High School Argumentative Essay Topics: How To Make The Right Choice?


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If the student is allowed to choose the controversial argumentative essay topics, this is, of course, the best option. The main thing is to find out which of the proposed suits you best quickly to formulate your thoughts on its account. Regardless of who chose the topic - yourself or your teacher, there are several points to be guided by:

  • understanding the essence of the topic;
  • questions that need to be considered in the assignment;
  • the main question, which will become the basis of the essay;
  • necessary conclusions.

By highlighting the main theses for each of these points, you can create a plan that will become the basis for future work. Although it's writing and creative work, everything written should be structured and relevant to the topic. The high school classroom essays are very important for the development of speech, the ability to clearly state your thoughts, analyze and draw conclusions, so you should not neglect their writing. The main thing is to study the subject well and turn on imagination, and any school topics or argumentative essay topics or college essay topics will not be so scary.

What Is the Feature of The Argumentative Essay?

Arguments are grounds, arguments given to prove something. These are facts, phenomena, events, life situations, life experience, scientific evidence, links to scientists' opinions, etc. An argument essay is a particular type of writing associated with expressing one's point of view through examples. Documented arguments are also provided to prove a certain point. An argumentative essay aims to establish empathy and intellectual interaction with the addressee to draw attention to information. The structure of the parts of an essay:

  1. Introduction. It contains a general description of the topic, necessary information, and a description of what will be discussed in the central part.
  2. Body part. Reasoned disclosure of the problem based on the collected material. Data analysis and argumentation must accurately relate to the issues raised. This part of the work includes the correlation and generalization of various views with their presentation and justification.
  3. Conclusion. Summary and presentation of the main arguments. Convincing proof and argumentation of your own opinion.

How To Start Choosing an Argumentative Essay Topic In High School?

Topics for argumentative essay are defined in several ways:

  1. At the initiative of the teacher. In this case, students are provided with a list of specific topics, from which everyone chooses their favorite.
  2. At the student's choice. The subject of research is a process or phenomenon that a student would like to study.
  3. A topic that was determined as a result of familiarization and study of special literature and periodicals in a particular industry.
  4. At the personal request of the student who arose in the learning process.

One of the main requirements for an essay is that the topic being developed must be relevant and meet the current level of development of science. When choosing a topic for an essay, the student needs to consult with the teacher to determine the degree of relevance of the problem in the studied area. Then, it will be essential to get advice from authoritative people on the chosen topic. Also, a great help in selecting a topic will be provided by studying argumentative essay examples. Unresolved problems of a particular industry are often mentioned and the reasons for their occurrence.

What Elements Make a Good Essay Topic?

The topic for the argumentative essay should correspond to these elements:

  • clarity - the topic should not contain abstruse phrases known only to the author and a narrow circle of acquaintances;
  • bibliographic accuracy - the topic must contain keywords;
  • accuracy - the topic should be specific, without words-parasites;
  • problematic - the topic should carry a problem that interests readers;
  • compactness - the topic should not be too broad and aimed at one idea.

Beware of choosing an under-explored topic. It may sound tempting, but absolute innovation is tricky; you have to prove every idea. Are you ready for this? If you do not understand the topic, you will not be able to cope without the teacher's help. On the other hand, by choosing a topic that has already become the subject of research several times, you are likely to face difficulties in proving novelty, which practically means that your essay will not be interesting. Therefore, look for a middle ground.

Most Fascinating High School Topics For Argumentative Essays

We've given you a lot of information on what to look for when choosing essay topics. Since it is not always possible to find inspiration, we would like to share our ideas. Below you will find topics in different directions. Take advantage of the ideas, and you will be successful in general writing an argumentative essay.


