How to Write a 500 Words Essay?

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How to Write a 500 Words Essay?

At high school, college, university, each student is faced with an insurmountable obstacle at first glance - an essay of 500 words. Writing any high-quality academic writing in English requires a perfect level of language proficiency, a rich vocabulary, the ability to state your thoughts clearly and concisely in a limited number of words, and also the ability to follow all the guidelines related to formatting.

The formal style of storytelling is one of the features of the English essay. We do not recommend using abbreviations and, in general, indulge in the frivolity in the academic paper. Also, any piece of writing, regardless of the topic, should have a specific structure. But first things first.

Before writing an essay, you need to think over what you plan to do so that the stream of thoughts is lined up into harmonious, logically consistent sentences that match the demanded word count of your essay. Think carefully about what you want to say and list the main points of your thesis statement. And only then decide in what sequence you want to display these thoughts on paper.

What Is a Perfect 500-Word Essay and How to Write It?

A case study or essay contains a text of 500 words or more. Use double spacing and font Times New Roman with size 12 to write the text. Then you need to discard negative thoughts and complete a few steps:

  1. Pick an interesting topic. The title should be as concise and understandable as possible. The question should contain the main idea, which will be disclosed in more detail in the text. Personal experience in the theme you're going to write about is an excellent source of an idea. It is especially useful for students, as it is much easier to describe what you know well.
  2. Find literary resources to inspire and argue your thoughts. To write an essay, you cannot use the first Internet site you come across or an article from a magazine. It is better to use the works of authors who are experts in the theme under study, whose works are often referenced.

500-Word Essay Length

The volume of the text affects the complexity of the essay, the number of paragraphs. A three-paragraph basic essay is 500 words long, roughly one page. In the optimal total workload, it is essential to:

  • clearly state the essence of the problem and its analysis using analytical tools;
  • pick up exciting examples on the issue under study;
  • use facts, accurate judgments, scientific data;
  • introduce beliefs and views on the situation, based on their own experience.

Which Topics Are Suitable for This Academic Paper?

Before finding ideas about what to write about, we advise you to decide which topics you are not interested in. There are three ways to choose a theme:

  • Selecting an essay topic from a recommendation list: such a list can be published in the work program of the discipline or offered to students in one of the classes.
  • The subject of the essay is developed jointly by the student and the teacher.
  • Independent student choice - the student chooses an exciting theme for him and coordinates it with the teacher.

Now let's move on to practice questions and take a closer look at which topics are best suited:

  • The most critical parameter is the relevance of the theme and its practical significance. It is essential to understand that this factor is important precisely for the author. Because the solution to some urgent problem is the key to success for readers. And this is what every author should strive for.
  • The theme of the article should be useful for you as well. It is worth choosing directions that you do not fully understand, that have yet to be studied, determine the nuances and details. Work on the article, in this case, will be the key to your further success.
  • The theme you choose should be closely related to the academic course you are taking.

Good Short Essay Structure

This is how a typical essay is usually organized. There's no need to search for an essay sample because you can use this plan as a step-by-step guide to craft your perfect writing no matter what type of essay is needed.


It should set an emotional mood, drag the reader's attention and bring them to the issue raised in an essay prompt.

Body paragraphs

Your first paragraph should be dedicated to the reflection of the problem:

  • What's the main problem?
  • Why is this problem urgent today?

The next part of the main body of your essay is the problem comment:

  • What's the point of view of the author of the essay prompt?
  • What conclusion does the author's opinion lead the reader to?

Then goes the most creative part, usually loved by all the essay writers. Your position:

  • Do you agree or disagree with the author? And why?
  • What's your opinion?

After that comes the argumentation. At this stage, you should put forward theses supported by facts, find justification and evidence to prove your point. It's very important to use reliable sources while crafting this part of your academic writing.


This is the final part of your essay that summarizes all the arguments reflected in body paragraphs and provides a consistent reply to an issue claim from the introduction.

What Else?

  • Add some quotes but only if they are substantiated and related to your argumentation. Don't forget to check your final writing for plagiarism and make sure there was no overusing of citations.
  • Use our essay outline example. It is approximate, so keep in mind your essay topic and the word count of your assignment while using it.
  • Don't forget about proofreading. Make sure there are no typos, logical inaccuracies, or any other mistakes and inconsistencies in your writing.

How Many Paragraphs Should a 500-Word Essay Has?

