Comprehensive Family Bonding Essay Writing Guide with Examples

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Comprehensive Family Bonding Essay Writing Guide with Examples

Since family bonds are perceived to be an important part of human connections, essays about family are common. The problem of family ties has been intensified by the challenging economic conditions and the dramatic changes that have taken place in people's lives in recent times.

It's no surprise that a study paper on "family bonding" is so common. Of course, different people have different ideas about what a family means and what constitutes family values, and the formation of these values is dependent on the individual's context. This article will provide you with valuable knowledge about families and some pointers about how to write a family relationship essay. You'll also learn some interesting facts and figures about the subject.

Family Bonding Essay Sample

Here is a sample essay on the subject of our discussion, written by Noor, a high school student from Chicago:

A good family provides a sense of belonging. Our origins take root in our families, and we rise from there. We are formed by a support system that trains us for what and how we will encounter in the future, including both good and hard times.

A real-life family system differs from the typical families shown in novels and televisions. This is why they come with a disclaimer. A real-life family unit comes with advantages/disadvantages and ups/downs.

It is the family that serves as a support for each person in it, and it is this group of people that can also serve as a major obstacle in the development of a member of the family. This is because the ties of love are too strong to be broken, and love, as we all know, is blind. I can say that this undying devotion to one's family can also be a major obstacle to progress. For example, a child wants to become a scientist, but his family makes him practice cricket, wanting him to become like Sachin Tendulkar.

Aside from being a pillar for the whole family, it's been said that any good partner has a supporting partner behind them. For instance, the male is considered the head of the family in a nuclear family. A joint or extended family has many heads of the family. This demonstrates how well a supportive and cooperative spouse can help a person advance in their career.

Family relations, like anything else, have their positives and drawbacks. The drawbacks, though, are so minor that the significant benefits outweigh them, and the nature of family life and its ties prove to be well worth it.

Essay Analysis: Why the Family Relationships Essay Will Not Get 100/100?

Noor's essay is a neatly written essay with a good introduction and conclusion. It lays down the importance of family ties. However, it is incomplete in several aspects. This is why:

No Facts and Statistics

  • The addition of statistics is considered essential for a high-quality essay because a research paper will back up your theory.
  • In the above essay, Noor can include statistics at several points related to bonding time, for example,
  • According to studies, as families participate in activities collectively, young people gain vital interpersonal and communication skills and have higher self-esteem.
  • Or another statistic like the following to hold the reader's attention:
  • Did you know that it is easier for families to get through difficult times when they feel supported?

Absence of Sections

The essay does not contain a proper flow to it. There are no headings or sections to indicate which sub-topic is being discussed. Noor could have sectioned the essay as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Importance of family bonds
  • Drawbacks of family bonds
  • Conclusion

Personal Opinion Usage

In the third paragraph, Noor uses the sentence:
"I can say that this undying devotion for one's family can also be a major obstacle to progress."

It would be best such personal statements are not included. Noor could have used the following sentence instead:
This very same undying emotion for one's family can also be a major obstacle to progress.

Essay's Inclination Is Negative

The above essay is supposed to write down the advantages and disadvantages of family bonding. Noor's essay content and the essay conclusion contradict each other. The essay's inclination is more towards the drawbacks. However, in conclusion, it is stated that "The drawbacks, though, are so minor that the significant benefits outweigh them".

To correct this, Noor could have included more advantages of a family in the essay's content.

A Solution Section Is Missing

Noor could have listed down some ways to increase the quality of family relationships, such as:

  • Family should encourage and support each other.
  • Family members can take out some time alone to recharge.
  • Family members can go on volunteering trips.
  • Parents should take time to understand and support their kid's hobbies and passions.
  • Families should reach out to their neighbors and other families to improve social skills and activities. At this point, some precautions can also be noted down. For example, parents should be with their children while interacting with strangers.

Sources You Can Use in This Essay

As stated above, the inclusion of research and statistics backed up by evidence improves the quality of essays, ensuring higher grades. Here are a few pieces of research and studies you can use in an essay on family time:

Family Bonding Essay Example in 500 Words

Blessed with a loving family an essay written by A. Grin

Especially after the struggles of the COVID-19 pandemic, I consider myself very lucky to have been blessed with a loving family. Throughout lockdown, I was surrounded by supportive relations who I knew were there for me, even at my lowest. As I struggled through quarantine, riddled with anxieties and loneliness, missing school friends, hangouts, and house parties, they were there for me at every turn. After all, as that famous Burmese quote goes, “In time of test, family is best.”

But things haven't always been this easy for us. Our family history is a bumpy one, filled with many of the same family issues that a lot of other people face. Over the past few years, however, we've all made a special effort to grow closer.

So many families drift apart once the children have grown up and left home for university. We didn't want this for us. My experiences have shown me how big a part of my life my siblings and parents are; I hope that this essay on my family relationships can do some justice to them.

I think the thing that saved our family was our dedication to spending more time together. This seems like an obvious statement, but many people don't realize just how important quality time is. There are studies that show that spending time with your family can improve your mental well-being and self-confidence, reduce the risk of behavioral problems in children, and even lengthen your life expectancy.

My siblings and I attend the same school, so I see them often—but this on its own wasn't enough. We felt it was important that we dedicate a portion of each day to spending quality time together. So, in the evenings, we'd often help each other with school work. Afterward, we'd play video games (Tekken or Mario) together or go outside for a walk while the sun was still up. This gave us the chance to have a laugh and mess around, but also check in with each other to see how our lives were going.

We also all made a greater effort to draw closer to our parents. On the weekends, we'd go on outings. Sometimes we'd go hiking, other times we'd go explore a museum or gallery and grab some lunch. This allowed us to catch up with each other and find out more about what was going on in all our lives.

