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Courage Essay - Nuts and Bolts

The Merriam-Webster dictionary gives the following definition of courage: it is mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty. As if a fairly clear explanation, however, for many people this concept has different manifestations. Courage, bravery, boldness are synonymous words. They are associated with manifestations of human nature in any emergency situation, and sometimes in everyday life. That is why this topic is quite common for essays in high schools.

Our article will give you all the answers to the question of "How to write my essay on courage?"

Courage Essay Example for You

Courage is a very important human trait. Some people think that brave people are exclusively soldiers, rescuers, firefighters and do not consider themselves as such. But I do not agree with this opinion, I believe that everyone can be courageous.

Courage, in my opinion, is a characteristic of a person that complements his boldness. Courageous people are not afraid of responsibility, do not shy away from actions, they have a sense of duty and will always come to the rescue. It may sound a little exaggerated and festive, but in everyday life, courage can be manifested in different ways.

You can often see students at school, having received bad grades, tearing pages from the diary, trying to hide this fact. But there are other students: they go home, show their parents the diary and are responsible for their grades. I can call these children courageous, because even such an act requires moral courage.

Someone will disagree with me and say that it is empty, that it is not the case at all. But everything in life starts small: the responsibility for evaluation in the future can lead to the responsibility for greater actions.

How to become courageous? You need to believe in yourself, look around and ask yourself the question "What can I do?". Maybe someone needs help? You do not have to go far - you can help your mother, grandmother. You can reach out to them for help on the first request, without referring to school workload or headaches. Furthermore, you can protect the weaker when the opportunity arises. You can confess to bad deeds and endure punishment. Courage comes from within and it begins with boldness.

As people grow older, each of their characteristics becomes stronger. Love - in relation to their own children, courage - in more important courageous act for society. One of the best examples of courage is Nelson Mandela. Mandela began his adult life as an underground resistance leader, grew up as a political prisoner, and became a symbol of his country's transition to a multinational and multiracial democracy when he became its president. He is a great example of a man with incredible moral strength. In addition to political victories, he committed other acts worthy of respect. After the death of his eldest son from AIDS, he struggled with the spread of the disease. Thus, he once again showed courage when he spoke publicly about this loss at a time when the topic of AIDS was almost taboo. Mandela died as a great man - in the eyes of many as great as his hero Gandhi, as a man who changed the country, using not the force of arms, but a moral example.

Courageous are the teachers who spend their nights checking our notebooks and putting all their best into us, courageous are the pilots of the planes that take to the skies every day. Doctors, saving people's lives every day, also show courage, because the decision to take this path already requires determination and courage. Salesmen, janitors, educators, police officers - all people in life at least once find themselves in a situation where they have to show courage.

Everyone is courageous in their own way, someone does their daily work without thinking about the fact that in someone's eyes he appears as a hero and a daredevil. You just have to look around and think about the surrounding people, and then you can be surprised: how different everyone is! How many brave and courageous people there are in the world!

The Best Tips for Writing a Courage Essay

The following tips guide students in the right direction when working on a courage essay.

  • Your essay will be a reflection on the concept of courage. So it is worth starting with the main thing - how do you understand this human virtue.
  • Argue your point in the body of the essay - give as many examples from life as possible. Have you met brave people? Where and under what circumstances did they show their courage? Think of examples from literature and movies - there are many worthy characters.
  • Finally, describe once again your vision of the concept of courage. In what it is shown most of all?
  • If you want to get high-quality homework help on the subject of courage, contact a good writing service. Professional authors will write you a unique essay, check it for plagiarism and provide an essay editing service.

Essay on Courage: Historical Figures as the Best Example

Many plots of classical literature are devoted to brave people. It is literature that allows us not to forget about the great feats, many of which are based on real events. Even more examples of brave people exist in real life. Next, we will talk about people of great courage in history and literature, that you can use as an example in your essay.

  • Beowulf is a kind of ideal courageous hero. His battle with Grendel is an allegorical description of the warrior's struggle against evil in himself. He defeated Grendel, which means both evil in himself and his fears. This is a manifestation of true courage.
  • "Profiles in Courage" is a work written by John F. Kennedy, President of the United States, who died for his advanced views on the reconstruction of America and world relations. The 35th President of the United States remained in world memory as one of the country's brightest political figures. His tragic death continues to arouse genuine interest in the personality and views of the great man. The book was written by him personally long before his election to the presidency. This is a historical and biographical story written in simple language. The author talks about the general traits of the outstanding Americans, famous for their steadfastness and loyalty to great goals. Reveals Kennedy's secret and his personality - political courage. Today, students from various schools and universities compete for the title of best author in The Profile in Courage Essay Contest.
  • "Courage is when you know in advance that you have lost, and yet you get down to business and in spite of everything in the world you go to the end. You rarely win, but sometimes you still win." Harper Lee, "To kill a Mockingbird". Atticus taught his children to really think and ask the right questions, and to walk with their heads held high when everyone around them thinks you are different.
  • Stephen Crane's "The Red Badge of Courage" is a story about growing up. It was written 30 years after the Civil War, but has not lost its relevance. The work answers the question of what courage is. Sometimes we have to face our fears to know ourselves in a new way. It is in this case that we show our courage. The story of Henry Fleming and his journey from a frightened, young man to a courageous soldier illuminates important themes many students encounter in their lives, including overcoming fear, soldiering duty and honor, definition of courage, and seeking redemption.

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