The division into paragraphs is the business of the essay writer, but the division into sections is mandatory. An essay is a kind of document containing several essential and constructive elements, thematically and logically related to each other.

However, it informs the reader about various aspects of the consideration. Therefore, the document must divide into at least three paragraphs, in which individual micro themes reveal:

  1. At the beginning of the 500-word essay, you must explain the text's content and indicate the issue which is the topic - the volume of your introduction shouldn't be large.
  2. The main body of your paper is the content. Reveal our opinion on the topic, describe everything in detail, tell your readers why exactly the author of your essay topic had such an idea, used such arguments and facts.
  3. And then comes the conclusion, where we summarize all of the above.

These paragraphs are reliable indicators of the consistency of the essay writer's opinion. Indentations inform readers that one element of the document has ended and the next has begun.

How to Compose a 500-Word Paper Outline

If you want to write good work, you need a plan. After all, a 500 word essay without a plan is chaotic, not thought out. This means that you need to learn how to draw up a plan correctly.

Making a plan for an essay means breaking it down into fragments, mentally highlighting the main stages of the path along which your thought will develop. Each piece is a micro text that can be equal to one paragraph or consist of several ones. Each micro text will correspond to a point in the plan. It must be united by the main thought, which has its beginning, development, and completion within its boundaries.

You can make sure your paper is engaging enough by asking a friend or family member to read your document before submitting it. This guarantees its excellent quality. The professor can also check your assignment and highlight your mistakes to avoid them in future projects.

How to Start a 500-Word Essay

Start your 500-word essay by looking for an original idea. This means that you should see your work as a research paper and present the research that will be interesting to read. For example, in the lab report, students rely on authoritative writers' work, looking for inspiration from work, and improving writing skills.

Your essay should demonstrate not only in-depth knowledge but also a clear understanding of the theme, supported by many arguments and theses. Therefore, the next step is to process a large amount of information and compare other people's ideas about the theme.

We offer you some tips to help you expand your knowledge by reading additional literature:

  • Read and compare different works of the author;
  • Work with contemporary literature;
  • Do a psychological analysis of the author's work, study the work of his predecessors, which inspired the author to write the work;
  • Literary criticism readings;
  • Analyze the thoughts of critics and decide whose opinions are closest to you.

How to Format a 500-Word Essay?

Your teacher or school may have different requirements. If there are no specific requirements for your 500-word essay format, you can follow the standard specifications for such assignments.

Use double spacing. This is typical for many scientific articles, including essays of various types. Double spacing makes tasks more comfortable to read and helps you use different styles on paper.

Use Times New Roman font size - 14, spacing - 1.5 in the editor. All margins are 20 mm. At the top left is the surname, name, patronymic of the author. Then, after one interval write the title of the essay in bold. Then, after one skipped interval, the document is placed.

For font size, select 12 points for all words. It's not a very small size, but it's still readable and helps to fit a lot of words into a small space in the document.

Requirements of a 500-Word Essay

General requirements for writing an essay on a given topic:

  1. The essay should demonstrate the content-theoretical level of knowledge of social science themes.
  2. The essay should reflect the author's personal opinion on the issue at hand (i.e., value judgments - opinions based on the author's beliefs or views).
  3. The essay should be balanced. If one point of view is expressed, then it is desirable that the opposite end of view be present and analyzed in the document.
  4. The essay's content should be thoughtful, logically built, and structured (it should include an introduction, body, conclusion).
  5. It is necessary to indicate the sources of information, facts, figures referred to by the author of the essay.
  6. For this, the essay should be creative; students use expository essay examples to develop thoughts properly or use the writing service.

Tips on How to Write a 500-Words Essay

To get started with an efficient and high-quality essay writing process, read the tips from the experts. The writers helped all students who wrote in the search engine: "Write my essay for me:"

  1. Indicate for yourself why you are writing the text, what you want to achieve them. This is necessary to write meaningfully, consistently, and logically to reveal the topic.
  2. A good structure will help make the article logical and thoughtful. Ideally, having skimmed through the structure, the reader already understands the essence of the article.
  3. Look at the structure and fill in all the facts, stories, figures, studies, and examples between the bullets for clarity. This is what will make your article expert, lively, and engaging.
  4. Now let a friend read the article. Ask if everything is clear. If not, ask him to formulate the questions he has. Then fill in the blanks.

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