My Most Embarrassing Moment Essay: Don't Be Shy To Tell

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My Most Embarrassing Moment Essay: Don't Be Shy To Tell

Did you know that stories about awkward moments make people more creative? This fact was discovered by researchers from the Kellogg School of Management. As the authors of the study explain, voicing embarrassing situations, a person removes the barrier of self-censorship and is ready for non-standard solutions. That is why high school teachers often give the assignment to write an embarrassing moment essay to their students.

My Most Embarrassing Moment Essay Sample

Just like the peer-reviewed articles, it was one of my friends' birthdays. My friend wanted to celebrate the day beautifully, so he invited many people. Actually, the date of his birthday was October 21st. What happened in my mind I don't know - I just forgot the date and as you know that these happened long past, and we did not have the facilities of mobile phones, and the only way of communication distantly was a land phone, and unfortunately, I did not have any landline in my house. Another problem happened that the school was also closed on some occasions. Because of that, I had no regular communication with my friends. I remember the date as October 22nd though the date was one day behind. I prepared for the day's celebration and bought an expensive gift for my friend, which I felt would pass for a proper my most memorable moment essay.

While I was buying the gift for my friend, he and our friends were celebrating the birthday because the date was October 21st. As I thought the date was October 22nd, I went to my friend's house with the gift. At first, my reaction was very awkward because I saw neither anybody nor any festive look there. I did not understand what happened there, why there was nothing special - thinking that I just tapped on the calling bell of my friend's house. Hearing the bell, my friend's mom opened the door and became amazed to explore me with a gift. She said, "Hi, how are you? Why didn't you come yesterday?" I became perplexed, and I asked her what happened. She replied that yesterday was my friend's birthday. Suddenly my friend, Jimmie, came out and scolded me for not participating in the birthday celebration. I became dumbfounded and explained everything. He was convinced and served me some slices of his birthday cake and other foods which were prepared on his birthday. I was just embarrassed in front of two people - my friend and his mom. I did not know that the worse thing is waiting for me the next day.

Furthermore, I thought that my embarrassment had ended there, but it did not. I think it was all for the success of my most embarrassing moment essay. The next day I went to school and noticed that some of my friends were laughing at me. I didn't ask why they were behaving like that, but I was beginning to understand. When I entered the classroom, everyone just burst out laughing. Everyone already knew about my mistake with my friend's birthday. It is difficult to describe in words what I felt at that moment. But it really was the most embarrassing moment I have ever experienced.

Embarrassing Moment Essay: What To Pay Attention To and What Not To Miss

Each of us has experienced some embarrassing moments in his or her life. Such moments usually make us laugh or, conversely, sad. At such moments we remember. It's not always pleasant to tell someone, but sometimes it can be your task in high school. How to overcome shame and competently and interestingly tell the reader about your embarrassing incident?

6 Tips On How To Create Your Embarrassing Moments Essay

1. Delve into the nature of the essay

You will describe the most embarrassing moment in the form of a personal narrative essay. What is a personal essay? There are many good definitions of this type of essay, but what we like most is this:

A personal essay is a short autobiographical story that includes some life situations that characterize you in a certain way. This type of writing involves a creative approach, and therefore it can have a free essay structure. In an experience essay, a person tells something very personal, even intimate. It is full of excitement and emotions. At the end of the embarrassing moment essay, the author analyzes how he or she was affected by a situation, whether it changed him or her or not.

2. Opt for the exact story

"Embarrassing moments of my life" is your unique story. However, such moments happen in everyone's life - in school years or in adult life. It can be a story about the first day in a new team, an awkward event on holiday, a story about when you did not complete an English task, or how you forgot a new friend's name. Close your eyes and remember the same story that made you go through a storm of emotions. That's what you need to put on paper. Here's what the following stories might look like:

"It was in 2000 when I was 20 years old. Before I didn't have any plane journey, so it was the very expected thing for me. The same day came - the day of my first flight. So I got a little excited and arrived at the airport. I took my seat, and it was just beside a window because I like to look outside.

I really wanted to breathe fresh air outside. So I started looking for a way to open the window. But I failed to do so. I noticed that some of the passengers looked at me in great surprise. But I saw a hostess nearby. I asked her where the window locks so that I can open it. Hearing that, many passengers started smiling. I realized that something went wrong, and I felt shy. The air hostess was polite enough to reply to me by just saying - sir, the windows of a plane can not be opened because of the risk factor. I immediately understood that it was very embarrassing. The journey was around one hour long, and all the way, and I could not look at other passengers as I felt so shy."

3. A strong hook is a good start

"My most embarrassing experience" essay should interest the reader from the first words. Find the same hook that will immediately catch the audience. Here are some good hook essay examples:

"Once, a "grandfather" came to me for an interview for a digital marketer, who had completed all Google and Facebook courses on the recommendation of his daughter, but absolutely did not understand the task, my slang, and why everyone in the office was three times younger."

"Once, the candidate asked his best friend (a good specialist) to go for an interview instead of himself. He went and ... got a job and worked there successfully."

In the introduction, you set the tone and reveal the topic of your essay.

4. Draw an outline

Although an essay on an embarrassing thing does not have a clear organizational structure, you should still organize your thoughts. Just write on a piece of paper what and how you will write about. The introduction should include a hook and a statement. Describe the situation in the body of the paper, and in the end, tell how it affected you.

5. Describe, don't tell

"I was ashamed."

"This situation made my voice tremble. My knees buckled, there was a lump in my throat. I want to get out of there as soon as possible. It wasn't me, I never felt so embarrassed."

Feel the difference between these two examples? Your task is to write as shown in the second version. You can't just write how you felt, you need to try to describe your condition as vividly as possible. The reader must imagine the full picture and feel what you felt.

6. Write an insightful conclusion

A good conclusion gives the reader a sense of completeness. You can return to your lead to complete the circle. Repeat your statement to end the story that changed you.

Pay Attention

It happens that you have something to tell, but you can not properly arrange it. In such cases, it is better to seek professional help in the essay writing service. You need to remember that your work must be free of plagiarism and written in an appropriate format (APA, MLA, Chicago). Professional writers will ensure compliance with all these requirements.

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