Society is a social organization of the country that ensures the joint life of people. This is a part of the material world isolated from nature, a historically developing form of connections and relationships between people in their lives. There are many topics in this direction. Use them:

  1. What are the main concepts and approaches to the problem of human rights?
  2. Man, his rights and freedoms as the highest value. Political and legal practice.
  3. The right to life and the death penalty. The theoretical aspect of the problem and world practice.
  4. Social advertising in the city and its impact on the garage.
  5. Global problems of humanity and their prevention.
  6. The problem of the golden billion and Third World countries.
  7. Population size: from the primitive world to the present day.
  8. Goals of self-study and its role in self-development.
  9. The difference between man and other living beings.
  10. People in the world of economic relations.
  11. Positives and negatives of social media usage and its effects on social behavior, mental health, and communication.
  12. Role of education in shaping a just and equitable society.
  13. Evolution of gender roles and expectations in society.
  14. Consequences of income inequalities on societal well-being.
  15. Influence of cultural diversity on social cohesion.


Technology is a complex of scientific and engineering knowledge embodied in methods and means of labor, sets of material factors of production, types of their combination to create a specific product or service. If you are interested in this direction, then choose an interesting topic:

  1. Place and specificity of the history of technical sciences as a direction in science and technology.
  2. The main periods in the history of the development of technical knowledge.
  3. Engineering research and projects by Leonardo da Vinci.
  4. Great geographical discoveries and the development of applied knowledge in navigation and cartography.
  5. Galileo Galilei and the engineering practice of his time.
  6. Technical practice and its role in the development of experimental natural science.
  7. Organizational design of modern science and engineering.
  8. Systems design and development of systems engineering knowledge.
  9. The history of radar and engineering prerequisites for the formation of cybernetics.
  10. Creation of a transistor and the formation of the scientific and technical foundations of microelectronics.
  11. The impact of artificial intelligence on the job market: Boon or bane?
  12. Complications and ethics of gene editing technology.
  13. Role of technology in promoting sustainable development.
  14. The dark side of social media: Mental health implications.
  15. Quantum computing: The future of information processing and security.


The concept of education is quite complicated and multifaceted. In the most general definition, education is the process and result of a person's assimilation of systematic knowledge, abilities, and skills, the development of mind and feelings, the formation of a worldview and cognitive interests. Of course, each of you needs to write an education essay, so use the ideas from the list:

  1. Education, as one of the main priorities in the modern world.
  2. Social functions of education in the opinion of the inhabitants of the modern United States.
  3. Reforming education as one of the directions of educational policy.
  4. Comparative analysis of educational systems of 2 countries (at the choice of the student).
  5. Criteria and results of education in the modern world.
  6. The main types of curricula in the education system of the leading countries of the world.
  7. The influence of education on the social situation.
  8. Additional education of children: priority problems of sociological research.
  9. Education and personality identification problems.
  10. Self-education and its role in the educational process.
  11. What can schools do to encourage student creativity and innovation?
  12. In what ways can technology enhance the learning experience for students?
  13. How can schools better support students' mental health and emotional well-being?
  14. What role should standardized testing play in assessing student achievement?
  15. How can schools promote diversity and inclusivity in the classroom?


Healthcare argumentative essay topics are not only the absence of disease or physical defects but a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being. To write a health essay, use our themes:

  1. How to boost your immunity?
  2. Body hardening as a means of strengthening health.
  3. Are our modern diets good for nutrition?
  4. Fasting is a way to stay healthy.
  5. Why are there so many smokers - prospects and consequences.
  6. How to tackle environmental pollution for health?
  7. Trace elements - a role in the formation of health.
  8. AIDS is the current state of the problem.
  9. Organization of health-improving work at school.
  10. Formation of the health of future parents as a factor in prenatal protection of children.
  11. How has the outbreak of COVID-19 affected mental health globally?
  12. What steps can be taken to reduce the prevalence of childhood obesity?
  13. How can society address the rising prevalence of mental health disorders among adolescents?
  14. What are the long-term effects of smoking on respiratory health?
  15. What impact does poor sleep hygiene have on overall physical and mental health?


For a child, the family is an environment where physical, emotional, and intellectual development are formed. For an adult, the family is a source of satisfaction for a number of his needs. A family consists of a man and a woman who are usually married, their children, and others. List of topics about family:

  1. Man and family in the information society: social and psychological problems and ways to resolve them.
  2. The role of national traditions in family relationships.
  3. Factors and conditions of family well-being.
  4. Family conflicts: types, sources, consequences.
  5. Conflicts between parents and adolescents: causes, content, function.
  6. The role of the father in family education.
  7. The role of grandmother and grandfather in family relationships.
  8. Typical mistakes of family education.
  9. Raising children in different types of families.
  10. What are the problems of a young family?
  11. In what ways does family influence a person's identity?
  12. How has technology changed the dynamics and communication within modern families?
  13. What challenges do blended families face and how can they overcome them?
  14. How does parenting style affect a child's development and future relationships with others?
  15. To what extent should family traditions be preserved and passed down to future generations?

