Medical Argumentative Essay Topics

The medical argumentative essay topics are topics that are centered on two opposing medical ideas. In the normal sense, it should be your own idea against a common assertion which you are trying to dispel. The core function of the essay as one of your courseworks is to see you highlight the great points embedded in your own position so as to convince people that it is the rightful medical practice or issue, while at the same time disparaging the other person’s point of view or assertion about the medical issue. Now, people who do not know how these essays work may make the mistake of being lenient. Whenever you are writing on medical argumentative essay topics, you have to be very ruthless. You are advised by a group never to mention your opponent's credible arguments or recognize them at all because it gives them credit and diminishes you. But some others will favor acknowledging the good aspects of their argument and stance while rubbishing the others. For me, if you go to the extent acknowledging that many things are good with what they are saying, then you have weakened your own argument. So, it is either you disparage everything your opponent argues on the medical issue of you just don’t mention the strong points at all. Just allow them to be silent and focus on the worst ones that will attract criticisms from you in the paper. You must have learnt the act of criticism and critiquing of papers for you to get this right. Now, many people are not looking at the logic of what you are saying but at what appeals to their emotions. So, you don’t come to tell me that your topic and the side you chose gave a lot of logical reason, but it was still rejected at the end of it all. You should use logic, you should use your position and the perception people have about you in the profession and you should also appeal to their emotions. While offering case study examples to our clients in the colleges, we will also teach them how we arrived at the case study method used and how they can choose the best methods for their work. Your paper must come with a completely one-sided conclusion stating that your own stance is good while that of your opponent is completely bad. There must not be any middle ground and you have to assert this with your strongest points as given in the body of the text.

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The essay must be outlined with the format given below. If you know how to write a book review or other types of essays, you will not have a problem formatting this essay type. There are three different methods of writing an essay with this topic. The first method is through the claim and counterclaim method. When you write with the claim and counterclaim method, you should first of all, introduce the topic you want to write on, while explaining the question at the same time. Here, you should state the two claims at the beginning. This includes your own claim and the counterclaim of the opponents. After this, map out the points with which you will defeat the opponents. You can organize it in such a way that each point gets one paragraph as the case may be. The first is to state the counter point and then come against it with your evidence. After this, the second section will be for your own case. Your points should be divided and one must get one paragraph coupled with its evidence of proof. At the end of the work, you go ahead and restate your claim. The format goes this way, you present the first counterpoint with its refutation, this is followed by the second counter point and refutation and the third one. After these, you can now present your own number on point and supporting evidence. This is followed by the second and third points, after which you conclude. You can answer the question what is a dissertation with our guideline if it is part of your essay. When you write on medical argumentative topics, you should not have the mind frame of a person writing peer reviewed journal articles and therefore, should not give room for errors that would be pointed out by the reviewers. If you give any room for errors, then you are giving your opponents the chance to defeat you in the task.

The second method of arguing in medical argumentative essay topics is through the cluster format. This is the format where you start writing immediately by stating down your points and offering supporting arguments and evidence for them. Here, you state your points with one paragraph and follow it up with the evidence of proof. It is after you have stated one point and substantiated it with evidence or facts that you will now state one opposing view in relation to the mentioned point and the evidence of the opposing view. After stating the view, use another paragraph to counter the opposing point and offer evidence of this. Now, when you must have stated all your points and the counter points from your opponent’s coupled with the evidence and facts, you should move over to the next section where you should state your rebuttals. Here, you mention each counterpoint and rebut it separately. After these, make the conclusion which is also a restatement of all you have said in the body of the work.

There is one more argument system for writing medical argumentative essay topics. In the alternating method, you start by introducing the topic and the question. The body should start with your claim and statement. State and support your points first. You do this in one paragraph each, backing this up with some evidence as a sign of support. When you are through with this, you now bring in an opposing view from your opponent which relates to the stated point above and the evidence in support of it in one paragraph. When you are through with stating the opposing view, offer your rebuttal in the next paragraph. When you get to the conclusion, you can now restate your claim with facts and evidence.

  • You can make use of any of these when you write essays on medical argumentative essay topics.
  • If you need us to help you to master the best methods of approaching each topic on particular issues, we will do so.

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