What Is a Commentary Essay for Colleges?



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What Is a Commentary Essay for Colleges?

When you get admitted into the university, you may be of the thinking that apart from your dissertation, theses and term papers, there will be no other essay types except the assignments you write on topics in your class note. But it has proven to be a very wrong thinking because you will definitely encounter lots and lots of essays while in college. In fact, before you graduate in any course, you must have written tens of essays. Now, you should also realize that these essays form an integral part of your marks and an eventual result that you will be coming out with. This is a cumulative world and your marks are based on cumulative. One of the essay types you will not encounter rampantly is the commentary essay. Now, when I say you will seldom encounter it, people tend to rejoice. But the nature of this essay is that even experts can actually forget how to write it because it is not a regular occurrence. When you are told to make a commentary essay, then you are being asked to show your knowledge of a text after which you should use arguments to showcase your approval or disapproval of the message or stance of the text. The essay is meant to allow you to give the reasons and rationale for which you are agreeing or disagreeing. This text or essay system which may be on a dissertation introduction has some guidelines. You may be asked to write a commentary essay on one text, or to compare two different texts. Now, when you write this 1000 words essay, you are expected to show your knowledge and mastery of the background information or material being discussed. Because of this, you will need to make a little more research about the thing you are making comments on or the subject matter of the text. When you research well, you will definitely come up with a compelling and engaging essay.

When you write a commentary essay, you are not limited to the use of text-based information only. If there is the need for other sources of information like the interviews, case studies, observations and surveys, you have the right to use them so as to gather enough evidence to give a coherent essay. Your watchword is that your essay must be solid and of logical reasoning. Because of the nature of this essay, it is always difficult for newbies. Again, it is some essay that takes time to organize and write. Because of this, people who have other very important activities in school, like those who work and go to school, may not have the chance to sit down and craft the essay. If this is the case, then we are a very good ally. This is because we will be very pleased to help you with the essay. We can write the essay for you from the scratch, we can help you to learn how to write the essay, we can provide the best essay commentary topics for you and we can help you in writing the proposal. Even when you are in need of dissertation abstracts for the bigger essays, we can also help you in that regard. Now, there are some reasons why many people who need essay help services run to us and you can also borrow a leaf from these wise ones. We offer services that can be described as very cost effective. Yes, when we say cost effective, we mean it in all angles. What we will charge you and the service we will offer you will show you that you are almost getting the services free of charge. This is because you will get the highest standard. Our writing college application essays has been rated as the best.

Facts to Consider When Answering, What Is a Commentary Essay

When you want to write a commentary essay, you have to start by studying the thing you want to write the commentary essay on. This may entail watching a movie, reading a text and observing something. The cardinal point is that you have to gather enough information about what you will be writing the commentary on. This is the first step in writing the essay. When you are on this, ensure that you make very relevant notes about points that will be included in the commentary. Things like how you felt when watching the movie and others are also relevant and will help in the course of the essay. When you have this, then you should go ahead and come out with a short rubric, which should be a list of the things you will like to comment on in the essay. The comment may be to recommend and appraise them, and it can also be to critique them. You should at this juncture go through the text or move again. When going through this second time, have your rubric at hand and make notes of what your commentary will focus on. The main purpose of this is to write down the weak points and the strengths. These should be the main things to be highlighted in the writing a rhetorical analysis essay commentary.

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  • Every essay must be written in a logical manner with a good flow of grammar.
  • Insure that you do multiple proofreading and editing to ensure that your essay is devoid of any errors.

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