Writing a Compelling Sex Education Essay

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Writing a Compelling Sex Education  Essay

Teaching sex education is not an easy task for educators. Because of the challenge and sensitivity of the topic, it is important for young people, most especially high school students, to gauge their understanding of sex education through essay writing. And as a student, your task is to show how to organize your thoughts.

Here is an example of an essay, and later, we will share some tips and guides on how you can craft on your own, inspire your reader and avoid plagiarism. Read carefully and analyze this essay example.

Argumentative Essay Sample: The Importance of Sex and Sexuality Education in Schools

Comprehensive sex education programs have been aggressively promoted. With the help of schools and their educators, sex education classes become a reality since it was first introduced in the 1970s. It is very important that at the very early stage of puberty, sex and sexuality must be clearly defined. Although sex education program, as part of the curriculum of every school system, has gone through a lot of challenges, the importance of teaching sex education still gives more advantages.

The cognitive and emotional aspect is one important reason why sex and sexuality education must be introduced at schools. Parents may help, but children, even their parents, are not comfortable with discussing topics about sex or explain what sexual intercourse is. So the role of schools is very important at this point. Schools do not only show our children the idea of the topic, but they teach them the cognitive and emotional aspects of sexuality. Sex ed is a process. As our children meet new people and as they grow up, they can deal with the situation in a guided manner and do not force them to accept what they do not agree with, instead they know how to respect and embrace the differences of others.

Sex education also shows the students the risks of engaging in unprotected sex and premarital sex. Since the age group of middle school students is a crucial stage of their sexual development, their concept of sex and relationship, if not properly guided, can lead to risky sexual behavior. Educators also present social issues like teenage pregnancies, sexual abuse, sexually transmitted infections or STIs, and sexually transmitted diseases or STDs. These sexually related social issues can be minimized, if not totally eradicated, by preparing our young people how to protect their bodies, respect other people's bodies, read signals from sex offenders before they can harm, and make them responsible once they enter to sexual relationships. Educators also introduce them to different birth control or contraception methods or options like contraceptives and the great benefit of the abstinence-only method.

Looking at the bigger picture, we can clearly see the greatest importance of teaching the young generation of today's society about sex and sexuality education as part of health education through aggressive campaigns of different organizations and governments. It is because one of the root causes of crime and poverty is overpopulation, and we know it is the product of illiteracy about sexual education. It was proven, like what the media is trying to reflect and convey, that the rapid increase of population puts the risks of public health like in the case of HIV/AIDS, which up until now scientists are still developing medicines that can cure such sexually transmitted diseases. Most governments are making all their efforts to reach people as many as possible through the implementation of sex education in public schools since public schools have the biggest population of students regardless of their socioeconomic status.

We may not fully stop the harm and negative results of sexual related issues, but the importance of sex education in schools with the help of educators with the participation of parents, NGOs, and the government can hone our young people to be responsible and accountable to their actions, respect other people, value their sexual health, knowledgeable about safe sex, and avoid risky sexual activities. The nobleness to teach the young people the awareness, respect, responsibility, accountability and guided free will to choose are the keys to our children's future, for them to contribute and give positive impact to their society.

Essay Analysis

Lack of Statistical Data

Statistics is very important in providing quantitative data. Like in the Sex Education essay, there are opportunities to add statistics about teenage pregnancies and people who are infected with HIV/AIDS. References like surveys and research papers are published online from credible sources, agencies, and organizations.

The Use of Slang "ED" for Education

Avoid using any slang and jargon words. As a reader, you wanted to grasp the message of the topic easily and not feel alienated. In the sentence "Sex ed is a process," we wanted to avoid or eliminate unnecessary statements trying to explain the meaning of slang or jargon that can divert the reader's attention.

Absence of Argument and Counter Argument

A great essay should not just focus on one opinion. Instead, it shows another point of view. Since it was mentioned in the essay that comprehensive sex education program is aggressively promoted in public schools, the essay should also include the point of views of educators in private schools. An argumentative essay is one way to showcase your talent in research and analysis and convey them to writing.

Pointers Before Writing the Essay

Before you begin writing the essay as part of your term paper, take note:

  • Plan and internalize the main topic and sub-topics of your essay.
  • Draft an outline of the components of your essay as a guide to ensure that as you go through with writing, you don't go off-topic.
  • Get your research from reputable and credible sources. If it's regarding statistics, it would be best to get the data from the agency's website that sponsored the survey or study.
  • Take note of the three basic parts of an essay: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion.

Pointers on Essay Writing

  • Hook your readers by giving powerful introductory statements.
  • Provide an argument and counterargument to justify the main points of the topic.
  • Provide statistical data and evidence to show proof and integrity of each argument.
  • Avoid using slang, jargon, and clichés that readers may misunderstand or give other meaning.
  • Be cautious with grammar and spelling. Online grammar and spell checker would be a great help.
  • Use citations of your sources if providing data or quotes from another website or other person to avoid plagiarism.
  • Your conclusion should be concise and show all the parts of the essay.

Pointers After the Essay Is Written

  • Check your essay outline if all requirements have been met.
  • Proofread and analyze the strong and weak points of your essay.
  • Revise if necessary to ensure that your final writing meets the quality standards of an essay.
  • Decide on the final draft.
  • To avoid plagiarism, you may use online tools to check the contents of your essay.

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