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There is a broad range of definition essay topics. To pick the right one is far from a child’s play. There is a far cry between what it takes to write a definition essay and how you may approach some other types. You must make sure that good research paper topics might not need to include personal examples and experiences.

On the other hand, definition essay topics depend on personal experiences to build a quality piece of writing. Before you begin, make sure your topic is in line with your aptitude. Make sure that the topic that you choose has no shadow of your personal opinion to it. Hence, it might not prove a remarkable piece of definition writing. Generally, you have to ask a question and get a prompt to begin your task. Here are the most dominating essay topics to select from matching your personal experiences:

  • Freedom;
  • Love;
  • Happiness;
  • Family.

Definition Essay - Understanding Of The Term

Definition essay belongs to the category of expository essays where you have to provide a definition of your chosen concepts while walking a fine line between personal feelings and academic background. Learning how to write an essay of this type, you introduce the topic at first. You give a thesis statement at the end of the introductory paragraph and then assemble crucial details in the body section.

Even though a definition essay is all about defining, it must not be confused with a piece of writing that is based on literal definitions of terms or concepts. A definition essay goes a step farther to dissect and post-mortem a concept with all dimensions in view, be it denotative or connotative. Then, the writer lays out examples to back the ideas. It is persuasive to a certain degree as the writer has to convince the reader of the validity of their personal approach to the topic.

How To Pick Up Definition Essay Topic

Love As a Topic For Definition Essay

Are you in quest of opinion topics to write about? What about "love"? It has lots of versions of definitions varying with the type of people. Some people have conditional love relationships, while others love unconditionally. It is just limited to romance; meanwhile, others consider it a lifetime bond of trust and respect.

A range of people asserts family association as the most faithful concept of love. There is another school of thought, giving emotional color to this concept. Above all, the refined philosophical view of love is between man and God.

Nonetheless, the deeper we dive into the sea of definitions of love, the more the concepts we discover. Hence, selecting love as a topic for the essays gives you a broad range of focus options. As described earlier, this type of essay is not like a research paper to get factual or numeric details from other sources.

On the contrary, it is similar to the argumentative project while giving a vivid definition of a concept as per your opinion. That is why a topic like love opens up many opportunities for writers to enlighten different aspects of the topic. Moreover, below are given definition essay topics from falling under the category of "love".

  1. Diversity of feelings in love;
  2. Love vs. detestation;
  3. The global concept of love;
  4. The link between love and other feelings;
  5. The most dominating emotion in the world;
  6. Family love;
  7. Conditional love;
  8. Animals love;
  9. Love vs. passion;
  10. The negativity in insane love;
  11. Impact of unconditional love on relationships;
  12. How true love differs from infatuation and lust;
  13. Importance of self-love in maintaining healthy relationships;
  14. How romantic love is portrayed in media and pop culture;
  15. Role of platonic love in maintaining strong friendships.

Moreover, if you have an academic task of definition love and feel unable to put your energies into the assignment, fret not! There are various online companies providing writing services to students victimized by laziness or other serious compulsions. They will give you an impressive, quality, and excellent essay, guaranteeing A+.

Happiness As a Topic For Definition Essay

Happiness is among the topics that you can find much to write about. A few people connect pleasure to happiness; meanwhile, there are other solace seekers in the happiness of enlightenment. Similarly, some people consider it temporarily discovered in secular affairs. On the other hand, several scholars refer to the eternal happiness hidden in spiritual illumination. All in all, the variety of meanings of happiness is limitless.

Everybody has an individual and personal experience of happiness from real-life interpretations. What is your idea of happiness might not be an approvable argument by others. Therefore, going with happiness as a definition essay topic can help you embody a unique set of ideas. Just pick up the topic, and share your experiences and real-life examples connected to your thesis statement. For more understanding, below are given the focused definition essay topics subcategorized from happiness:

  1. How you interpret happiness;
  2. Materialistic mentality;
  3. Mystical approach to happiness;
  4. Drawing happiness from helping others?
  5. The quest for a true delight;
  6. Why it's important to pursue happiness?
  7. Role of gratitude in achieving true happiness;
  8. Connection between happiness and living in the present moment;
  9. Correlation between happiness and meaningful relationships;
  10. The role of taking care of one's physical health in achieving happiness;
  11. Concept of self-love and its importance in achieving happiness;
  12. Connection between experiencing flow and feeling fulfilled in life;
  13. Correlation between pursuing one's passions and happiness;
  14. Role of acceptance and resilience in achieving happiness;
  15. Connection between giving back to others and feeling a sense of happiness and purpose.

