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Medical students are forced to devote a lot of time to both theory and practice. In the classroom, you need to focus as much as possible to remember as much information as possible. As a rule, the children have to take practical classes starting from the junior courses. It would help if you observed doctors' and nurses' work and studied the scheme of medical services.

But besides the activities that we described above, students need to compose an argumentative essay about health. It would seem, what is so difficult here? Difficulties begin when choosing a topic. Instructors do not want to give topics for argumentative essays. They believe that students should think for themselves.

We understand that you need help and therefore advise you to choose a topic that you can competently research. It also makes sense to pay attention to the structure of a medical institution's work. You will be able to develop methods to write an essay that will blend well with your course. If you are a very busy student and combine work with study, then do not waste your time looking for debatable topics, because we have already prepared them. Yet first, let's learn a few essential details of writing this type of paper.

How to Choose Essay Topics on Health Yourself?

How to choose essay topics on impact human health

Many students at medical colleges and universities are faced with the problem of choosing a topic for essays on health. This is an essential step because the assessment often directly depends on what topic will be covered in the work. Having found yourself in front of a difficult choice, you should be guided by two principles: what specialty you are studying and what science medicine level wants to achieve.

The issues you are interested in and in which you understand will be revealed more effectively and meaningfully. We also offer students the following action plan: create a specific list of essay topics you need to choose the one you like and start working on it. Don't delay the choice, because you need to write an essay that will not repeat your classmates' ideas. Therefore, as soon as you know that you need to write an essay, look for a topic that suits your interests.

The second point that should be adhered to will be the relevance of the essay topic today. Few people may be interested in a work written based on long-outdated data and answering questions to which full-fledged, comprehensive answers have already been given many times. However, there are some nuances in the observance of this rule: the very concept of "relevance" can be very extensible and interpreted differently. It all depends on the angle from which to consider the issue. An essay on a topic of scientific interest and contains several points that need improvement to impact human health is best suited. The essay's relevance is a severe advantage in a student's hands and an indicator of a high level of thinking.

What to Write About in Health Topics?

A few ideas about what you can write about in the medical argumentative essay:

  1. Fast food lovers have no idea how delicious and varied healthy food can be. It's incredible how many mouth-watering dishes can be made with vegetables and other healthy ingredients. So you can take advantage of this idea and share your opinion on healthy eating.
  2. The article about a healthy lifestyle is also enjoyable. This essay is not limited to exercise and nutrition. A significant amount of information can be devoted to physical and mental health in general. This essay will be especially interesting for guys because you can collect a vast amount of information about men's fitness.
  3. Write an essay on how to lead a healthy lifestyle in a metropolis. You can reveal the idea that anyone who wants to get in shape should stop thinking about counting calories and focus on health - eat a maximum of vegetables and a minimum of sugar, move more, do yoga, and develop not only externally but also internally. And they're already a good figure is not far off. This is an exciting point of view, and it is easy to describe.
  4. If you like to run, then know that this is just an inexhaustible topic of discussion: perfect sneakers, marathons, gadgets, hiking trails. You can continue indefinitely. You can write about all this and even more. You can find reasons you should start running, choose food for a race, or recover from an injury.

This is just a small list of ideas. Below we have prepared controversial topics about which you can talk forever and find much useful information.

Healthcare Management Topics

  1. Describe the benefits and harms of healthcare management.
  2. Why is the treatment of patients different in private and public hospitals?
  3. Can a registered nurse become a doctor? What are the obstacles to overcome?
  4. What is the role of the surgeon in guiding the operation?
  5. What is the responsibility of the hospital administration for the patient's life?
  6. Can humanity affect the work of health care if it adheres to safety rules?
  7. What education do nurses in private and public hospitals have?
  8. What kind of relationship should be between hospital staff, and can the manager influence their work?
  9. Why does the healthcare environment most often change the way staff work?
  10. Write down five management principles healthcare should do.
  11. Are the hospital workers working for the health of patients or for personal income?
  12. Who should manage healthcare facilities' revenues?
  13. What is the role of a nurse in hospitals?
  14. Should medical staff improve their qualifications every year?
  15. Why is healthcare management not improving the quality of life of medical staff in the time of coronavirus?

Controversial Medical Topics

  1. Can carbonated drinks affect the development of a disease like cancer?
  2. Are you inclined to believe that caffeine is bad for your health, or are you a supporter of caffeine's positive effects on your health?
  3. Can a child's simple habit of junk food affect the development of the immune system?
  4. Should marijuana be legalized for medical purposes?
  5. Does alternative medicine positively or negatively affect health?
  6. Is playing sports harmful or good for your health?
  7. Is it better to choose a diet focused on fat or carbohydrates?
  8. Do I need to seek help with an infectious disease, or is it enough to be at home?
  9. Can it be argued that social determinants affect the way people live?
  10. Are the doctors to blame for the fact that millions of people die from the coronavirus?
  11. Can it be argued that not accepting religions is a psychological disorder?
  12. Do you agree that industrial waste is dangerous to human life?
  13. Is a carb-free diet safe or dangerous?
  14. Is Antibiotic Addiction Treated?
  15. Are traditional medicines better or those prepared in pharmaceutical factories?

