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How to write a 5 paragraph essay and win award with it

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This is not an writing an argumentative essay where you try to convince people to adopt your own view. It is a process essay that teaches the process of writing a 5 paragraph essay. However, it must come with the standard essay format. It should have an introduction, three body paragraphs and a conclusion. You can only start the essay if you have a topic at hand. It is good to say that you start a 5 paragraph writing a profile essay by choosing a topic and title. If you are not given the topic for your 5 paragraph essay by your lecturer, you have to pick one. Pick from things and events around you. Pick topics you are passionate about and go for those topics with enough information to write about. However, remember not to pick too broad topics as you will get confused on which information to pick and which to jettison. In the same vein do not go for too narrow topics so that you will not have a lack of information to give out. When you have the topic, form a thesis with it and write a thesis proposal and submit to your teacher to approve. When the topic is approved, then you move to the process of brainstorming, where you jot down the points that relate to the chosen topic. These points will serve as your keywords for research or introspection on your essay. When you have these points, you can now research with them and mine for information, data and statistics that relates to them. After this, you should go ahead and write the essay outline. This serves as the skeleton for the essay you will write. It is a lining out of the structure of the essay, the position of points and different parts of the essay, and how the arguments will be presented before you start writing. We can teach you how to write a 5 paragraph essay outline if you need this. When you have an outline, you can now get down to your essay writing.

How to write a 5 paragraph essay body

When it is time to start writing your essay of 5 paragraphs, start with the introduction. At the introduction which should take one paragraph only, try and give a general discussion of the subject of the essay. This is where you will give your thesis or main point for the essay. But before you get to that, start the essay with a hook or attention grabber. This may be a quote, a challenging claim, a surprising story that is meant to catch the attention of the reader, an anecdote or any significant expression that will grab the attention of the reader and hold it till he is through with the essay. The thesis should consist of about one or two sentences and it should state what your overall argument or point for the essay is and what you will be giving out in the main paragraph. You should also state the reasons for the essay or why you are doing the essay at the moment.

When you get to the main paragraph of the 5 paragraph essay, you have to ensure that each of the 3 paragraphs will focus on a single reason or idea or even example that supports the main thesis of the paper. Make sure you give each paragraph a topic sentence at the beginning and go ahead to discuss the topic sentence in the body of the paragraph. Make sure you incorporate points to make clear and convincing ideas. We can teach you all you need to know about how to write a good essay paragraph. Your conclusion should restate the point as always. However, you should paraphrase instead of repeating the thesis sentence here. The major point of the conclusion is to restate the importance of your view and why it is necessary that you do the topic. After this, express the feeling you want to leave the reader with. This should also take one paragraph. Start this with your specific view and generalize it as time goes on, just as it is done in a how to write a reaction paper.

    • Do not make sentences that seem to lack direction in your essay. If you do, you do not know how to write a 5 paragraph essay.


  • Knowing how to write a 5 paragraph essay entails providing well-organized thoughts and properly placed paragraphs.
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