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Academic Edge With Studybay Essay Help

We raise the bar when it comes to online essay writing services and essay help. Compared to other regular writing help platforms, Studybay remains unparalleled in its writers' competence and overall performance, as seen in the brilliant college essays it releases to clients. Our clients' 96% satisfaction rate is proof of our success! Hence, Studybay is one of the leading platforms for custom essay writing and academic help.

  • Struggling With Essay Formatting? Studybay Will Help

    Essay formatting should not be overlooked, especially if professors are strict with their instructions. Make sure that you inform your expert about the technicalities of the document, such as the number of pages, word limit, document margins, etc.

    Our professional custom essay writers are also keen on using the appropriate citation formats. Among the most well-known formats that universities use in their academic papers are the APA (American Psychological Association), the MLA (Modern Language Association), and the lesser-known Chicago-Turabian citation format.

    The APA format is used in articles dealing with both hard (e.g., physics, biology, and chemistry) and soft sciences (e.g., social studies, economics). The MLA citation, on the other hand, is used in articles related to language studies, liberal arts, and humanities.

    The Turabian manual has two types of source citations: (1) notes and bibliography (or simply notes) and (2) author-date. Authors commonly use the notes and bibliography format in the humanities, such as literature, history, and the arts, to directly annotate the work of authors used as references. In contrast, the author-date format is preferred in physical, natural, and social sciences.

  • Receive Plagiarism-Free and Authentic Papers

    Studybay values intellectual honesty and encourages academic integrity. One of our mandates is to provide our clients with only original work. We write all of your custom papers from scratch, ensuring that your submission is 100% plagiarism-free and free of any unoriginal material.

    At the same time, each essay writer is meticulous in referencing the sources they use in order to avoid receiving low marks from plagiarism checkers like Turnitin. Professors use Turnitin, an advanced Internet-based program, to detect any kind of plagiarism in their students’ work. The majority of professors would not approve work that has a high plagiarism report in the detector.

Why Order an Essay from us

Does Studybay provide services anonymously?

We value privacy and safeguard the personal data of our clients. We collect personal information only for tracking purposes and customer validation. The site doesn't disclose any personal information to third parties without the client's permission.

Will all my requirements be followed?

We leave no instruction unfollowed as we fulfill the requirement of your coursework. Our team of experts pays acute attention to details like the number of pages long your essay should be. All you have to do is communicate your coursework guidelines to our writing experts as clearly and completely as you can.

Can you provide articulate writing and proficient proofreading?

Experts edit and evaluate the first draft of your paper before forwarding the final version to you. This process ensures the top quality of our work, eliminating typographical and other writing errors.

Do you have a knowledgeable expert for every field or topic?

Every project has its own set of requirements. Fortunately, Studybay has a wide range of experts from various fields of study. Customers are sure to find the right expert to assist them in writing customized essays and targeted articles on a specific subject.

How can I start using Studybay?

It's easy to get started with Studybay. You can directly order our services on our website by filling out a straightforward form. Do you not have access to a computer? Smartphones and tablets can also be used to access our website.

When can I reach out to customer support?

Our very efficient and accessible support team is available 24/7 and is always available to answer your inquiries and see that your concerns are taken care of. You may send us a message through live chat or our support tab on our online platform's homepage.

You can also reach us through emails when you need lengthy and thorough discussions of your assignment or if you much prefer to communicate with humans instead of bot assistants.

Can I monitor the writing process?

We are known for our best writing and prompt service, so you can rest assured that you will never miss a deadline when you work with us! However, if you still want to keep track of our progress, you can do so easily using our website. You may also contact the customer service manager or the specialist you hired.

Why do clients love Studybay?

We go beyond the extra mile and excel in what we do. Our writers are dedicated to integrating fresh and innovative perspectives into your writing assignments. Impress your professors and improve your overall academic performance and standing!

Studybay produces top-quality papers with insightful discussions and very personalized custom writing. This is a noticeable difference compared to regular sites that only include general and unimpressive information in their written essays.

Is it cheating or plagiarism?

Our professional paper writing service is not a form of cheating. Acts of intellectual crime and dishonesty are not tolerated or promoted here at Studybay. Such acts involve plagiarism and cheating. As outlined in our Honor Code, our organization is committed to academic honesty. All our experts are therefore committed to upholding the guidelines stated in our code of conduct.

Our services ensure that we do not violate any of the client's educational institution's academic honor codes. This means that if the student's institution does not accept outside support, they will not be able to use our service. We also don't publish plagiarized work and only provide trustworthy and honest services to our clients.

Coupons and Promo Codes

Studybay also occasionally posts coupon and promo codes that clients may enter to claim discounted products and services that the website offers. This sustains the continued patronage of our valued writing service clients.

How much time does it take for paper writers to finish my essay?

It takes a couple of days for writers to finalize orders and coordinate with their clients. It takes another few days for our academic writers to finish your requests. But you can rest assured that we can deliver within your indicated deadline. Never miss a deadline because our writing company can guarantee you punctuality, as it already has for over 12 million projects.

Does Studybay submit the texts on time? Are free revisions included?

When you work with Studybay, you can always submit your essays on time. Regardless of the amount of work involved, our experts will efficiently complete your requests. We can also work on revisions; just communicate them to us at the earliest time possible.

We don't suggest cramming deadlines and amendments into your requests at the last minute. Maybe some experts will still take on your project despite the rushed notice. However, if you want premium quality, give our writers plenty of time to complete your project.

Warranty Period

Clients are also eligible to redeem a warranty on their orders within a given period. The platform provides this option to clients who wish to cancel their order and receive a refund of their initial payment within an allowable period.

