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When it comes to dealing with creative writing, opinions vary significantly. While some students find it easy and fascinating, others think of it like of a terrible dream or the most cruel punishment. No wonder because students' attitude to creative writing depends on what kind of skills and talents they have and on what kind of activity seems attractive to them. If writing is your strength, hobby or your dream is to become a writer, then you will get pleasure from this assignment. But if you find creative writing annoying, boring and you cannot put two words together, it must be really difficult for you to cope with it. However, sometimes a great deal depends on what the topic that you need to write about is. If it lies within your area of interest, there is a chance that you will handle the writing and it won't seem that awful to you anymore. Look below at what topic we have for you.

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  • Think about several things that scary you. And then, make up a story as if some of those things happened to a character of your story.
  • Think about problems people all over the world face every day. What is the most terrible problem among them? Find it out and write a story where your main character faces it in his life.
  • Write about ten (twenty, thirty, fifty...) things that make you feel good.
  • The same idea can be used from another point of view. What is something that you hate? What makes you sad or angry? At the end of the day, what are you afraid of?
  • Describe a horrible dream or a nightmare. And, try to make up a story where this dream comes true in your character's life.
  • What is the future of the humanity? How do you imagine the world of future? Will there be any robots, flying cars, wars, strange computers that are able to think like a real human? Let your imagination free and describe the future of the planet and people on it.
  • Write about the best and the worst things that happened to you, your friend, neighbor, family or even a stranger. What so good and so bad can actually happen to a human?
  • Just write about your dream. You may think that this is a common and hackneyed topic, but truly it isn't. Everyone has a specific dream and your dream is absolutely unique, too. And, if you express your thoughts and feeling regarding this issue correctly and in an original and interesting manner, it may be quite a well-written piece of paper.
  • Write about some important moral choice that you have made in your life or about a courageous action that you have taken. Here, be honest with your reader because he can sense falseness.
  • Give some advice to this world. And write about it. What to your mind has to be changed? Think critically, don't be shy and don't be afraid of being straightforward.
  • Write about a perfect person. What characteristics should have a person in order to be perfect? Do you know one? Or maybe you want to become a perfect person? Think thoroughly and make up a story about it.
  • Think of a piece of history (in your country or in the whole world) and imagine that you can change it. What if you could prevent a war or a revolution? What would you do?
  • Is there a historical period that you would like to live in? If yes, what is it and in what part of the world? It can be the Victorian Era in Great Britain or the Renaissance? Explain why.
  • Create a short fantastic story about a little dragonfly that decides to live forever.
  • Write about love. What is love in your opinion? Does it actually exist? Have you ever fallen in love? If yes, what it feels like?
  • Write about what would you do if you won a million dollars.
  • Provide your opinion about the meaning of money. What is the connection between money and happiness and does it actually exist?
  • What does ethics mean to you? What are rightness and wrongness to your opinion? What is the knight honor code?
  • What do you think of ethics in contemporary literature? Do today's writers promote good or wrong values?
  • Think about such superpowers as invisibility, super strength, the ability to fly and to travel in time. Which of these would you most like to possess? Explain why and what would you do with this superpower.
  • Make up a story about your previous life. Who do you think you were in your previous life?
  • Imagine a perfect home. What would it be like? Do you consider your home to be perfect?
  • Imagine a situation: you come home and everything there is totally different – the furniture, all the colors, design, etc. And you are home alone. What could have happened and what would you do?
  • Write a detective story about a missing ring in a strange red house.
  • What do you think about this issue: is there a possibility that the world is under the control of a little group of people?
  • Write a fantastic short story about Martians in the pub of New York.
  • Read a biography of some famous person that you like and write an autobiographical short story, include some figments for making it more interesting.
  • Imagine that you woke up and saw a huge dragon in your backyard. Make up a story based on this fantastic situation.
  • Write about your dream job, explain why you want it and what you are going to do in order to get it.
  • Describe your own future. What your life will be like in fifteen (ten, twenty) years from now?
  • Would you like to communicate with animals? If yes, what would you like to learn and what would you say to them.
  • Imagine like everything in the world is allowed. There are no rules, restrictions and laws. What would happen then?

These are some creative writing topics that will hopefully help you find a good idea for your story.

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