Literature, Cinema, Art

Literature, art, and cinema are closely interconnected. If you want to write an essay in any of these areas, use the list of topics:

  1. Features of the sound recording of military equipment in the cinema.
  2. Mass celebration as a synthesis of various types of arts.
  3. The meaning of historical fact and document in documentary films.
  4. Problems of the actual states of culture in the space of modern cinema language.
  5. Realization of ancient ideas about beauty in architecture.
  6. The gothic cathedral is the embodiment of medieval ideas about the world.
  7. Aesthetics of Baroque and Classicism about art.
  8. What was the peculiarity of Michelangelo's works?
  9. Is modern literature capable of replacing classical literature?
  10. Is reading books fashionable or outdated?
  11. How has Shakespeare's influence on literature and cinema changed over time?
  12. In what ways has the portrayal of mental illness in art and literature evolved throughout history?
  13. How do contemporary filmmakers adapt classic works of literature for modern audiences?
  14. To what extent do artists and filmmakers use their work to comment on political and social issues?
  15. How have gender roles and stereotypes been represented in literature, cinema, and art throughout history?

Teenage Trends

Teenage trends are evolving rapidly. You must prove yourself in this field as a knowledgeable student. This is your element, so use our ideas to prove yourself the best:

  1. Why is TikTok popular among teenagers?
  2. What programs can become new trends among teenagers?
  3. Is it hard to be as popular as a teenager?
  4. What aspects affect adolescents' dependence on social networks?
  5. Why do teens inherit or fall in love with famous people?
  6. Why is it more attractive for teens to spend time playing video games?
  7. If you play video games for a long time, can you get addicted?
  8. Video games promote violence. Do you find this acceptable?
  9. Should teenagers spend more time in live communication?
  10. Why has Instagram become a place to earn money for teenagers?
  11. What impact do social media influencers have on consumerism?
  12. How has the normalization of mental health struggles affected the way teenagers express themselves through fashion?
  13. In what ways have teenage attitudes towards gender and sexuality influenced trends in fashion and beauty?
  14. To what extent do teenagers feel pressured to conform to certain societal beauty standards?
  15. How is technology shaping the way teenagers communicate and form social bonds?

Parents And Family

Parents are the main thing in a child's life. The family is their support, joy, upbringing, the dearest people on earth. Write an essay about parents on the following topics:

  1. The role of parents in the development of the child and the mistakes of family education.
  2. The authority of the parents and its influence on the development of the child's personality.
  3. The problem of the relationship between parents and children.
  4. The manifestation of mental disorders in children in the event of a divorce of parents.
  5. Should parents talk to their children about the coronavirus?
  6. Parents make up the child's first social environment.
  7. The personalities of parents play an essential role in the life of every person.
  8. Parents are obliged to ensure that their children receive basic general education.
  9. The rights and responsibilities of parents in raising children.
  10. Can parents control teenagers' actions?
  11. To what extent do parents impact a child's development?
  12. How do societal and cultural expectations of family roles affect the way parents and children interact?
  13. In what ways do parents navigate and cope with common challenges?
  14. How do parents facilitate intergenerational communication and understanding within a family?
  15. What role do parents play in shaping a child's identity, values, and beliefs?

