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Definition and introduction to how to write an illustration essay

An illustration essay can be defined as a piece of writing that can be used in order to describe or explain any subject and/or topic with the use of instances as well as examples. An illustration essay basically lets the writer use illustrations to either describe or explain why he or she believes in what he or she thinks of writing down

This kind of essay makes use of imagery literary to depict a topic, the adjectives which are used in this kind of essay play an important role when planning on how to write an illustration essay. Just like in any other essay, there are certain steps, formulas or ways by which an illustration essay can be written without any sort of problem, these ways include the following:

    • Defining The Aspect You Intend to Illustrate: start the essay by clearly defining each part of the element that the writer plans to exemplify within the body of your essay. Defining an idea is the first and foremost step to take in writing an illustration essay and you as a writer must have an exact idea of what in particular you plan to put into writing so as to be in such position to support the points. In addition, you need to think about three main words or key points that provide an explanation as to why you either support or do not support any idea or part of the essay. This is also very important in planning how to write an illustration essay as it can help the writer to advance or expand the thesis statement
    • Introducing Your Topic: With the main idea at hand, especially in a sentence form, the next phase on how to write an illustration essay is the paragraph that describes the essay introduction or the paragraph that introduces the writer’s topic in details. This paragraph about the topic on an illustration essay must include an approximate of two or three sentences that give the general point of view or the element that you shall be illustrating. The writer must also include two sentences that provide some short propositions as to why others may hold different opinions from your own idea in respect to the aspect or the element of the essay. Conclude the introductory paragraph on the illustration essay by writing the thesis statement that you already formulated
    • Creating The Outline: The third and the next step in how to write an illustration essay is the outline creation. Since the thesis statement as written likewise, the 3 main reasons, a writer can consider this as a suitable frame for his outline. He or she can move on to writing out the paragraph for each of these reasons. Ensure to provide elaborate illustrations that can be used to support the reasons that led you to such a conclusion. 3 to 4 sentences are enough to showcase a clear as well as precise and supportive example for each of the reasons provided
    • Writing The Conclusion: when a writer plans on concluding an illustration essay, he summarizes the essay, do not repeat what you have discussed in the body of the essay. You need to express the thesis in your own words using one or two statements. You should also write about two to three sentences briefly highlighting certain instances from the paragraph’s body. Finally, a closing sentence that will wrap up all the reasons why you arrived at the conclusion is then written

The Purpose of Understanding How to Write an Illustration Essay

To illustrate basically means to either show, display or even demonstrate something clearly. Therefore, any successful illustrative essay distinctively tries to demonstrate as well as to support a point via the use of evidence(s). As you already know that the only possible controlling ideas used in any essay are known as the thesis statement. A writer can make use of any kind of evidence so as to support his or her thesis statement such as the following:

      • The use of scientific studies
      • Experts in a particular field
      • Statistics
      • A historical events
      • Current events
      • Analogies
      • Personal anecdotes

All points on the list above are the main ways by which any writer can and will also be able to illustrate a thesis statement in an illustration essay

Ultimately on writing an illustration essay, you want this evidence to help any of your readers to see your point of view, just as anyone would see a good illustration in a journal or on a web page and really make recommendations about it. Therefore, the stronger a writer’s evidence, the more clearly his or her readers will consider his or her point of view. In addition, the use of evidence constructively could be a challenging task to do for any writer, though, but the kind or type of evidence he or she chooses will normally depend on the subject as well as the person who will be reading the write up on an illustration essay

Furthermore, on how to write an illustration essay, a writer must put in his or her mind all the following:

      • Use some evidence that is suitable for your topic as well as what would be appropriate for the readers of your illustration essay
      • Assess how much evidence you will need to adequately describe all of your points in the illustration essay based on the complexity of the subject as well as the knowledge of your reader regarding that subject

For example, if you were supposed to write about a new communication software in your illustration essay, but your readers will be some group of English-major undergraduates, as a writer, you might want to use a personal story to illustrate or describe how this communicating software works. Also, you might also want to add a few more piece of evidence in order to make sure that your audience understands your point of view stated in the illustration essay

On the other hand, if you were to write an illustration essay on this same subject, but this time your audience is some group of specialists in information technology (IT), you would preferably use more technical proof because they would be familiar with the subject since their area of specialization is based on technology. Lastly, on writing an illustration essay, keeping in mind your topic or subject in connection with your readers will definitely increase your chances of effectively describing your point of view

The controlling idea used in an illustration essay or thesis always belongs to the beginning of that particular essay. This evidence will then be presented in an essay’s body paragraph in order to support the thesis statement. Moreover, you can also begin to support the main points in your illustration essay with any of your strongest evidence first, and likewise, you can begin with evidence that is of less importance but can increasingly build the essay with a stronger evidence

There are several words that can help orient the reader on how to write an illustration essay and as well sequence your evidence clearly. These words or key points include the following:

      • Firstly
      • Secondly
      • Thirdly
      • Currently
      • Next
      • Finally

An illustration essay also makes use of different examples which is considered as being helpful in order to have a list of words and phrases to present each piece of evidence that has been gathered. The table below provides a list of phrases for illustration on writing an illustration essay:


      Case In Point

      For Instance

      For Example

      In Particular

      In This Situation

      One Example or Another Example


      To Illustrate


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