What is NSTP All about Essay


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What is NSTP All about Essay

The National Services Training Program was also known as "The National Service Training Program or perhaps (NSTP) about Tertiary Level Students. It invoked the constitutional supply regarding the "duty of the express to provide and protect its citizens, " Is to promote the youth's role in nation-building. It should encourage the youth to get civic and/or military commanders and volunteers called upon by the nation if their companies are needed. Compared with the ROTC, which will specialize in armed forces training, and the ROTC, which granted young students three options yet was limited in implementation. The NSTP rules ensured that the three components – Civic Welfare Support, Literacy Teaching Service, and Reserve Officials Training Corps – would be given similar and the same implementation in educational institutions.

Furthermore, it defined the different components, the life long the training, " National Assistance Training Program (NSTP)" is a plan aimed at enhancing civic awareness and defense preparedness in the youth by developing the ethics of service and patriotism while undergoing training in any of its three (3) program elements. Its various components have been developed specifically to enhance the youth's effective contribution to the general welfare. This possibly synergistic marriage between education and security needs to be realized better, considering the systematic link between national expansion and countrywide security, an essential point relevant to enhanced national service practicing the Philippine youth. Now that it is hardly seven, many NSTP rendering and abolishing it considering its identified irrelevancy and mediocrity is not at all a solution.

If, perhaps for the moment, the possibility of the Program's infirmities, prudence dictates that first diagnostics are in order. This evaluation study might serve as scientific evidence to create aside misleading biases and false impacts of the program. The things I have learned in NSTP?

Originally published Feb 08, 2020, updated Feb 20, 2021

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