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Whenever you want to come out with masterful academic outputs, there is only one place you should rush to. That place is the website that gives the best information on how to write an argumentative essay. Whenever you hear that something is controversial, it’s something away from the ordinary. However, there is always room for a new normal, if only you know how to choose the best controversial argumentative essay topics and how to come out with the best essays. However, since you have to come to our website where the masters will teach you, you will learn and become the best in no time.

The controversial topics must be burning issues that are very hot. They will always raise heated debates with people taking different stands and arguing vehemently in support of their stands even to the confrontational level.

Find Really Controversial Topic

Now, two major things must be present before topics are classified as controversial argumentative essay topics. One of the things that must be present for any topic to be term controversial is that it must be ambiguous. This means that no stand has been accepted more than the other in society. There must not be an established truth, theory, or fact about the topic, so people are still considered right to have divergent views and opinions about the topic. The next important aspect of every controversial topic is that it must be an issue of public interest.

Whether it is political, social, or religious, it must be a topic that the majority of the masses are interested in and one that polarizes them. They are those ideas and concepts that elicit different points of view from different people. So whenever you have chosen such topics, you are close to getting the best controversial argumentative essay topics. While our services include offering such topics to students who are in need of them, we also write such essays when they are demanded of us. We offer thesis statement examples to enable the students to craft their thesis statements. Of course, you know that the statement is a major part of the thesis. So, when you are writing a thesis, you have a partner in us.

Select Rightful Sources

When you want to choose these topics, you have to get to the rightful sources. Of course, the number one source is our website. But the best topics must be ones that are being discussed in magazines, mass media, newspapers, social media, and TVs. They are mostly things that make the news. Again, you do not have to run and pick topics that are being talked about but which are not trendy enough.

Getting the best lies in how scintillating, captivating, and thrilling the topics are. So, issues like abortion, marijuana and its legalization, media and terrorism, adoption, gay life and marriage, alternative medicine, medical ethics, animal rights, euthanasia, and many others will always come to mind when you are looking for controversial argumentative essay topics. We will be your guide when you are searching for these topics, and we will also be your guide when you search for your dream job by offering a sample cv that will help you to develop the best CV.

Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics Writing Outline

The controversial essay, just like all other essays, must come with a format. The format will perform the same function as that of a case study analysis, and this includes giving the essay structure and organization. Each essay must come with an introduction, which should be followed by the development of your argument, refuting the other’s arguments, and the conclusion. This means that you are looking at four sections.

Introduction Section

All these four sections have some elements that must be present in them. In the introduction part of the essay, you have to start by using the first sentence as a hook to grab the attention of the reader so that they will be burning with the desire to read all other parts of the essay. You can use any type of expression as bait to get them salivating about what is to come in the body of the essay. This should be followed by the background information, which should explain the origin and antecedents of the issue under discussion. You should try and ask what the issue is, who wants to know about it, where it is happening more, and why it is important that this issue is discussed. From here, you now move to make the thesis statement. It will involve your position on the topic being discussed and why you are taking such a stance.

Arguments Section

This is followed by the next section, which involves developing your argument. This should be filled with the claims you make and the evidence for backing up those claims. The claims should consist of statements in support of your stance, while the evidence will constitute the factual information or examples you support the claims with. If you do not know how to state your arguments, you may demand a special lecture on that, and we will gladly offer that. Even people who are making a business plan may even hire us to help them with top-notch feasible and workable plans.

Presentation of Your Opponents' Claims

After this, you now move over to the refutation of the opponent’s claims. You have to start this section by stating your opponent’s claims before going ahead to offer a detailed and logical rebuttal of those claims, preferably by drawing points from your arguments above. After this, you can now offer the conclusion, and here, you have to restate your arguments and how important they are. The best bet is to give a picture of what the world will look like if your argument is not bought and implemented, and this must be a negative picture of the world. Also, give a very beautiful picture of a better world where your argument is accepted and implemented.

  • When you close your argument with the sweet picture of the world as you wish it to be, your reader will be easily convinced by this.
  • Writing argumentative essay topics for high school with this outline makes it very easy, as things are broken down properly.

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