Understanding Geography Essay and Its Importance

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Understanding Geography Essay and Its Importance

It might not seem too important to you, but knowledge of your planet is crucial. Geography is the one subject that will teach you all about the Earth. From plate movements to industrial development in your country, it covers everything!

Learning about the formation of cyclones, earthquakes, volcanoes, and mountains might not seem impressive, but don't judge a book by its cover at any cost. If you learn how to climb Mount Everest and why is it the highest mountain in the world, once you know how and why you will be in awe of how much a geological course can teach you about the Earth.

You will find many geography articles online, which will tell you how the weather and climate changes can shape people's lives across the world. Geography is the first step to understanding time differences on the Earth. Different oceans, seas, rivers, islands, continents, countries, and cities. It has everything about the Earth in detail, one way or another.

Take a Look At Cultures And Regions

The Earth is not just about topography; it is also about cultural differences and how climate affects different lifestyles. You can expect anything in this course. From learning about the lifestyle a farmer leads and his income source to learning about a trader or an industrialist, we will find everything in a geographical course.

It also links to significant parts of history and how it all developed. It is a holistic view of all aspects of life on Earth. It will also help you learn about global interdependence in trade, sanctions, quota systems, and money value. It is the perfect mix of all subjects for a student.

It might not cover topics in detail related to economics or business. However, you will still learn about how currency functions and how trade depends on a country's production and alliances with other trading blocs. If you're interested in geography fieldwork and want to build a career in it, then you must pay attention to all these practical issues that the subject covers.

Let's Try to Understand What a Geography Essay Is

A geography essay might seem a bit complicated, but it can be simplified in a few words. Such essay writing informs us about the different features of the Earth. They can be natural and artificial. It usually covers the factors that can cause a significant change in the world's geography. An example of this is how depletion of the Ozone layer can allow Ultra Violet rays to harm human beings.

Another example is how tidal waves occur at different heights due to the moon's gravitational pull. Whether your essay writing covers mountain ranges or natural phenomena of the Earth, it will help you understand everything in detail. Such essays enable you to identify cultural and natural problems worldwide and later draft suitable solutions for them in your career.

Let's Take a Sneak Peek at the Structure of a Geography Essay

Let's start with the basic outline of a geography essay. Remember that it is a formal piece of essay writing, so you cannot change the outline unless your teacher permits you. It is best if you try sticking to the format and outline your teacher gives you. In case the instructions are unclear or your instructor doesn't provide a proper format to follow, you can then refer to the basic outline for an essay.

The structure of an essay writing paper is divided into three main parts.

  • An introductory paragraph, known as the introduction;
  • Body paragraphs. Try to keep at least two to three body paragraphs in your essay;
  • Concluding paragraph. It contains the conclusion of your essay.

What Do We Mean by Professional Essay Writing?

When we say a professional piece of essay writing, we don't just mean the tone to be professional. We're saying the structure of your paragraphs and the length should be relatively similar. Do not write excessively long paragraphs, followed by a shorter one. Keep the length the same with the same font size and design. To ensure you follow this technique, you can decide a particular word limit for your essay and divide it by the total paragraphs you plan on writing.

Let's Work on Writing a Compelling Introduction

As you all know, an introduction is the first impression of your work. And no one wants to ruin the first impression at any cost. Your introductory paragraph is the first thing after your geography title that your reader will read. You must make the best effort to grab your reader's attention. If you fail to do so, your reader will go to some other information source. To avoid this, you can begin your essay with useful information or an interesting fact about the topic. You can then build on it and introduce your topic. If you don't want to start with a fact, you can use some other exciting hooks.

Then you will be introducing the issue you chose to address. State where the issue occurs most frequently and explain it. It comes in your thesis statement, after which you can proceed to your body paragraphs.

Time to Craft Your Essay Body

The body paragraphs of your essay should contain all the details about your topic. You can provide examples from your life or a case study to answer all the questions you feel the reader might develop after reading your paper. Make sure you provide information such as facts, dates, locations, and names from reliable sources.

Try to maintain an objective tone to avoid any bias towards the argument. You should divide your argument into paragraphs and points so that you don't get confused. The best part about your essay's body paragraphs is that you can add multiple figures, tables, and even images to show the reader what you're trying to convey or as proof of the statements you have made. You can show data changes through graphs and help the readers identify a changing pattern to understand your essay writing piece clearly.

A Compelling Conclusion Awaits

Your conclusion is not a summary or a discussion, but rather your final impression on the readers. You shouldn't provide any new information in your conclusion. take about the points you have already mentioned and how you feel they impact us or the issue at hand. Try to pull the argument towards the thesis to remind your reader what your paper's true essence was if they lose track as readers can be lazy and read papers in breaks. It isn't about what you have stated; it is about what you have understood. You can conclude it with a warning or a solution to the problem. Make sure whatever you write links to the topic. Don't go off track, or you will lose your marks. If you need help with homework help, you can contact several service providers online to guide you or write an engaging piece for you.

