How to write a 5 page essay and what to start with



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How to write a 5 page essay and what to start with

Throughout your studying, whether you attend high school, university or college, you probably face writing assignments quite frequently. It is a common task, which develops a number of useful skills that are required everywhere in studies, like analytical, creative, researching, writing skills and many others. Besides, if to learn how to write a 5 page essay in a professional manner, you can take part in various writing competitions and essay contests and win different prizes and good money. Nevertheless, writing skill is a result of hard work, lots of experience (which comes with practice, by the way) and huge efforts. You cannot just sit down at your working desk, turn on the music and get your essay done in an hour. Unfortunately, it is going to take your time and great diligence. Anyway, let us enlighten this complicated issue and get to know something about essay writing.

If you already have the topic you are going to write about, then you need to start with doing research on this topic. There are a lot of methods to do it and, fortunately, we live in a world of new technologies, where you can do a research without leaving your room. All you need is your personal computer, comfortable chair and, of course, Internet. Try to use databases and newspapers, scientific journals and web-sites, articles in blogs and so on. All of this you can do online. However, sometimes it is more helpful to go directly to the library. There, you will be in a quiet creative atmosphere, which will inspire you to do your research.

Once you have decided your preferences in the sources to be used, you need to read them through. You will read them one more time later, but taking notes is essential anyway. Jot down every detail that provoked your interest or seemed to be useful for your research. Also, you need to jot down your own ideas that come to your mind when you read the sources.

Search for good-written essays and follow the examples

Remember there is nothing wrong about taking somebody else's work for a model and follow somebody else's experience, as long as you do not make a copy. You need to read a good essay and analyze them. Think thoroughly, what makes that or another essay so interesting and attractive? On the other hand, try to find out what makes it boring and bad in any other way. In order to make this analyze, ask yourself the next questions:

  • What statement does the author provide? For what reason does it sound incredibly or awfully? Does the statement seem to be logical, clear and coherent or does it seem to be confusing and silly? Remember making notes.
  • What evidences serve to support the statement in the essay? What makes the evidence strong or weak?
  • Are the conclusions in the essay written in a logical manner? Do you agree with the conclusions and why?

Your next step is brainstorming. Nothing can be as helpful in essay writing, as brainstorming. This is the best way to come up with interesting and original ideas, which are the basis of a good-written essay. All your ideas need to be written into a list. Also, it may be quite useful to build a mind map. We hope you proceeded to accomplishing your assignment not the day before deadline and that you have enough of time for completing the task. If so, take all your time and don't hurry up. You can even go for a walk, if it can inspire you to further writing.

After that, start writing your thesis statement. Take a look at your list with ideas and decide what are the most attractive and the strongest among them. When choosing the main ideas, keep in mind that you will have to support them with further argumentation and evidence. The summary of your ideas needs to be provided in the thesis statement and give an overview of your essay and its purpose. Also remember, that your thesis statement cannot be presented in a form of a question.

Now you need to make up a plan of the body of your essay. Taking into consideration that your essay is going to be of five pages, its body needs to be written in three pages. Therefore, organize the information you have in such a way, so it could take no more and no less than three pages. There may be from three to five paragraphs on each page and each of the paragraphs has to provide one certain idea. The first sentence of every paragraph has to provide a little overview of the paragraph itself. In other words, you need to write down each main idea in the beginning of each paragraph.

Make a conclusion. It will take one page of your essay and has to provide the reader with a summary of everything that is written in your essay. Show how all of our arguments support your viewpoint and ideas, how you answered the arisen questions and give a logical conclusion, which is the same as your statement. Pay attention to the last sentence of your essay. It has to be smart, interesting, bright, original and it has to make your audience remember you. You can also provoke your reader to discuss your essay. The only thing you cannot do in your conclusion is write new information. Don't make your reader confused by providing new facts in the end of the essay, but instead of it make him be impressed by your paper.

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