Topics on Health Care

  1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of technology-assisted treatments?
  2. How does electronic patient data affect the development of health care?
  3. Why are alternative medicine metrics considered a health care risk?
  4. What urgent issues in the US healthcare system need to be addressed?
  5. Why doesn't the health care system fight charlatans who treat online?
  6. What needs to be done to ensure that health care treats every patient fairly?
  7. Can health care refuse treatment if he is dark-skinned?
  8. How should school health care be equipped to help the student correctly?
  9. Why can't school health care provide the necessary help in difficult situations?
  10. How can health care reduce suicide rates?
  11. Should you get vaccinated as an adult?
  12. What human rights can influence the concept of public health?
  13. What health care needs to be done to reduce heat-related deaths?
  14. What living conditions should each person have for their health to be normal, and how can health care accept it?
  15. What measures does health care take to fight chronic diseases?

Technology Topics In Medicine

  1. Canadian-made PediaSIM baby and teenage robots for pediatricians.
  2. Childbirth robots for obstetricians.
  3. American robots Code Blue III for practicing the skills of resuscitators.
  4. Sick robots - for training dentists, otolaryngologists, urologists, gynecologists.
  5. VR simulators for doctors and patients.
  6. Smart digital hospitals.
  7. 3D print technologies are gaining momentum in medicine.
  8. What is unique about Pfizer's Arthritis Treatment Equipment Case?
  9. How are medical college students trained to heal with technology?
  10. Smart technology versus standard medicine.
  11. How do rural hospitals with coronavirus cope without the necessary equipment?
  12. How much does the public health service allocate funds for modern equipment?
  13. How does tech help with organ transplants for cancer?
  14. Why are doctors unable to cope with new medical technologies?
  15. What needs to be done by health care to provide all hospitals with modern equipment?

Research Topics In Medicine

  1. Rational nutrition of the adult generation and nutritional characteristics in old age.
  2. Medical nutrition for various pathologies.
  3. Non-traditional methods of treatment of various diseases: herbal medicine, honey treatment, etc.
  4. Basic principles of hardening as a way to prevent infectious pathology.
  5. Assessment of risk factors for the development of various pathologies in childhood and adolescence.
  6. Problems of modern cardiology. Diseases of the cardiovascular system. Structure and prevalence prevention. Risk factors for the development of pathology.
  7. Formation of a health-preserving environment in the education system.
  8. Medical aspects of family formation and the birth of a healthy child.
  9. Social and medical problems of modern youth.
  10. Computer and student health.
  11. Preventive medicine is a healthy lifestyle.
  12. Identification of the risk group for the development of vegetative-vascular dystonia in children.
  13. The influence of tobacco smoke on the growth of the body.
  14. The effect of noise on the human body.
  15. The impact of sports games on health.

Ethics Topics In Medicine

  1. Medical ethics, stages of formation, the main problems of moral ethics.
  2. The place of medical ethics in the structure of moral standards.
  3. Features of professional ethics. Medical ethics is a kind of professional ethics.
  4. A History of Medical Ethics.
  5. The highest moral values ​​in medicine.
  6. Doctor and patient: ethical models of interaction. Deontology and patient rights.
  7. Ethics of relationships in the medical team.
  8. Medical errors in the activities of medical workers.
  9. The moral culture of the doctor as the basis of medical professionalism.
  10. Ethical and medical problems of abortion.
  11. Ethical problems of new reproductive technologies.
  12. Moral problems of prenatal diagnosis.
  13. Moral problems of transplantation.
  14. Compliance with the principles of biomedical ethics in handling the bodies of the deceased and anatomical preparations.
  15. Ethical standards for the use of animals in biomedical research.

Topics on Policies and Practices In Medicine

  1. Should religion influence the laws of medicine?
  2. Can donor organs be used after death without permission?
  3. Should the doctor notify the patient about the methods of treatment or act only from his convictions?
  4. Can there be people in health care who are not related to medicine and without education?
  5. Do you think obesity is a health problem?
  6. Can a doctor give first aid to children when parents are against it?
  7. How do cosmetics advertisements affect people's health?
  8. What is the optimal age for organ transplants?
  9. Who should control the use of drugs - medicine or government?
  10. Do you think that euthanasia should be legalized?
  11. What is the penalty for a pharmacist for changing prescription drugs prescribed by a doctor?
  12. Should a doctor refuse a patient in a liver transplant if he is a smoker and has not cared about health?
  13. Should people with mental health problems be separated from loved ones?
  14. Should teenagers be supervised at school because 30% of them use illegal drugs?
  15. Should medical laws obey government regulations?

