Self-Introduction Essay As A Way To Present Yourself

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Self-Introduction Essay As A Way To Present Yourself

"Tell me something about yourself" - is this question familiar to you?

How do we feel at this moment? Confused, anxious, panicked, or, on the contrary, confident, determined, and relaxed? It all depends on how ready we are for this question.

Read this article to the end, and presenting yourself in an essay or orally in any situation will no longer be stressful for you. You will consider every opportunity to tell about yourself a great chance to win the favor of the admission's committee or to get a new job.

Why Do You Need a Self-Introduction Essay?

Situations where self-introduction is required:

  • A story about yourself in a cover letter during the college application process.
  • Presentation-story about yourself in front of the client when we present our product or service.
  • Self-introduction during the speech to the audience.
  • A short story about yourself during the acquaintance.
  • Story about yourself in the job interview.
  • Myself essay can be one of the college assignment.

If you are a high school graduate who aims to make a positive impression when entering college, you just have to delve into all the intricacies of personal essays.

If you are a candidate for the position in the company of your dreams, you simply do not have the right to fail a job interview, so you must learn to speak clearly about yourself.

If you have set a higher career goal, you will also have to learn to describe yourself, your achievements, and aspirations - this information will be interesting to your future employee.

As you can see, you have many reasons to learn how to write a self-introduction essay. So, let's get down to business!

Self-Introduction: What Is It?

Self-introduction is our story about ourselves to another person or group of people in order to get to know each other better and achieve other goals. In particular, with such a story, we can add credibility, make a positive impression, interest, or be remembered.

How To Present Yourself In An Essay Skillfully


It seems that telling something about yourself is a very easy task. After all, we already know everything about ourselves; we just need to say something. But we know too much. And when we are asked "What do you do?" or "Tell us something about yourself", then in two seconds, we go through all our biography and try to choose what is worth telling.

We may have a stupor under such an influx of uncertainties, and the description of ourselves will be poor, both in content and presentation.

Therefore, we propose to make an approximate template of a high-quality story about yourself and include in it all the potentially important points and chips.

Present Your Running Status

Your first sentence should look something like this:

"My name is Anna Johnson, I'm a graphic designer - I make logos that everyone remembers. I'm looking for a job in a company that will value my skills and accept me into its team."

As you can see, you need to give your name and job title. You can specify the position you want to hold, as well as the college you graduated from and your educational degree.

Summarize Your Professional Experience And Achievements

Make a list of abstracts about your experience, skills, achievements, as well as think about cases that you can tell.

Try to answer the following questions:

  • How long have you been in this field?
  • What special skills and abilities have you acquired?
  • What achievements are you especially proud of?
  • What interesting things did you manage to develop/come up with/advertise, etc.?

In this block, it is worth talking about what you are really competent in and what you do.

It is better not to embellish something too much or appropriate more achievements than you have. Prepare the details for your story in case of additional questions.

For example, if you are a businessman, you need to be prepared to explain what kind of business it is, what the indicators are, what are the features of its conduct.

Tell About Your Hobby

Write about your hobbies. This point can show what really sets you apart as a candidate. Habits, inclinations, hobbies, interests outside the profession, life experience, cultural background, professional associations, and hangouts - this is not a complete list of what will reveal your potential.

For example, an interesting story about yourself may contain answers to the following questions:

  • What have you been doing since early childhood, including hobbies and activities?
  • What were you interested in at school?
  • Where did you study after school? What did you learn there, what did you like, what did you do?
  • What occupations and interests do you enjoy now?

Killer Feature

This is what sets us apart, makes our story brighter and more memorable. You can use interesting ideas, humor, self-irony, find some connection to the situation around or the event in which the meeting takes place. A person who sees us for the first time should remember us thanks to such a killer feature. Then it will be an example of a successful self-introduction.

For example: I am an accountant with 10 years of experience - I keep accounts so that no tax will find flaws.

Complete The Purpose Of Your Essay

Self-presentation text is aimed at a specific goal. An example of such a "target" is an open vacancy, a promotion, or a useful acquaintance.

In order to achieve our goals, we must take into account the goals of the person to whom we present ourselves. This person usually has a very simple point: to determine what he or she can take from us, either professionally or personally.

Therefore, the main rule of self-introduction is to focus not on our characteristics and regalia but on what we can be useful to a person.

Conclude your essay with a sentence that will lead you to your goal. For example, if your aim is to get a job, the essay should end like this: "I'm sure I have enough skills and experience to fill a vacancy. Your company will only benefit by hiring me."

A Few More Tips:

  • First, your killer feature should be mentioned in the essay, but only in one sentence. All other information should relate to your professional experience and the qualities required to hold the position you are applying for.
  • Second, you will talk about your successes and achievements in previous work or classes. It is important to explain, thanks to what knowledge, qualities, and traits of character you reached them. Because the admission committee is not interested in how good a student you used to be, but in what you can do for college with your knowledge. And a good self-presentation at an interview is an example of what you can be useful for.
  • Third, prepare a story about the accomplishments you are most proud of because you are more likely to be asked about them.
  • Fourth, if you do not have the experience, tell a story or several about how quickly you learned and developed the skills needed in the position.

A Sample Essay About Myself (For Employment)

My name is Anna Johnson, and I am 19.

I deal with software. I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in 2020, and I have a BS in Computer Science.

I think my school gave me a good base. Despite the fact that I do not have a great professional path, I have experience in communicating with both large corporations and individual clients. While studying at the university, I had the opportunity to become a team member to develop a control system for access to documents of one of the leading libraries in our city.

My strengths - I like to solve problems, I am self-disciplined, and attentive to details. I learn quickly and can become both a great member of a great team and its leader.

My goal is to develop a career in database programming that can store billions of terms of information and become the cause of your company's success.

Thank you for the opportunity to tell me about yourself.

Consult The Experts

Writing essays about yourself is only a seemingly easy task. In fact, many college students may not know what is best to tell about themselves. Self-introduction is also a good tool for achieving your goals. Present yourself confidently and gracefully to touch your personality, interest the right people, and be remembered.

If you feel insecure about self-introduction, it is better to contact the writing service. We can help you write a unique and interesting story about yourself. Thanks to a professional team that will work on your essay, you will definitely achieve your goals.

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