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Definition Of A Funny Argumentative Essay

Writing a typical essay probably won’t be that much of a problem for a college student. But some professors demand an essay that entertains the audience. Writing a funny essay is not that big of a problem; you have to get creative with words and exhibit a given thesis statement's funny aspect. Try to indulge the audience by including funny words and sarcastic phrases.

Perks Of Choosing A Humorous Topic For Your Argumentative Essay

If you are a creative student and love playing with words, choosing a funny topic is your best choice. Adding a humorous element in your essay takes off the hostility in your writing and creates compelling content for the reader. You might be able to extend your argument in a more engaging manner. Try to surprise the reader by adding humor in your context and watch your grade rise to the highest level.

Words That Make Your Essay Humorous

While writing your argumentative essay, try to use words that are fun for the reader. This does not mean that you deviate from the actual thesis statement, but you should try to lighten the reader's mood by using simple vocabulary. A strong argumentative essay is based on the writer’s capability to convey the stance in a way that appeals to the reader. Students who use plain vocabulary are least compelling as the reader is not motivated enough to grasp the writer’s standpoint. That is why it is recommended to add strong and witty words. The words presented below will help mix humor into your argumentative essay:

  • Bamboozled; This word holds great importance as it can be used while targeting a fallacy in the opposing argument. It means to cheat or fool, and you can use it to belittle a fellow writer's argument. For Example, "The Money Bandit Bamboozled the country’s economic system by his elaborate counterfeiting scheme."
  • Bazinga; You probably have heard this word a little more than the previous one. It means to rub a good joke on the reader. Bazinga is a pretty useful tool when you want to back up a good joke.
  • Whatnot; This is an informal noun used when the writer wants to refer to similar things.
  • Canoodle; This word is mostly used in essays to represent an intimate act. It means to kiss or cuddle, but you might insert it more professionally in an argumentative essay. For Example, "The state of China was seen canoodling with the US on matters related to foreign exports."
  • Dingy; You can use this word in your argumentative essay in many ways. It means dull or dark, and a writer might incorporate it in a text that shows the weak side of an argument. For Example, "The Chinese government has used dinghy ways to devalue its currency in the last few years artificially."
  • Gunky; This adjective refers to things that are messy or sticky. A good writer may use it in places of context that show the mismanagement of countries in various departments.

Using funny words in your argumentative essay might seem a hassle, but remember that they have a great impact on your professor. You might be more convincing than the rest of your class and get a better grade.

List Of Funny Topics

Even if you decide to craft a funny argumentative essay, choosing the best topic might be challenging. It is imperative to find a topic that piques your interest; otherwise, you might not create the best one. Humour is a powerful tool for writing, always making sure that your essay exhibits a powerful tone so that it does not fall in the category of something entirely funny that is unrelated to the academic world.

Interesting Essay Topics for College Students

If you are a college student, your educational instructor will be giving you essay assignments now and then. Modern college education systems demand online work, and most teachers grade your essay quality. Many students opt for funny topics to intrigue the reader’s interest. This task can become a hard nut to crack, as there are several obstacles you have to overcome to produce a great essay with balanced humor. Let’s go through some of the simple argumentative essay topics that might help you in your quest for an amusing essay topic.

  1. Taking Candy from a baby.
  2. Perks of being the oldest child in the family.
  3. If you were invisible for a day, what would you do?
  4. What would the world be like if dogs were the kings?
  5. What would you do if you were the prime minister for one day?
  6. How would it turn out if dads exchanged jobs with moms for one day?
  7. Dogs are better than cats, but only because they don't judge us.
  8. Pizza is scientifically proven to be a vegetable, and should be included in every school lunch.
  9. The Earth is actually flat, and the government is just trying to keep us from falling off the edges.
  10. Aliens exist, and they're probably just as annoyed with humans as we are with them.
  11. Unicorns are a real and valid mode of transportation, and we should start using them for commuting.
  12. The Oxford comma is essential, and anyone who disagrees is simply wrong.
  13. The moon landing was faked, but only because the actual footage was too dull for television.
  14. Time travel is possible, but only if you're willing to risk accidentally becoming your own grandparent.
  15. Sarcasm is the highest form of intelligence, and those who don't understand just can’t keep up with it.

Students usually do not choose the topic wisely and are confused about writing an argumentative essay. Adding a blend of humor in your argumentative essay helps with your essay's readability and creates a fun atmosphere to learn.

Family-Friendly Argumentative Essay Topics

Not all topics are family-friendly. Find a topic that you can easily discuss with your family members and improve others' knowledge around you. Some examples of fascinating topics that you may present in front of your family include:

  1. What goes on inside the mind of a dog?
  2. How to spend a day with only ten dollars?
  3. Is carpooling safe for your children?
  4. Annoying your parents into giving them money.
  5. How to pass your driver’s ed.
  6. How to annoy your elder sister into buying you a new phone.
  7. Are family functions boring?
  8. Pineapple belongs on pizza, and anyone who disagrees is missing out on the perfect sweet and savory combination.
  9. Social media is ruining our ability to communicate face-to-face, but at least we can still perfect our selfie game.
  10. The only acceptable way to eat a burrito is upside down.
  11. Running is the worst form of exercise because no one looks cute when they're sweating.
  12. The toilet paper roll should always be placed with the paper hanging over the top.
  13. Popcorn belongs in chocolate, not butter, and we should all start a movement to make it happen.
  14. The office thermostat is the ultimate battleground in workplace politics.
  15. Eating ice cream for breakfast should be considered a healthy start to the day because it contains milk.

