Choosing Between Good And Bad: Legalizing Marijuana Essay


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Choosing Between Good And Bad: Legalizing Marijuana Essay

Every year lots of debates about marijuana burst out and many students write their legalizing marijuana essays . People keep arguing whether marijuana needs to be officially legalized in today’s society or not. As you might have already guessed, there are only two most widespread points of view on this issue – we can legalize it or we shouldn’t do it. In this legalizing marijuana essay, we’ll get familiar with both opinions on this drug.

Stay Away From Marijuana!

Of course, we’ve already heard many times that marijuana can be useful for medicinal purposes. Secondly, people say it’s pretty good stuff, as it makes them feel good. We’ve also heard that it’s just for relax and it’s absolutely harmless. These are the most common reasons to legalize it, but any person with critical mind would doubt regarding the necessity of legalizing this stuff. To cut a long story short, if our society has it legalized, none will be protected from its negative effects. In this legalizing marijuana essay , we’ll see more detailed and persuasive reasons to stay away from marijuana.

If marijuana is granted legalization, people will most likely think that smoking marijuana is an innocent thing, something that can be done every day and at any time. Except smoking marihuana this may encourage taking other more dangerous drugs on a regular basis. After legalization, drug dealers will grow marijuana without the fear of being caught by the police. How do you like this? The answer should be in your legalize marijuana essay .

Increased drug use always generates negative health effects. Depressed people often make use of marijuana, as they really believe it’s the best way to calm down. Unfortunately, that’s not true, because marijuana can only worsen the person’s depression. As for other negative health effects, we can point out to lung cancer, respiratory diseases, lung infections and so on. Don’t forget to mention these health effects in your legalizing marijuana essay .

In addition to the negative health effects illustrated above, we should note that just a couple of minutes after smoking this stuff, the person’s heart starts beating faster and this makes his blood pressure drop. Due to lower blood pressure combined with higher heart rate, many researchers have found out that marijuana smokers expose themselves to a higher risk of heart attack. By the way, it may happen within the first hour of smoking this stuff. Aren’t scared to hear this yet? Tell us about your marihuana fears in your legalizing marijuana essay .

Legalizing marijuana will have an extremely negative effect on families. Just imagine that parents will smoke marijuana from morning till night, thus giving a bad example to their kids. Needless to say, marijuana greatly affects as well as their ability to focus in school. Additionally, drug-using parents will most likely abuse or neglect their children. That’s sounds so terrible. You’ll drop just a few lines about this in your legalizing marijuana essay , won’t you?

Legalizing Marijuana: Why Not?

Well, we’ve just got familiar with a slew of strong arguments given by those who don’t want to see marijuana legalized. Sure, everybody has got the sacred right to have a point of view, but there’re also other no less convincing agreements, telling the opposite. Let’s listen to them and illustrate all of this in our legalizing marijuana essay .

The first and perhaps, the most common reason in favor of marijuana is liberty. Yes, we are all living in free society, so we have the right to make choices for ourselves. As you know, the very essence of the liberal idea states that anyone has the right to do whatever he wants unless this harms or endangers somebody else. As follows this, people are free to smoke marijuana and the government shouldn’t forbid this as they don’t harm other people. Do you support this statement? We hope to find a detailed answer in your legalizing marijuana essay .

Perhaps, you won’t believe this, but marijuana can be successfully utilized as medicine. It stimulates appetite as well as relives nausea in AIDS and cancer patients. Are you surprised to hear this? Express your impression in the legalizing marijuana essay .

Another persuasive reason to legalize this drug is that keeping marijuana illegal makes it extremely expensive. As you know, in the USA the government pursues the so-called «War on Drugs». Every year billions of dollars are spent lock up marijuana dealers in prison and taxpayers have to spend their hard earned money to pay for their housing, food, attorneys, court costs and so on. If marijuana were legal, tons of money would be saved by the government. Instead of it, Uncle Same would better fund educational programs, for instance. Do you consider this thought rational? Answer in your legalizing marijuana essay .

The final reason is that prohibition can’t help. No one has proved yet that prohibition really decreases drug use. Anyway, the prohibition doesn’t prevent dealers from offering their stuff to teens in high schools. Indeed, students don’t necessarily need to be 21 to purchase this stuff. They can easily get it at school. So, if the prohibition doesn’t work, it’s absolutely useless. That’s another reason to write a marijuana legalization essay .

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Originally published May 19, 2017, updated Feb 20, 2021

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