The warranty period lasts for 20 days after an expert starts working on a customer's term paper. Clients can receive the full amount of their payment. This is similar to a money-back guarantee. Beyond that, clients can no longer avail themselves of the warranty feature and would have to pay for essay writing service. Our platform does not hand out free essays.

Customers may cancel projects due to several factors. Some of the most common reasons include the postponement or cancellation of the assignment, the complete removal of the requirement from the client's curriculum, or an error in the client's instructions.

Do Studybay expert use reputable sources and academic references?

Yes, they get information straight from reputable sources, distinguished publications, and journal databases utilized by high-caliber universities. Studybay experts reference only highly distinguished sources with trusted authors while writing your paper.

Does Studybay Guarantee A+ Results?

Studybay promises that you will get only the highest and most laudable results at every academic level in your custom paper. Our works, written by highly qualified authors, are likely to win our clients above-average grades and positive comments from professors. Why? We hire only the best graduates and the most experienced freelancers who have been successful at passing Studybay examinations.

Most of our 52,000 authors have been on the dean's list and have even earned Latin awards from their respective alma maters, so they know how to get teachers' approval. Our output usually receives grades ranging from B to A+ in customer testimonials. Your grades are also influenced by how well you communicate your project to us and how clearly you advise your expert to complete your article.

Who will be helping me with my essay?

The experts at Studybay will be the ones hustling for your results. To ensure that all of our writers meet the expectations specific to our writing business, we do not recruit writers from third parties or other affiliations. We also employ strict quality management protocols and hiring processes. Our applicants must be able to achieve the following credentials to be employed:

  • Higher education and a Master's degree or Ph.D. degree.
  • Fluency and perfect command of the English language (preferably native English speaker.
  • Professional specialization/niche.
  • Relevant writing experience.
  • Good work ethics.
  • Preferably has published a research journal (this is not required, but highly encouraged).

Do you want to read more about Studybay's talented and flexible team of writers? Visit our About Experts page to learn more about their backgrounds, degrees, former colleges, and what our clients have to say about them.

Do you offer discounts for students that are not rich?

No student should be denied access to high-quality educational supplementary services and quality essays offered by Studybay. To aid our customers in need of financial support, our organization provides a variety of programs to help clients who do not have the financial resources to use our services.

Customers who place their first order with Studybay receive a 15% discount. This will enable less fortunate clients to benefit from our writers' premium service at a lower cost. Clients will also get discounts by using promo codes that the organization sends out on occasion. The warranty function allows clients to get their money back if ever they cancel a project.

We want to strike a balance between making our services available and paying our employees fairly.

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Who Are the Experts?

Our experts are alumni from the world’s top universities and colleges.

All of them have successfully passed the Studybay examination and proven their competence to our team.

Our experts have graduated from the best universities in the world

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Frequently Asked Questions

Discount on the First Order

One method of financial assistance that the platform extends to its clients is the discount feature upon their first order. Clients who submit their very first order form can receive a 15% discount on their college papers. This can significantly support customers in their academic endeavors by discounting their first purchase.

Improve Your Academic Standing with the Help of Professional Essay Writers

Our team of essay writers can professionally write and cover a broad range of topics and subject areas. No topic is too complicated for our academic writers to handle, according to a plethora of feedback on Trustpilot, Review Centre, and SiteJabber. Every writer and even part-timer of Studybay has real experience and expert-level knowledge in their respective fields and disciplines.

Clients can easily browse through our catalog of writers and pick one that best suits their academic needs and interests. There is no need to be overwhelmed by challenging topics; our experts are ready to help you fulfill your academic demands.

Premium-Quality Essays Only at Studybay

Writing top-quality essays requires relevant training and years of experience. More complex topics incorporate the use of higher-order thinking skills from a student, including interpretation, analysis, and evaluation. If your professor is strict with assessment, no wonder you may be intimidated to present your written work.

If you have caught yourself wondering, "Is there a platform that can write my essay for me?" you've come to the right place.

Writing quality essays is made easier when you purchase Studybay's professional essay writing service. Our academic writers are highly skilled in delivering what you need and even in providing you with insights into developing your writing skills. Our amazing team includes graduates from:

  • Harvard University
  • University of Oxford
  • Tsinghua University
  • National University of Singapore
  • The Sorbonne University
  • University of Montreal

Our professional writers each have substantial years of experience in academic writing and can do almost any type of essay. You name it, and Studybay experts can do it for you! Below are the typical orders we receive from customers:

  1. Argumentative essays, which present the opposing sides of a given topic.
  2. Expository essays, which provide an overview or explanation of a particular topic.
  3. Narrative essays, which talk about personal experience or tell a story of a specific event.
  4. Descriptive essays, which state a sensory description of an object or an event, including lab reports.
  5. Personal statements, which are accounts of your accomplishments and an explanation as to why you should be accepted.
  6. Case studies, which contain case analysis and the formulation of conclusions from the findings.

In just the last year, we have helped over 1,650,000 students worldwide! Talk to one of our experts today and experience the fantastic perks and usefulness of custom writing services here at Studybay.

High-Quality and Budget-Friendly Essays: Affordable Prices and Rates

Our writing company is not just dedicated to generating profit – we make our essay writing service accessible and affordable to our customers. We are aware that most Studybay users are college students and other members of educational institutions who have limited budgets. That is why we have already managed to help over 3 million users since 2013 and improved learning in over 100 countries!

We made such an impact possible by introducing student-friendly pricing and reasonable rates that put our company's services within your means. We are known for affordable essay writing services with top-class quality.

At the heart of Studybay, we believe that every client, regardless of economic status, should not be deprived of the chance to expand their opportunities and discover their potential. Hence, the platform offers several discounted services for the benefit of its less fortunate clients.


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