By making these efforts to draw closer, we were able to strengthen our bonds. This meant that when the coronavirus pandemic hit, we were all in a better place to deal with the challenges I brought. I believe this is the perfect example of how important our relationships are to us, and demonstrates how crucial it is that we take an active role in cultivating them.

What Topics Should I Consider when Writing My Family Bonding Essay?

As is the case with any written piece of work, the clearer and stronger the theme of your essay the more compelling it will be. So, when you're outlining your short essay about family bonding, consider what topic you are going to choose to write on. This section covers a few ideas as well as some example paragraphs on family bonding.

family members bonding essay topics examples

1. What is the best way to bond with your family👨‍👩‍👧‍👦?

In your essay, you might choose to write an essay on family bonding time and its importance to relationships. At a time when so many families have had their strength tested by the COVID-19 pandemic, economic struggles, and political upheaval, some may feel they have drifted apart. Many are looking for ways to bond with their family and form stronger relationship ties.

You might recommend your reader spend quality time with their family: taking part in activities, connecting with relations one-on-one, and showing real interest and compassion for each other. These are just a few examples of different approaches you could take, but there are many more avenues for you to explore when writing your essay on the importance of family bonding.

Example: Many families find that taking the time out of the day to share a meal can help strengthen bonds in the family unit. Research has shown that having a meal as a family at least three times a week reduces the risk of depression, encourages healthy eating habits in children, and is a large factor in helping kids maintain good nutritional health. Furthermore, eating together allows you to catch up on each other's lives and lets you get to know one another much better.

2. How should you describe family bonding? ✍️

But how should you describe bonding in your short essay about family bonds? The answer to this question depends in part on the audience for your paper and why you've decided to write it. If you're writing a narrative essay about family bonding for a literary magazine, you're likely to use a more literary, emotive kind of language than if you're writing an academic paper for social studies. You're also more likely to include descriptions of personal life experiences in that type of paper.

Generally speaking, however, if you are describing your own family and ways you've tried to bond as a unit, you should describe what exactly it is you all did and what observable impact it's had on your relationships.

Example: A few months ago, my family decided we'd all make a more concentrated effort to bond and develop our relationships with one another. We decided that to do this, we'd take up hiking. Twice a month, we go for weekend outings to nearby nature spots and spend the day traipsing the hills. In the morning before we leave, my siblings and I help our mom put together a packed lunch for us to enjoy together during our walk. Spending this time together, away from technology and other distractions, has helped us draw closer.

3. Transformation of family values and the evolution of marriage 💒

You could also write an essay about family relationships and values, and how these things can evolve. As society shifts, as time passes and cultures merge, as some countries drift further and further towards secularism, it's only natural that family values would change as well.

Not only have these values changed over time but so have the very nature of our relationships. Consider marriage, for example. The Western tradition of marriage began as a transition of ownership, with the father of the bride passing on his daughter to the groom. These days, marriage isn't seen through this archaic lens. This is because, over time, our values and sense of political correctness have shifted.

Example: It was not all that long ago that marriage was legally considered a matter of ownership. We may believe that these ideas belong to the distant past, but the trust is that, in the UK, men legally owned their wives' bodies up until 2003. Some cultures still take this archaic viewpoint, even denying the existence of sexual assault within marriage due to the wife “belonging” to her husband.

4. Writing an essay about the effect of technology on family relationships🧑‍💻

If you're thinking of writing something a bit more current and topical, then you could perhaps choose to write about the impact of technology on the family unit. Topics like these are interesting as they offer the potential for debate. After all, technology is neither all good nor all bad; nor is its impact.

On the one hand, consider the role technology played in keeping families together during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether it was through Zoom calls, online quiz nights over Skype, or Netflix watch parties with distant relatives, technology provided a way to keep in touch with loved ones over lockdown.

Then again, on a day-to-day basis, technology can be a hindrance as much as a help. Technology can lead to reduced socialization and in-person interaction, and a decrease in the quantity and quality of time spent together.

Example: The impact of technology on modern civilization is undeniable, but its impact on the family unit specifically must be emphasized. As is so often the case, it isn’t a case of technology having either a positive or negative impact. The truth is that it comes with both pros and cons—pros and cons that must be carefully weighed. For example, technology can make it easier for families to keep in touch over long distances. It can also help make our lives more convenient, freeing up time to spend with our loved ones. On the other hand, the more time we spend staring at a screen, the less time we spend forging connections with our family, meaning that our family bonds often suffer as a result of technology, too.

If none of these suggestions has taken your fancy, check out some of the below pages for even more ideas for short essays:

Important Tips to Keep in Mind When You Write Family Relationship Essay

Below are a few crucial steps to follow after you complete your essay:

In this section, we'll cover a few crucial tips for you to remember when composing your essay about family bonding. Make sure you've checked off all these pointers before submitting your paper:

  • Make sure you've included headings and subheadings. These help to improve the structure of your piece and ensure that it's easy for readers to follow.
  • Ensure that you only include information that's relevant to your essay. It can be tempting to bulk up your word count with pointless fluff, but your markers will notice if you do!
  • Carefully check your paper for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. If you can, take a break after writing first. Taking a break will make it easier for you to catch mistakes in your work.
  • Diligently run your paper through plagiarism detection software. Plagiarizing, even accidentally, can get you into serious trouble. At university, an accidental or first-time offense can result in you losing marks or even getting zero marks. After repeat offenses, you may be suspended or expelled.
  • Make sure you pay attention to deadlines. Plan well in advance of your final deadline. Make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to write your essay, with additional time for proofreading and editing.

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