Take a Look at the Following Essay Topics for Your Ease

Students often face difficulties in coming up with a suitable topic for essay writing, cases, or dissertation. It delays their essay writing tasks. Well, we don't have all month to come up with a topic. Deadlines are quick to approach. To help students, we have prepared a list of topics they can use to work with to write an essay:

  • Impacts of global warming;
  • Changing climate across the globe;
  • The topography of mountains and rivers;
  • The water cycle;
  • Changes in nature in the past century;
  • Formation of a cyclone and the role of wind in it;
  • The occurrence of earthquakes and their intensity;
  • Economic disadvantages of tsunamis;
  • Ways to reduce pollution;
  • Impact of pollution on the ozone layer;
  • Agricultural practices and industrialization in countries;
  • Disadvantages of soil erosion;
  • Does cutting down trees result in infertile soil?
  • Formation of fossil fuels;
  • Why should we use substitutes for fossil fuels?
  • Formation of deserts and their importance.

Reasons To Focus on Geography As a Subject

Usually, students wonder why geography is so important or why they should have to study it. Understanding the subject educates you about the world and allows you to avail future opportunities in different areas of your life. Since it is a mixture of many courses, you can determine which field interests you the most and build a career in that field.

Geography Offers Many Subjects Combined As One

It educates students about retail issues, global issues, natural issues, and also, cultural issues. It will allow you to keep your career options readily open as it combines technology, social sciences, and science to form a subject! You might often get written assignments linked to other courses, such as biology topics to write about, which are linked to this course.

How great is it that one subject is educating us about so many things? There are different aspects of geography that you can focus on as it offers a wide variety of chapters and courses. Let's look at a few of these options.

Let's Talk About Place Awareness

Studying geography not only informs us about nature, but it also creates awareness about places in the world. We get a chance to learn about the formation and history of these places. We also know about human beings' role and natural factors in turning places into what they are today! It is fascinating!

Not only this, students become more and more aware of the direction and location of various places around the globe. They know the topographical features of these places and find different ways to navigate these areas. If we consider dividing it into two parts, we can say that physical aspects will teach you about the topography like terrains, water bodies, plateaus, soil, and forests in an area. Human aspects will teach you about the culture, lifestyle, and ways of earning in different places. Ap human geography will often bring you such topics to work on.

Understanding History

As human history itself isn't impressive enough, we now have it paired up with geography's fascinating phenomena. We learn about different civilizations that occupied other geographical regions and changed their culture according to that area's climate and living conditions. We also learn about why wars are waged against different civilizations only due to their land and water bodies' strategic importance. Did you ever think this subject would so closely be linked to human and cultural development?

Now you can easily understand the relationships that link cultures so closely together. Rather than thinking like a citizen from one country, you will develop a global citizen's mindset. You will realize how the entire world is interdependent and why one nation has never conquered the whole world. Each civilization has a different topographical and historical advantage that has contributed to its development.

Travel Knowledge Is Essential

You can't travel to a place if you do not understand the geography of the area. You'll get lost in a foreign land. For someone who goes to a place to enjoy their vacations, stress about traveling and not understanding the area ruins an entire trip.

Geography is there to rescue such new travelers! Make sure you study the topography of a place before you visit it to avoid mistakes. Try always to know the features and landmarks surrounding the area. Study about the weather conditions as they are often unpredictable and can result in accidents. It can be detrimental to you and the people you travel with.

If you learn about a place's geographical features, you will enjoy your trip more and make better use of your time exploring the area rather than sticking to one hotel or restaurant.

Familiarize With Globalization

Globalization is the process of bringing the world closer by travel and understanding cultures. The world is now focusing on global platforms to help the process of globalization. It enables people to understand global cultures and develop businesses in different areas of the globe with more profit! It also allows firms to influence cultures and, at times, will enable cultures to influence firms.

With so much focus on globalization nowadays, you need to understand how it occurs. You should know what has contributed to its growth and why. If you focus on this course, you will answer all these questions and understand where globalization might take different countries of the world.

Global Interdependence Is Increasing

Like we said earlier, no country in the world has been blessed with every natural resource. Some have fuel. Some have mines, some have water, some have glaciers, some have agricultural benefits, while some have the best industries. As human beings, we need a bit of all these resources combined to benefit from them.

Life without these primary natural resources becomes difficult, so countries engage in global trade. They buy one item while selling the other. It brings them foreign exchange, which later helps in globalization. To understand the reasons behind why one country has more natural resources than the other or why one country does better in terms of industrialization, we need to seek the help of geography.

Navigation Skills Are Crucial

You all are aware that geography is the one subject that deals with maps and direction. So it is pretty evident that geographical knowledge will most definitely help you understand directions if you're headed north or south. Studying it, you become more disciplined and focused. While traveling, the focus is precisely what you need if you're trying to reach a place without a GPS device without making a mistake. In case your devices stop working, you need to come back to navigating in the usual ways by spotting landmarks and knowing where north, south, east, and west are. You will only learn about this if you have studied the geographical aspects of an area for navigation.

Writing about geography will become easy for you if you try to look at it interestingly. Try to see it as a platform of information about the world in different ways. With all these facts and details, review the instructions given to you by your instructor, and start working on your essay writing skills!

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