The Fast Food Cause And Effect Essay: Tips and Examples

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The Fast Food Cause And Effect Essay: Tips and Examples

The widespread use of fast food establishments (McDonald's, KFC, Burger King) and the impact on the health of such food causes a lot of criticism and warnings about possible consequences.

But for a lot of people, fast food has advantages:

  • the speed of preparation and consumption of food;
  • the seeming cheapness relative to ordinary cafés and restaurants, especially in large cities with a busy schedule of life.

To make it easier for all of us to understand, let's make sense of what is classified as fast food:

  • Food that does not require much time for cooking and a beautiful serving: hot dogs, french fries, burgers, shawarma, pizza, fried pies.
  • Food that can be prepared quickly by pouring boiling water: dry mashed potatoes, oatmeal in bags, powder soups, dry pasta.
  • Snacks: crackers, chips, salted nuts, popcorn.

The Structure Of A Good Fast Food Cause And Effect Essay

Where to Start

You can start your essay with a brief excursion into the past. Did you know that even the ancient Romans organized "catering establishments" in which you could eat "on-the-go"? It is believed that in Rome, for the first time, cakes with fried meat and vegetables appeared on the streets. This fact can be a good start for your essay.

Another interesting fact:

"In 1921, a diner in Kansas offered hamburgers to its visitors. The low price of 5 cents a hamburger and special marketing moves attracted shoppers. With the growing popularity, numerous eateries of similar formats began to appear. And today - practically no city can do without such catering points."

Explain to the reader how your essay will be useful to him.

"It is widely known that fast food is harmful to health, but not everyone knows what kind of danger it poses in itself."

And interest the audience with the content of the essay:

"Next, you will learn about how fast food affects the body and what danger the secrets of fast food restaurants and food manufacturers are fraught with."

What To Include In The Body Of The Essay

In this block, you need to convey basic information. The body of the essay is about 80% of its total volume.

It would be logical to start an essay writing with the causes for eating fast food. Why are people tempted to eat junk food? You can use the following arguments in your essay:

  • Fast food is usually very tasty. Each of us has a favorite dish, which is periodically terribly desirable. You know, such "the sweats" sometimes happens. For example, sometimes the body needs a dose of glucose - cakes, caramels, cookies, or chocolates.
  • Fast cooking and great time savings;
  • It is quite satisfying;
  • Reasonable price, even for students;
  • Availability: A large selection of street cafés, kiosks and mobile points. In almost every corner of the city you can find food from a number of "fast food".

Then talk about the dangers of poor nutrition. It is desirable to include each example in a separate paragraph. Facts with examples will make up the body of the essay.

10 Facts You Can Use In Your Essay

  1. Eating food from fast food restaurants increases your risk of depression.
  2. Fast food leads to the development of asthma and autism.
  3. Fast food impairs memory.
  4. Fast food causes premature aging.
  5. Fast food affects brain size.
  6. Fast food affects school performance.
  7. Fast food creates a taste illusion.
  8. Fast food is addictive.
  9. Fast food near home increases the risk of obesity. NewsMedical.Net
  10. Fast food makes you eat more.

Use Statistics

Use research data in this area: numbers will help reinforce your words, and you will look more convincing.

For instance:

  • According to a study published in the journal Public Health Nutrition, with the participation of almost 9 thousand respondents, hamburgers, hot dogs, and fries affect not only the figure but also the psychological state of a person.
  • The study, published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, found that fast food drinkers are at increased risk of exposure to phthalates, a group of chemicals used to soften and increase the flexibility of vinyl and plastic often used in fast food packaging.
  • Scientists from Australia conducted a study of the effects of fast food on humans through experiments on rats. Already after seven days, they could state that the rodents had significant impairments in mental activity. In particular, memory suffered the most.
  • A survey of 8,000 women aged 25 and older determined that fast food, lack of fluids, and excess of saturated fat and simple carbohydrates are among the main culprits of premature aging.

What's The Good End

In the conclusions, emphasize once again how harmful it is to eat fast food. Readers should not have doubts and questions about junk food after reading your essay.

Good ending example:

"Thus, fast food lovers do double harm to their body: they receive unnecessary substances that the body has to fight with, trying to remove and process, and deprive themselves of the necessary substances for the normal functioning of the body."

Fast Food Cause And Effect Essay Example

Potato chips, fried chicken, french fries, juicy burgers - does this make your mouth water? Such food can be cheap and affordable, but it is rich in calories, fats, sugar, sodium, and cholesterol, which can cause excessive harm to the body.

To begin with, let's understand the reasons for the popularity of junk food.

First, in large cities with a busy pace of life, where people work 24/7, it is very convenient not to spend a lot of time eating. And the quick service of fast food establishments has such an advantage.

Secondly, it is convenient: fast food can be eaten both in catering establishments and at home, at work, on the street.

The third reason is the low price. In traditional restaurants, healthy food will cost you more than a street hot dog.

The last and very powerful reason is fast food industry advertising because interesting marketing moves are used to increase the demand for the media.

However, frequent consumption of fast food qualifies as a bad eating habit. If your diet consists of fast food products, it can have a negative impact on health in the short and long term. Thus, one of these dangers can be called a lack of nutrients. With regular consumption of such food can develop a deficiency of nutrients, which is directly related to a wide range of health problems.

The packaging itself poses a certain danger. Thus, scientists have found that fast food lovers have significantly increased levels of toxins that disrupt the endocrine system, as well as associated with the development of heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.

One of the most obvious threats to excessive eating fast food is obesity, which, in turn, leads to a number of diseases, creating an unnecessary burden on vital organs.

Such food also has a negative effect on bones. This is mainly due to the fact that they contain sodium and other additives, which weakens bones. And in combination with the lack of nutrients, as mentioned above, this problem is exacerbated.

Moreover, the negative effects of poor nutrition also affect well-being, leading to fatigue, impaired attention, slowed reflexes, and even depression.

As we've already seen, regular consumption of fast food products can lead to health issues. Therefore, even with a high pace of life, constant employment, and the availability of "fast food" it still makes sense to think about whether you need such "speed"?

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