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Wondering what a customer service essay is. The primary purpose of such an essay is to form strong relationships with the customers. It aims to bring customers back by telling them how important they are. These essays usually tell the customers about the steps an organization takes to ensure that their customers are satisfied. A good structure also plays an integral part in the quality of the essay.

The Proper Structure For Your Essay

A high-quality essay must follow a proper structure. Always remember that your professor is not only looking for reasonable arguments. He is focused on the way you structure these arguments in the research paper. Below let's discuss some key components of a strong essay structure:

The First Paragraph

First impressions always last. Even if you are on your first date, you always start with the best form. Similarly, a good customer service essay must also have an amazing introductory paragraph. Try to use strong and captivating vocabulary when starting the essay.

But don't just start the essay with specific information. Most students use a funneling approach in the introduction. Start with general information about the topic and gradually tone down to the specifics. This will give a professional feel to your essay, and your professor will be impressed.

Let's look at an example. For instance, if your professor requires you to write a customer service essay, explain the different types of customer support techniques. Then you can focus on the method that is dominant in many organizations.

Introductory paragraphs are generally short. An introduction must not be more than 10% of the entire essay.

Main Body

The second and probably the most crucial part of the essay is the body. It might be a good idea to take a piece of paper and note down all the important arguments you want in the essay. Now you have a clear line of what you want to write, and the writing process will be smooth. Allocate one paragraph for each of your points so that clarity might be achieved in the document. Try to start with the most compelling arguments and end each section with the line that connects the next one.

For instance, if you are writing about the key aspects of effective customer service, some topics of arguments might be:

  • Customer Loyalty;
  • Customer Satisfaction;
  • Customer Expectations;
  • Customer Complaints.

The main body paragraphs, like the essay, follow a specific structure. Start the paragraph with a significant point to discuss and eventually lead up to the thesis statement. Try to use strong vocabulary and avoid any fillers. Students are tempted to add unnecessary information in the main body to increase the word count. Always avoid this habit because this might lower your essay quality. Put to keep the text concise and to the point. Professors love an essay that is not too wordy and clearly defines every argument.

Lastly, avoid using repetitive sentences. If you have already discussed a certain point, no need to repeat it several times. This looks highly unprofessional. Try to make the words as catchy as possible and avoid grammatical mistakes.


The conclusion is the last part of your essay. Make sure that the last paragraph does not contain any new arguments. It should only reignite your thesis statement and have your point of view. The purpose of a concluding paragraph is to summarize the entire essay. It must be a short paragraph and squeeze all the main arguments to complement the whole text.

Conclusions are great when they use catchy words that fascinate the reader. For example, if your essay revolves around customer relationships in customer service, try to conclude something that gives your point of view. Try to end the essay on a good note that makes the reader satisfied. Cliffhangers are not advisable as they leave ambiguity in writing.

Try to use sentences that give a more significant meaning in a short space. Your professor has to check hundreds of essays. He might frown at wordy sentences and mark the essay as poor.


Using references in an essay is very important. Term papers are generally complicated essays. They require backing up of each fact and figure that you aim to discuss. To prove that the information acquired comes from a credible source, having a separate bibliography section is extremely important.

Adding references improves your research credibility and shows the professor that you put into finding good and accurate information for the essay. You might also include in-text citations in the paper to make it more accurate. Some common types of referencing styles are:

  • APA;
  • MLA;
  • Chicago;
  • Harvard.

Tips To Write Customer Service Essay

After the structure is on point, let's focus on some other tips that might help you write the perfect essay.

Try To Be Confident In The Essay

No one likes loose and watery arguments. If your essay is a customer service one, act like a customer service representative. Try to convince the new customers (people reading your essay) to believe every word you say. A good article will contain arguments that are easy to understand and unambiguous. If you are writing about a service provider, try to make the text strong and captivating for the reader.

Sound Customer Service Strategies

In writing a customer service essay, there is a lot of thinking involved. You have to come up with different strategies like customer care plans and many others. Try to keep a clear head and aim in the retention of the audience. This will take your essay to the highest moon and impress your professor.

Untangle The Complex Structure

Essays on customer service might be too complicated. If your professors ask you to write on a certain firm's quality customer service, it might be hard to grasp every aspect of customer support. Untangle this web by breaking down the information into small parts. Once you understand the structure completely, write in one go. You might find it helpful to address the internal customers and highlight how the company might gain loyal customers in the end.

Why You Need Customer Service Essay Help

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