Family As A Topic For Definition Essay

Family is quite a personal topic for everyone. You do not need to do any research for a project on this topic. You can write your interpretation of family values. Also, you can discuss the members of the family. Moreover, you can relate other things relevant to the emotions and feelings of a family. The best thing is to talk about a broad family with parents, siblings, marital understanding, and offspring. Thus, you will have many people and emotions attached to the relationships to analyze the subject. To make your narrative definition sound personal, below are given other topics relating to the family:

  1. Complete family;
  2. The concept of the family;
  3. Family in the current age;
  4. Children marriage;
  5. Parenthood at a young age;
  6. Small families;
  7. How much family is responsible for the future of the children;
  8. Media and family;
  9. How the modern generation values family;
  10. Impact of divorce on siblings and their relationships;
  11. Importance of family communication in conflict resolution;
  12. Role of extended family in child-rearing;
  13. Effects of intergenerational trauma on family dynamics;
  14. Significance of cultural traditions and customs in family identity;
  15. Benefits and drawbacks of homeschooling within a family unit.


Freedom is one of the good persuasive speech topics around the globe. There are many freedom types like freedom from slavery, freedom for women, and freedom for minorities. There are many other kinds of freedom, like freedom of choice, human rights, and freedom of speech. Hence, freedom is also a topic with fine chances to add personal opinions and experiences. Below are given a few tips to create academic essays on freedom:

  1. Freedom of media;
  2. Inhumane treatment of minorities;
  3. Slavery in the modern age;
  4. Freedom for all nations living in the USA;
  5. Occupied states;
  6. Freedom of love;
  7. What it means to be free?
  8. Different types of freedom and their significance in society;
  9. Relationship between individual Liberty and social obligations;
  10. Evolution of freedom throughout history;
  11. Struggle between freedom and authority in a democratic society;
  12. Role of freedom in entrepreneurship and innovation;
  13. Limits and consequences of freedom of speech in contemporary society;
  14. Relationship between freedom and equality;
  15. Imperative for freedom in the pursuit of happiness.

Topics Based On Educational Level

For College

Topic selection for definition essay writing also depends on the educational level. For example; you can select from the topics below if you are studying at college:

  1. The meaning of common emotions like friendship, relationship, and jealousy;
  2. Defining buoyancy;
  3. The interpretation of convergence;
  4. The meaning of culture and ethics;
  5. What is confidentiality, according to you?
  6. The meaning of Thatcherism;
  7. The idea of surface tension;
  8. The views on animal slaughter;
  9. The outlook on famous masterpieces of art;
  10. What does it mean to be successful in today's society?
  11. What is courage, and how can we cultivate it in ourselves?
  12. Why is diversity important in contemporary society?
  13. How can we attain true happiness?
  14. What are the traits of a good leader, and how can they be developed?
  15. How can we understand love's multifaceted nature?

For High School Students

High school students are relatively immature as compared with college or university students. So, the best definition essay topics for them are:

  1. The meaning of kindness, love, hate, and respect;
  2. The interpretation of optimism and pessimism;
  3. What is charisma?
  4. The definition of sense of humor;
  5. The views on natural beauty;
  6. The perspective on hard work and effort in the face of hardship;
  7. Meaning of true friendship;
  8. Concept of love and its different forms;
  9. Importance and benefits of time management;
  10. Notion of success and how it is defined;
  11. Characteristics of an effective leader;
  12. Meaning and purpose of education;
  13. Definition of courage and how it can be displayed;
  14. Concept of mental health and ways to maintain it;
  15. Significance of volunteering and its impact on society.

Definition Essay Structure

Now let me unfold the structure of a typical definition essay:

  • A definition is taken from the dictionary (a literal one);
  • A personal touch;
  • Theory-backed and empirical evidence;
  • A succinct conclusion.

You can also add additional features like abstracts and references as per demand by the professor. The primary consideration of a writer is to make the introduction paragraph most engaging.

In the opening paragraph, you introduce the topic in the most exciting sentences. Also, you give the thesis statement, which connects the entire essay with the introduction.

The body contains examples and experiences you want to share with the reader in your definition essay.

At last, you sum up the whole thing in the conclusion. You have to again describe your thesis by adding the previous sentence most appealing.

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