

If the title is on the same line with the text - a full stop is placed at the end. In English, three dots means the incompleteness of the statement. On the one hand, you can miss something in the first name to interest and convince the reader. But on the other hand - if we want to be honest with our reader and use the first name, not for bait, but to tell about the content of the article, it is better not to use three points.

Heading 4 Format

Indented, boldface, italicized, lowercase paragraph heading ending with a period. Reading useful literature, you have noticed that if the text meets your expectations only in the circumstances, other people will be interested. And this is due to the use of various artistic techniques while watching the impression that an entirely different world of writing.

Metaphors used to make a headline memorable. Thanks to this style, a picture is created that evokes emotions in the reader. Put merely, and metaphors are words used figuratively.

Expressions that no one expected to see may interest the reader. They will differ from the already known phrases. Use in the first name of the essay a simple, but essential for the world. There is a feeling that you already know what will be in the text from the banal title, so there is a chance that you are not unusual and do not have your style.

Heading 5 Format

You indent, italicized, lowercase paragraph heading ending with a period. Sometimes it makes sense to create additional indent headings. This is necessary if different indent of text have different structural meanings. For example, if you have many extensive APA citations in your document, you can create a separate APA citation style. In this box, the indent that is a quote can highlight with a unique design - and this design will be straightforward to change for all quotes at once.

Immediately note that short headlines have a more significant impact on the audience. Use a rule, the fewer words you write in the first name, the more likely you will remember it. Of all the title formats listed, the creators select a few and then choose which one is best for the document. For example, the same metaphors successfully used in subheadings.

In-text citations and references

In a job, it is necessary to give references to each quote, borrowed opinion, given form or other data, examples from job experience, etc. The presence of text citations in the job of other people's views without reference list to them is unacceptable and, as a result, leads to a refusal to accept the responsibility for defense.

The source should be made to recent publications. Use information, materials from monographs, review articles, another basis with a large number of pages. The link must specify the page numbers, illustrations, tables, formulas from the foundation.

To confirm one's arguments by referring to an authoritative basis or critically analyzing a printed text, quotations should give. The quote must be accurate; no corrections in borrowed words and sentences are allowed.

APA Paper Checklist for College Students

APA format:

  1. The title sheet indicates the article's name, which fully corresponds to the meaning of the material presented. The title printed in the APA format we described earlier. Each first name written in capital letters.
  2. The abstract begins on the second page. Here you need to form the page abstract and write the first name. At the same time, follow the interval on one line.
  3. There are quotations in the text, and they should include in the list of literature, indicate where they use, who is the creator, and the form of pages. If you have used commentary from the Bible, then such a quotation is taken into account.
  4. The links arranged alphabetically. If the link is in electronic APA format, then insert its address.
  5. As for grammar, use additional programs to check. If this is not possible, contact someone who knows about it.

APA Format Template

Based on the ARA style template, it is already known that it begins with an introduction, then the basic idea and conclusion in the form of an end. Each section has a corresponding title. If you are interested in looking at MLA format essay , follow the link we left.

Our article has instructions on how to complete each quote. When writing text in APA format, follow these rules: logic, spelling, grammar. Only under these conditions does your text match the template that demonstrates this style.

You can look at personal essay examples if you look at this link to better understand what it looks like. Now let's go through the template again, the first-page abstract is the first name, the second annotation, and only after that is the primary text. Do not forget about this sequence, and you will succeed!

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