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A List of Suggested Merchant of Venice Essay Topics

For students, literary analysis essays are some of the most important academic assignments, and you need to know how to write them. When you are assigned by professors to compose this kind of paper, don’t feel confused because this task is easier than it seems if you know what to do. For example, when writing a Merchant of Venice critical essay, you should start with reading this famous Shakespeare’s comedy because its plot and characters still remain universal nowadays. Look for interesting and fresh topics to test your comprehension of its major themes, motifs, and characters. If this assignment seems too difficult, think about the professional custom paper writing services offered by our skilled and qualified authors because they can handle any academic task, including a grant proposal, and the best part is that their prices are quite competitive.

  • Focus on the relationship between Bassanio and Antonio. What does it reveal about their personalities?
  • Evaluate Shylock’s rhetoric and focus on his language quality because he often uses repetitions and metaphors. How does it reflect his character in general?
  • Compare such characters as Belmont and Venice. What is their role in the settings of this famous play?
  • Pay attention to how time passes in this story, especially when it comes to different conflicts between time in Belmont and Venice. Can you notice any inconsistencies? How does the author handle them? Be sure to answer these questions in your literary essay.
  • Do you agree that Shylock is defined by Jewishness? Is he also defined by his occupation?
  • Don’t forget about Portia. How does her character compare to men? Do you believe that Bassanio is a good husband for her?
  • Concentrate on the trial scene. Does it reveal any conflict between mercy and justice? Is this conflict resolved? How?
  • Do you think that Nerissa and Portia have similar relationships with husbands? Are there any differences? To write an interesting Merchant of Venice essay, you should compare and contrast them and provide the targeted audience with your detailed explanation of how these characters affect others.
  • What are the contents and inscriptions of 3 caskets? What is their significance in the plot?
  • Find out how the diversity theme is presented in this popular play. What characters are affected by it the most?
  • Are the roles of women different now and in the time of this story? How are gender roles presented in the text?
  • Is valor an important theme in this play? Does it involve many characters? Where is it presented?

Basic Merchant of Venice Essay Questions

  • Why Shylock’s character is interpreted in different ways by many critics and reviewers? Why does he seem more stimulating, puzzling, and complicated than other characters in romantic comedies written by Shakespeare or other authors?
  • What about the images of the sea? Do you agree that they strike the keynote of this play or suggest the bond story as its main theme? Why?
  • What does the choice of caskets made by princes tell you about their decision to marry Portia?
  • Does Antonio’s melancholy disposition related to his acceptance of any misfortune? Why? Devoting your literature term paper to this topic is a good idea.
  • What qualities of this popular play are the most improbable in your opinion?
  • What about the representation of men in all times and ages provided by the author? Does it have any universal elements?
  • Think about the argument about usury and discuss the friendship theme. Evaluate all subjects included and discussed in this book to define the most important one.
  • Do you agree with those critics who claim that this story is more tragic than comic? Why?
  • Try to justify the demand of Shylock for revenge.
  • Do your best to describe Venice as a perfect city and setting for this play. This is when you need to use different allusions, quotes, and direct references.

Major Themes for Merchant of Venice Essays

To come up with a worthy and original literature analysis, you should explore different themes in this comedic play, such as the following:

  • Reality and idealism. This story is structured on the contrast between realistic and idealistic opinions about different people’s relationships and society. On the other hand, the author tells readers that love is more valuable than money because it lasts forever. Take this interesting theme into consideration when formatting an essay to impress the audience and get higher grades.
  • Does it exist in the world? This play is trying to answer this question, and it ends with the thought that idealism can survive. Try to express your opinion when writing a literature essay, and if this task a bit hard for you, don’t hesitate to contact our team of experienced academic authors who offer a full range of custom paper services, such as a case study analysis.
  • This major theme keeps recurs in different scenes, especially when it comes to Jews and Christians. What is the author trying to tell readers? Do you agree that the complexities of real life are beneath clear-cut cultural divisions in this book?
  • Female roles. Do you believe that they are more complex than male role? Why? The main reason is that the action of this play is directed by a woman, regardless of the fact that female characters are not discussed that much.
  • Father-daughter relationships. This story lacks a strong parental character in its plot, but this theme is still important and is deserves your attention when writing a literary analysis essay.
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