Health topics for high school students

  1. Internal psychological problems in patients with cancer.
  2. Recommended, affordable physical activity for school children.
  3. I am teaching relatives to care for patients.
  4. Orthopedic products for the correction of disorders in patients with cerebral palsy.
  5. The role of a speech therapist in speech disorders.
  6. Determinants of health.
  7. The role of a nurse in caring for children with burn injury.
  8. Prevention of infectious diseases.
  9. The causes of burnout syndrome.
  10. Application of health-saving technologies in high school.
  11. Features of hand treatment for coronavirus.
  12. Myopic disease.
  13. The role of the nurse in the school.
  14. I am developing agility in ball games for health.
  15. A nurse's appearance as an element of culture in nursing.

Controversial medical topics

  1. To be or not to be an organ donor after death?
  2. Controversial issues of bacterial insensitivity to antibiotics.
  3. Is there a link between metabolic syndrome and prostate cancer?
  4. The question of the use of vitamins and minerals in human life.
  5. To treat or not to treat a fever?
  6. Preventive medicine, or how to stop the disease at the initial stage?
  7. Doctors who smoke and help patients quit smoking.
  8. Controversial issues in the regulation of cellular technologies.
  9. Targeted treatment for breast cancer. Reality or Fiction?
  10. Irritable bowel syndrome and controversial issues related to it.
  11. Is it true that Analgin is prohibited?
  12. Evidence-based cardiology and controversial issues in anticoagulant therapy.
  13. Controversial issues in urology oncology: from theory to practice.
  14. Controversial issues of payment for medical care in healthcare.
  15. Document flow of a medical laboratory: controversial issues of legislation.

What Does Argumentative Essay Mean?

An argumentative essay is a written statement with elements of reasoning on a problem. Do you wonder how to write an argumentative essay? Then follow the next few steps:

  1. The purpose of an argumentative text is to explain a particular situation through arguments, so you need to avoid falling into ideology and other types of judgments.
  2. Make an argumentative essay outline, so you don't miss out on essential text details and evidence.
  3. When you start writing an argumentative text, you should consider submitting a proposal explaining the chosen topic and why. This usually applies to the first paragraph.
  4. In the following paragraphs of the argumentative text, the author must present his evidence and justify the proposal he put forward earlier. This is where the reasons for this argument are defended.
  5. It is also essential that the argumentative text reflects different perspectives.
  6. To complete the argument text, we must conclude. This is what is called closure and should be included until the last paragraph of the article.
  7. The text should be clear, simple, and accurate. Do not overuse elaborate words and use appropriate terms. Also, if recognized authors' thoughts are added and cited, it is much better since others' statements help preserve what they are talking about. This will allow the reader to understand the author's position better and draw their conclusions.

Difference Between Argumentative Essay Persuasive Essay

The argumentative essay genre requires that we know how to express and defend our dissenting opinion and be aware of other points of view. That is why we need to present in reasoning not only arguments in defense of our own but also of another opinion that is not peculiar to us. Requirements for argumentative essay:

  • clarity;
  • unfolding;
  • consistency;
  • accuracy;
  • the sequence of presentation;
  • use of logical communication means;
  • careful selection of language tools.

A persuasive essay is the primary type of academic essay. This essay addresses a problematic issue. For example, the problem of abortion, the expediency of increasing taxes on medical services, etc. In such a composition, the use of the pronoun "I" is unacceptable. The introduction of this essay should contain a brief overview of the issue under study, the disclosure of the main idea and your thesis, supporting or refuting this idea. Next, several paragraphs are devoted to revealing the main idea. The conclusion is your view of the topic, that is, an attempt to convince the reader that you are correct in your statements.

Purpose of Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is a persuasion method designed to substantiate a statement using other evidence rationally. An argumentative essay aims to make the addressee accept the theory put forward by the author. The argumentative essay takes place in the scientific, household, legal, and political spheres. An argumentative essay's ultimate goal is to convince the audience of a position's truth, persuade people to accept the author's point of view, and induce thought or action.

writing a medical argumentative essay reasons and tips

To achieve a viable argument, you need to follow several important rules:

  1. You need to operate with convincing, precise, clear, and simple concepts.
  2. The information must be true.
  3. It is recommended to refrain from using business expressions that make it difficult to understand the information. Better to use visual arguments.
  4. When covering negative information, its source must be indicated.

For someone familiar with the topic, it will not be challenging to find good arguments. But more often than not, if there is a task to convince your reader, it is better to stock up on convincing arguments in advance. For example, you can sketch out a list of them and then analyze and determine the most effective ones. You now have a lot of tools for working with argumentative essays. Apply themes and tips to texts, and then you will succeed even if you writing a medical dissertation ot thesis!

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