Writing an A+ Environmental Protection Essay

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Writing an A+ Environmental Protection Essay

Many exams would require you to write a piece about the environment. It aims to assess the candidates' understanding of different environmental problems and their consequences. Here is an example essay to get you started. Students must, however, hold the discussed points in mind before beginning their essays. If they incorporate these points into their work, they will get higher grades on their tests or examinations.

Essay Example - Importance of Environmental Protection

We are not prepared for climate change, which is escalating at an alarming pace. Because of the greatest threat that the world's ecosystems face right now, natural environment conservation is of the highest importance. The damage is massive, and it's beyond the point of no return. We can't erase the damage that has already been done due to global warming, no matter how hard we try. As a result, we must make every effort to reduce the effects of human activities on the environment.

The lithosphere, atmosphere, biosphere, and hydrosphere are all part of the ecosystem. The lithosphere is the ground that surrounds us. The hydrosphere is all of the water bodies that surround us. And the atmosphere is all of the gaseous fluids that surround us. The key cause of environmental degradation is land pollution, air pollution, and water pollution.

Taking note of and rescuing the natural resources is what environmental conservation entails. First, environmental sustainability should be made more well known; everyone should be mindful of the importance and standards of environmental protection. In certain cases, environmental pollution and deterioration can be slowed.

Changes to biophysical environments, wildlife, biodiversity, and natural capital are all examples of human impact on the environment, also known as the anthropogenic impact on the environment - caused by humans, either directly or indirectly, such as global warming, environmental destruction, mass extinction, and biodiversity depletion, ecological catastrophe and ecological degradation, etc.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the United States is in charge of safeguarding public health and the environment. Another cornerstone is waste management. Waste management entails adequate garbage treatment.

It is important to encourage people to plant trees. For agricultural and building purposes, vast swaths of forest and woodland are being cleared. It has largely resulted in the loss of forest wealth. The number of trees has drastically decreased.

Clearing trees and plants results in deforestation and a decrease in the amount of oxygen available in the air; trees and plants are our main source of oxygen on the planet; clearing trees and plants results in depletion and a decrease in the amount of oxygen available in the air.

As a result of human activity, increased carbon dioxide emissions, and unplanned technological growth, numerous environmental issues have arisen in recent decades, interfering with habitats. As a result, a conflict has arisen around the world between the importance of biodiversity conservation and preservation in order to protect the environment and the necessity of satisfying human desires by sacrificing the environment.

Pollution, the greenhouse effect, global warming, and soil degradation are only a few of the negative impacts of human activity on the atmosphere that can endanger human health, wellbeing, economics, natural capital, and biodiversity gene pools. Environmentalists should advocate for a cleaner world, and deforestation caused by the combustion of fossil fuels causes serious environmental issues such as acid rain due to the development of sulphur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen monoxide (NO).

This leaves the whole human race in jeopardy. The greenery can be restored by encouraging tree growth. There is a way to make up for the deficit.

Through this short essay, I can say that it is evident if proper steps on sustainable development are taken, then our future generations may have a better air quality to maintain, fewer pollutants to reduce, and a healing ozone layer to witness. Steps may include adopting an effective environmental law, introducing environmental sciences into school studies, analyzing effective steps on the protection of the environment, practically educating human beings on small daily lifestyle changes that can help to save the environment, etc.

Essay Analysis

The above essay is a great piece that seems to include important aspects of essay writing. However, there are major sections and points that are still lacking. Following are the points that should have been included:

Absence of Statistics

Always remember to include statistics. Statistical information aids in the collection of evidence, the application of correct analyses, and the successful presentation of findings. Statistics is an important part of how we make scientific discoveries, make data-driven decisions, and make forecasts.

For instance, the above essay can include the following point:

Air pollution is one of the greatest scourges of our day, not just because of its effect on climate change but also because of its impact on environmental and human health due to increased morbidity and mortality. Some toxins are significant contributors to human illness. Particulate Matter (PM), a kind of particle with a variable but very small diameter that enters the respiratory system by inhalation and causes respiratory and cardiovascular disorders, reproductive and central nervous system dysfunctions, and cancer, is one of them. Mexico City and Rio de Janeiro have the highest rate of emissions, followed by Milan, Ankara, Melbourne, Tokyo, and Moscow.

Also, to include a specific statistic, it would be best to write a related paragraph before or after it.

Usage of "I"

The above example essay contains a personal statement. Instead, the sentence can be framed as "Through this short essay, it can be said that if proper steps on sustainable development are taken then, our future generations may have a better air quality to maintain..."

Absence of Clear Sections and Bullet Points

The sample essay lacks a proper structure. There are no sections, sub-headings, numeric lists, or bullet points for a clear understanding of the essay's flow and outline.

No Clear Solution

Since conservation of the environment is a hot topic not only in debates but also in governments, several solutions have been proposed. The sample essay, however, lacks solid solutions to the environmental issues discussed.

The essay could have covered the following points:

  • Reusable objects should be included instead of disposable items.
  • Paper should be discouraged wherever possible.
  • Water and energy should be conserved.
  • Encourage environmentally sustainable conduct.
  • Conserve renewable resources by recycling liquid and solid waste.

Sources to Use in the Essay

Following are some good research papers you can include and cite to collect good marks:

Important Points to Remember

Once you have written your essay, you should ensure the following points are covered:

  • Statistics from research papers or journals have been included.
  • Sub-headings, lists, and bullet points have been added.
  • Grammar and uniqueness have been checked and edited.

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