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If you have excellent writing skills, knowledge, and experience in writing academic papers, you may still feel confused when looking for sample argumentative essay topics. These days, there are many ideas to choose from, but not all of them are good enough for you. If you feel overwhelmed, try to relax and look for something you’re really passionate about and datable enough. When you still have no idea of how to get started, use the best resume writing service, such as ours. There are different reasons why you should take into account debatable subjects, and the main one is that you need opposing points of view. Remember that writing about something that other people agree on is much easier, but it’s not about a good argumentative essay. The good news is that there are many excellent, fresh, and original ideas to choose from and they are discussed below, so use your inspiration when considering sample argumentative essay topics.

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They are quite popular among students, and they can include the laws that you would like to change, create, or abolish. It’s also possible to discuss the pros and cons of existing laws and regulations. The best part is that you don't need to be super knowledgeable to write a good academic paper in the mla essay format. However, make sure you research your chosen topic carefully to get high grades.

  • Should prostitution be legalized?
  • Is it necessary to outlaw cigarettes and other similar products?
  • Do you think that the benefits offered by medical marijuana justify its legal use?
  • Should nuclear weapons be banned worldwide?
  • Do you agree that the existing drinking age is appropriate? Or should it be higher, lower, stay the same?
  • Do people need to establish more restrictions on owning and using guns?
  • Do women have their right for an abortion? Why?
  • Should corporations have their personhood?
  • Does it worth keep outlawing controlled substances?
  • When do girls need to get their access to birth control pills without their parents?

They offer the easiest way to write a great academic paper and get high grades. You can choose from a wide range of moral dilemmas, such as death penalty and lab tests of animals. Make sure you use the most effective case study method and evidence when proving your point of view. It's obvious that these ideas are quite debatable and hot because all people have different opinions on what is right and wrong. For example, when discussing animal or human rights, don't let your emotions take over, especially when it comes to the sample argumentative essay topics that you are passionate about. That's because all your thoughts and arguments must be well-organized and focused, so write a concise and helpful outline first.

  • Are lab tests of animals so necessary?
  • Do people have the right on a physician-assisted suicide?
  • Is it necessary to ban children’s beauty pageants?
  • Do consumers have to buy goods from the countries that use child labor?
  • Should nude pictures be exposed in museums, galleries and be open to the public?
  • Are theists more moral than atheists?
  • Can freedom of speech provide people with the right on a hate speech?
  • Should companies, schools, and other organizations provide more incentive for volunteering?
  • Are pre-employment drug tests necessary? Do they violate people’s privacy rights?
  • Do criminals who did awful things deserve their death penalty?

They usually tend to overlap with different moral and legal issues, but they are more about people’s actions within the society and its pressures put on them. This category is quite broad, so there are endless ideas to choose from, but if you still can’t define the best one, contact our team of professional writers who can do everything, including an excellent engineering paper. Even if you require cv template word papers, they will help you fast and at reasonable rates. Think about something that affects you personally or is quite close to you, and you’ll never go wrong. However, make sure you rely on clear facts and proofs instead of your personal emotions, because the latter method is about how to write a narrative essay.

  • When should citizens be allowed to vote?
  • Is it necessary to give more rights to immigrants?
  • Do teenagers have to cope with a lot of academic pressure?
  • Can men and women really be friends without anything intimate?
  • When is it fair for businesses to not employ job seekers who smoke?
  • Do women need to wear less revealing clothes?
  • Do prisoners deserve their voting right?
  • Can online dating replace the standard one?
  • Is a legal curfew needed for minors?

It’s impossible to imagine the modern society without a variety of advertising and media tools. If you want to write your academic paper about that, you can choose from a number of interesting sample argumentative essay topics on the news, movies, social media, and so on. It’s not hard to find your inspiration when completing this process, because you should only turn on your TV. Focus on all electronic things to find a great and debatable topic for your next essay.

  • Should sex be banned to be portrayed on prime-time TV?
  • Should news discuss celebrities?
  • Where do people need to draw the line for violence for TV programs and shows?
  • Are journalists responsible for eliminating biased opinions?
  • Is it right for businesses to advertise for kids?
  • Do you agree that print advertising is obsolete?
  • Should adverse effects and warnings be made more obvious in ads?
  • Do movies and TV programs have their responsibility of being more diverse?

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