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The gre essay is divided into different sections, and the most important section seems to be the analytical writing assessment portion which consists of two essays. It is here that you are told to choose the gre essay topics to write on. Now, you must realize that writing a good gre essay depends on the type of topic you choose, so you have to consider certain things before you choose a topic. In some other tests, you will be presented with the gre essay topics to write about. In this case, make sure you write it with the proper structure. You should not write a gre essay with a lab report format. If you do, you have started failing the test already. The essays are divided into two. The first tasks you to analyze an issue while the other tasks you to analyze an argument. In the issues task, you will be presented with an opinion or an issue which is in the public domain and asked to evaluate the issue considering the complexities involved and develop a strong personal argument about it.

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In the argument task, you will be given some instructions, after which you are asked to make evaluations on a given argument. Here, you should consider how logical, coherent, convincing and sound the given argument is. You have to remember that the focus of this second essay is to know if you have learned how to critique an article. Now, you have to be able to realize the differences between the two topics you will be presented with. While one will give you the chance to construct an argument, take a position and also present the evidence you are backing the decisions with, the other entails evaluating another person’s argument on the basis of the claims it made and the evidence it uses in supporting these claims. You focus on the validity or otherwise of the arguments given in the essay.

Now, many people do not know the best methods of tackling gre essay topics. Our work is to give you the necessary instructions and prepare you for the task ahead. Even when you want us to do the wiring for you as homework, we will do so for you. We also offer personal statement templates and examples to students. You should understand the skills that are measured in the test and how the test is scored before you take the test. We will help you with this because we have an avalanche of topics and examples in our website. When you hire us to prepare you for the gre essay, we will help you with valid samples and some essay responses and reader commentaries and also teach you the strategies to approach the essay with. There are some cardinal things you must understand. When you write on gre essay topics, graders only measure how well you can write an essay, and not necessarily what you are writing about and how factual it is. Because of this, you must ensure that you maintain clarity all through the text. Make sure that the reader understands everything you are trying to say in the essay immediately he reads. You should not leave people to guess and think too deeply before they understand your write-up. When you do this, you make the job of the grader easier for them, and with this happiness, they grade you well. You must ask yourself some questions like, what am I trying to say and what is the point i'm trying to make. You should also concentrate on the essay structure. If you know how to write a grant proposal, you will agree with me that no essay comes without a given structure. The way you format the text impacts on the readability and ease of understanding of the essay. Make good use of paragraphs by breaking them down into distinct parts with distinct meaning and context. However, you must ensure that the transition from one to the other is seamless. Another thing you must focus on is your vocabulary. Make sure you make good use of this when writing on gre essay topics. Make it simple and understandable, and write with vocabularies that are relevant to your context. You must also look at the grammar and language. Don’t allow simple mistakes that will make your work childish and untidy and insure that your evidence is well mapped out in a logical manner.

When you are writing the gre essay, it is not like you are answering a question like, what is a capstone project, so you have to make detailed arguments and explanations. You should endeavor not to agree with the argument of the essay. While you are expected to analyze another person’s argument in the first section, you have to provide your own argument in another section. It is always better for you to argue on how the given argument is bad. This is mostly what the graders want to hear. These arguments are given with lots of lapses, and you are expected to point these lapses out. So there is nothing like I agree with the argument, therefore I have no extra thing to say. The introduction is another area you should take care of, just like in book reviews found in book review sites like ours. The introduction of your GRE essay must be very short and sweet. This is where you capture the attention of the grader to get him relaxed. This can make him build a great view about your essay, even when he has not finished reading. Make sure your introduction is as formulaic as possible. Another great thing is that you must have a great organizational scheme.

  • When you pick one, you have to follow it rigidly. This is because it is one of the most important things that are evaluated.
  • You have to ensure that you begin each paragraph with the topic you want to attack and the fallacies you want to debunk on that paragraph.

When you write on these topics, you must struggle to find the right balance. While you may like to dwell more on one fallacy, you are expected to talk on some others. Again, if you discover that there are many of them and they cannot all be contained in the essay, choose the most glaring three and offer the best ways to make the argument stronger and better.

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