Are you having a problem with writing the best argumentative essay? Don’t worry; we got you covered. There are numerous good argumentative essay examples on the internet. Just open your browser and learn.

Sarcastic Topics

Another tool that most writers use to craft an impressive essay is sarcasm. Some of the best easy argumentative essay topics that include sarcasm are:

  1. Picking the right clothes, a masculine biography.
  2. How awesome is your surname?
  3. Getting high and improving grades.
  4. The awesome life of a high school teacher.
  5. Why being unemployed is the best thing that can happen to you.
  6. Napping at work boosts productivity and should be encouraged.
  7. Procrastination is the key to success and efficiency.
  8. Journaling is a waste of time and only for people who have nothing better to do.
  9. Social media is more important than real-life relationships.
  10. Being ignorant about politics is the most patriotic thing you can do.
  11. Exercise is a scam and only for people who want to show off their bodies.
  12. Climate change isn't real because it snowed in my backyard last week.
  13. The Earth is flat because I saw a meme on Instagram with more likes than any scientific article.
  14. Wearing masks during a pandemic is a violation of our basic freedoms.
  15. College education is a waste of time and money – sure, you might learn critical thinking and analytical skills, but who needs those when you can just Google everything?

Funny Relationship Essay Topics

  1. How to go on a perfect date?
  2. Netflix and chill, or Netflix and sleep.
  3. Life of a married teenager.
  4. Should you marry your high school sweetheart?
  5. How to deal with breakups.
  6. Couples who can't agree on pineapple as a pizza topping should just break up already.
  7. The best way to deal with a significant other who leaves the toilet seat up is to install a shock collar.
  8. If your partner doesn't laugh at your jokes, it's grounds for immediate termination of the relationship.
  9. Spending more time arguing over what to watch on Netflix than actually watching something is a sign of a doomed relationship.
  10. The best way to end a fight with your significant other is to challenge them to a dance-off.
  11. If you can't trust your partner to properly load the dishwasher, you should reconsider the entire relationship.
  12. Couples who can't agree on whether to squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom or the middle are doomed to fail.
  13. The secret to a successful relationship is letting your partner win at Mario Kart every once in a while.
  14. If your significant other doesn't like your pet, it's a sign they're not the one for you.
  15. If you can't handle your partner's snoring, it's time to invest in separate beds (or separate houses).

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Write An Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is an opinionated piece written by an author expressing his/her stance on a specific issue. As compared to other types of essays, here the writer sides with one point of view.

For an argumentative essay to be good and persuasive, there are many elements that a writer should stress upon, including but not limited to reasoning, evidence, structure, and language.

If you happen to be new to the format or want some guidance on your writing, take a glance at the following steps to improve your written composition.

Create an outline on a piece of paper. This would allow you to set the structure and tone of the essay:

  • The opening component of the outline is the introduction. The introduction should give a brief overview of the topic, all arguments to be presented, and a thesis statement.
  • Body Paragraphs: The focal point of an essay is the body paragraph. This contains the main content that shapes your essay into something valuable for the reader.
  • Conclusion: Ending is probably one of the most integral parts of the essay. Keep the conclusion short, and use strong vocabulary.
  • Moving onto the thesis statement.
  • The thesis statement is a sentence that informs the reader regarding the central argument of your essay.
  • To form a good thesis statement, think of a question in your mind related to the topic. And then answer it. The answer that pops into your brain will be the thesis statement.
  • Now move on to the argument phase.
  • For each argument, make sure to include all of these elements within their paragraph. These are the facts, definition, value, cause and effect, and policy.

If you would follow these steps religiously, you are guaranteed to write a striking argumentative essay.

While writing an essay, try to avoid controversial argumentative essay topics because they might offend the reader. Go for general topics and circulate the argument with less bias.

Tips On How To Craft The Perfect Argumentative Essay

Humor is a great stimulator for arguments because, with the power of humor, one can capture the attention of their audience effectively. Humor can transform the writing and make sure that the message that you want to get across with your essay is more attractive.

However, humor is a technique that cannot be entirely taught. One has to have some innate qualities of comedy.

Nonetheless, you can refine your piece with humor using the following steps:

  1. Before writing a humorous piece, always make sure to identify your style of humor. For different people, different kinds of work.
  2. For some observational tricks work, for others, anecdotal or dark humor might do the trick. So, identify your style after proper research.
  3. Another thing that you might include in your writing is the rule of three. Here you present two similar ideas, and in the third, try to present a contrasting idea.
  4. Also, you can feature your writing some anecdotal stories. But these should be customized to your audience. If you are writing it for your peers or teacher, maybe the local or school-related story would do the trick.

While there can be many other tips and tricks that would help you write humorous content, many of these are situational, making choices as suited to your situation.

Always find debatable topics; rather than choosing boring topics that are of no interest to the reader, pick something with a healthy argument. Students that write on debatable topics always receive a higher grade than others. This is because an argument compels the reader to analyze the essay with more interest than usual.

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