High School Issues

A school is an educational institution that provides primary, secondary, higher, or special education. However, in high school, problems can arise. List of interesting topics about issues in high school:

  1. Can I share problems with my school friends?
  2. Why are many teens not happy with the curriculum?
  3. Can you help a teenager who wants to commit suicide?
  4. Can teenage girls ask a guy out on a date?
  5. Are acne and acne the main problems of teenagers?
  6. What is most likely to cause stress in teens?
  7. Why does the divorce of parents reduce academic performance?
  8. What causes conflicts between teenagers?
  9. Why do teens tend to change schools?
  10. Why should a teenager be popular in high school?
  11. What measures can be implemented to foster a safe and supportive learning environment in high schools?
  12. How can high schools promote diversity and inclusivity among students, staff and faculty?
  13. Should high schools eliminate standardized tests as a measure of academic achievement?
  14. What role should high schools play in educating students about mental health?
  15. How can high schools better prepare students for college and career success?

Teenage Life

The life of adolescents is very diverse. You know better than anyone else. Consider essay topics about teenage life:

  1. Why do students love online learning?
  2. What's the best trend in teen life?
  3. Why are glasses so popular with teens? What are the best trends?
  4. Where is the best place to sign up to find a friend?
  5. Is it ok to post bad comments under people's posts on Instagram?
  6. Do teen boys need to grow a beard, or is it not fashionable?
  7. Do you need to go to work if you are still a teenager?
  8. How to organize your teenager's schedule so you don't get overwhelmed?
  9. Why do teenagers need to have a good sleep?
  10. Why should adolescents beware of smoking and drugs?
  11. How does social media usage impact the self-esteem and mental health?
  12. What are some of the challenges of balancing schoolwork and extracurricular activities?
  13. How has cyberbullying affected the way teenagers interact with each other?
  14. What role do parents and guardians play in helping teenagers navigate issues?
  15. How have changing cultural norms affected the way that teenagers define their identities and form social groups?

Teenage Problems

Each age has its characteristics and its problems, and adolescence is no exception. Youth is the most difficult of all childhood ages because, at this age, the child enters adulthood, leading to a personality formation. Here is a list of topics on teenage problems:

  1. Why should troubled teenagers be sent to a special camp for education?
  2. Do parents need to help their teenagers when they have problems?
  3. Are teen problems that hard?
  4. Can gossip affect a teen's life?
  5. Why is it so hard to study in high school?
  6. Can a church help teenagers cope with problems?
  7. Why is a religion in the last place among teenagers?
  8. What problems arise in a girl who becomes a mother at a young age?
  9. How do teenagers relate to the people around them?
  10. Do teachers need to conduct courses to teach the concept of sex?
  11. How does the pressure to fit in socially affect teenagers' mental health and well-being?
  12. What role do parents play in preventing substance abuse among teenagers?
  13. How does social media contribute to the rise of bullying and cyberbullying among teenagers?
  14. In what ways do academic stress and pressure impact the mental health and academic performance of teenagers?
  15. What are the long-term consequences of teenage pregnancy?

How To Create a Good Argumentative Essay?

The argumentative essays can be categorized into:

  • analytical - confirm or refute the idea through analysis, providing an assessment of each part;
  • explanatory - explain the idea, concept of the author to the reader;
  • discussion - reveal an idea through examples presented in an imaginary debate.

Whichever type of essay you choose, use creative writing prompts:

  1. Grabbing the reader's attention. The purpose of this part of the introduction to the essay is to interest and draw attention to your work - in one sentence, short phrase, aphorism. To achieve this, you can use various authoring techniques. In the same part, it is recommended to give a general overview of the topic to emphasize its importance in the general flow of information. We advise the high school argumentative essay examples to find out what issues are not yet solved.
  2. The body of the essay. It involves disclosing the work theme, developing argumentation and analysis, and using the rationale for theses and reflections. This is the main task of writing an essay, where necessary, graphs, charts, and tables can be used as an analytical tool. In constructing an essay, it must be remembered that one paragraph should contain only one statement and the corresponding evidence, if necessary, supported by graphic or illustrated material. While filling the selected statement with meaningful argumentation, the author must observe the main idea that he wants to express in a particular case.
  3. Conclusion. A well-constructed conclusion allows you to demonstrate the author's personal growth and potential in the chosen field to show personal views on the covered topic. In conclusion, it is necessary to refer to the stated thesis to demonstrate to the reader the completeness of the evidence, and steps of logical thinking, the argumentation of facts, and reflections. The essay's final statement can demonstrate your growth as a result of the research carried out and show the prospects for further development of the covered topic.

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