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Certainly, planning defines greatly the entire writing process. Whereas in our everyday speaking practice we give each other a vast opportunity to repeat and reformulate our ideas, writing represent a completely planned discourse. Therefore, a writer has only one chance to express each idea. This specificity makes planning more than just a simple preparation phase. On the contrary, planning underlies the entire process of communication between the author and the reader.

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In case, if you are familiar with the advice on how to make a business plan, you will find planning for English paper topics a somewhat similar operation. During planning, the information extracted from books, journals and encyclopedias is shaping into more appropriate linguistic form for your writing. The second crucial point is that you emotions and thoughts need time to obtain their final and communicable form. In contrast to writing on environmental science papers topics, where you are supposed to collect data and interpret insipid information, writing on English paper topics requires lively and brisk language perception.

The six activities strategy for thorough and successful preparation

The whole process of diligent preparation may be subdivided into six major activities, every one of each leads to another thereby making the planning a holistic and cyclical procedure:

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How to report the content of other texts for your English paper topics

Basically, there are three different approaches for reporting on the content of literary sources. Firstly, it is possible to summarize a large piece of text, eliciting the main point or the most significant justification from it. On the second hand, the text might be paraphrased by you in order to emphasize details. Thirdly, one can quote directly the original work.

You need to be pretty careful while writing on English paper topics and quoting different authors. It is advisable to employ an example of APA paper to check whether you have expressed indebtedness for the citation style to the full extent. Keep in mind that you can never be too cautious with citations and that in many countries plagiarism is actually a criminal offense.