Wildlife Conservation Essay: How to Write It

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Wildlife Conservation Essay: How to Write It

Everything living on Earth is constantly evolving and interacting. We, humans, are an integral part of wildlife and depend on it in every way. We have a responsibility to preserve wildlife and biodiversity. This topic is always relevant for all generations. Essay on wildlife conservation is a frequent task from high school teachers. Our article is presented to those who need homework help.

Wildlife Conservation Essay Example

Wildlife is a source of food and medicine, supplies the oxygen we need to breathe and other chemical elements that make up our body. Mankind uses an average of more than 40,000 wildlife species per day. All species living on Earth together form a complex system of the biosphere.

Many scientists studying the biosphere believe that it is in danger. According to many scientists, in the next 75 years, half of all plant and animal species may disappear from the face of the Earth. Some are concerned that the rate of extinction of individual species maybe 10,000 times faster than their rate of so-called natural extinction. According to statistics, 3 species of animals disappear from the world every hour. Every day, more than 70 species of fauna and flora disappear from the face of the Earth. Over the past 25 years, the Earth's biodiversity has declined by more than a third. In our time, the main reason for the reduction of biodiversity has been human activity. Some scientists call men a "destroyer of wildlife."

How can each of us join in the great cause of wildlife conservation? Loud words are, of course, good, but I suggest a few specific actions that each of us can take to protect nature:

1. Giving up plastic bags - environmentally and economically.

According to the UN, about 5 trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide each year - or about 10 million - every minute. So far, about 60 countries around the world have begun to fight plastic at the legislative level. And the main object of this struggle was plastic bags, and, to some extent, foam. But the fight against plastic bags can be started on their own, simply by reducing their consumption. For example, in the store you can use reusable bags instead. This will not only reduce the amount of polyethylene you consume, but also help you save.

2. Refusal of disposable bottles and utensils.

Only 9 percent of all plastic waste ever produced has been recycled. Plastic bottles, disposable tableware - we meet with these disposable products every day. And their use can be easily limited. Instead of buying water in plastic bottles, you can buy a reusable bottle and carry water with you. Instead of disposable tableware - ordinary.

3. Be energy efficient in everyday life.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there is a decline in global energy efficiency improvements. More than 40% of energy-related greenhouse gas emissions could be reduced through energy efficiency. However, this progress is now under threat, as is the achievement of global climate goals. This is stated in the report of the International Energy Agency.

How to save energy in everyday life? There are many simple methods that will also help you save a lot. For example, optimal lighting. Make the most of natural light during the day. When you turn on the lights in the evening, do it only where necessary (why pay for lighting the whole apartment, if you are only in one room?). Use energy-saving lamps - they last longer and consume less energy than conventional ones.

What Do You Need to Know to Write a Wildlife Conservation Essay?

  • First, you need to choose a specific vector of thoughts. What do we mean? The topic of wildlife conservation is quite broad. Problems of endangered species of animals and plants, global warming, energy efficiency, and many other subtopics - among them, you need to choose something specific that you want to write about. If you try to write about everything a little - you will not fit into the format of the essay. In the next section, you will find topics about wildlife protection that are worth noting.
  • If at this stage you are already confused, use the service "Write my essay" in the writing service.
  • Draw a template for your essay. What will it look like? First, think about how you would like to interest the reader. In the introduction, you have the opportunity to draw attention to the problem. In the context of highlighting wildlife issues, the numbers and statistics are very telling. Draw the reader's attention with an interesting fact, stun him with statistics, shock the real state of affairs. Example:

Over the past 300 years, man has destroyed 66% of all forests on Earth.

About 70 percent of the Earth is covered with water. Only 1 percent of this water is drinkable.

27,000 trees are destroyed every day to produce toilet paper.

  • In the body of the essay, you need to formulate your thesis and support them with arguments. Here, again, the numbers that will help you. It is important to use official sources of information, such as:

World Wildlife Fund (WWF);

BioOne Complete;


Nature Publishing Group;

Online Access to Research in the Environment;


World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA);

Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN);

Global Environment Facility (GEF);


Worldwatch Institute.

  • State the problem and suggest solutions. Your essay will be of practical value for future generations only if you formulate your own opinion on the problem of conservation of wildlife and find possible conservation efforts. For example: "The international community must redouble its efforts to conserve and protect biodiversity.

Here are the priority areas for further action in this area:

  • land protection, combating deforestation, including combating soil degradation and restoring forest ecosystems;
  • changes in agricultural practices - the use of agro-ecological campaign to increase productivity, minimizing the negative consequences for biodiversity;
  • changing the nutrition system, including the dissemination of information about a healthy lifestyle and the need to eat more plant foods and less meat products;
  • restoration of marine ecosystems and development of aquaculture.

In conclusion, make your statement again to conclude. Emphasize the importance of wildlife conservation.

Don't forget to edit your essay. If you find it difficult, we advise you to contact the written service, where professional editors will help with essay editing.

Topics You Can Choose For Your Essay

  • Human impact on the biosphere and its results.
  • Evolution of the relationship between man and the environment.
  • Global problems of nature protection.
  • Food chains and energy flow.
  • Urbanization and its environmental consequences.
  • How to preserve the natural habitats of wild animals.
  • Global climate change as one of the most acute problems of world ecology.
  • Problems of rational use of agricultural lands.
  • Alternative energy sources, prospects for their development.
  • Pesticides as a factor of environmental pollution.
  • Ecological role of national parks and nature reserves.
  • Radioactive contamination of the environment and its results.
  • Growing environmentally friendly products on farms Ecological and economic problems of air protection.
  • Rational use and protection of natural resources.
  • The problem of maintaining ecological balance.
  • The important role of animals on the planet.
  • The impact of transport on the environment.
  • Poaching of endangered animals as a social evil.
  • Genetically modified products: "for" and "against".
  • Soil erosion: causes, consequences, erosion control.
  • Prospects for the development of biotechnology.
  • Basic principles of nature economics.
  • Financing and stimulation of measures for protection of wildlife.
  • Impact of the polluted environment on human health.

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