7 Tips For Better Time Management

By: Tasha Kolesnikova

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7 Tips For Better Time Management

Studying takes not only skills and knowledge but also time. Unfortunately, we usually don't have even an extra hour to have fun, let alone invest in our education. Luckily, we’ve listed some useful productivity hacks that will help you manage your time perfectly and spend every second of your life as wisely as possible. 

⏰ Prioritize Things

Not everything you need to learn is equally important. Make sure you understand how to differentiate a key concept from non-vital information. Once you do so, focus on the most important things before you move on to anything else.

If you don't have enough time to take care of everything, at least know the fundamentals — not what you'd like to know.

😀 Know Yourself to Know More

You probably know a lot about something, especially if you are taking a college course on it. But the truth is, everyone knows less about a subject matter than they think they do.

Take a hard look at yourself and be honest about what you know, what you don't know and what you need to improve. Focus on the last two things to truly better yourself — avoid wasting time on the things you already know.

🥪 Take a Break to Increase Productivity

Even though it might seem counterintuitive, taking regular breaks is necessary to stay productive. Don't go overboard with it, 5- or 10-minute breaks are long enough. It is necessary to take them every 40- to 50-minutes worth of studying.

Studies show that your productivity suffers after an hour of work. So, you might as well take a break, catch your breath and get ready to go back to work every once in a while.

✔️ Choose a Day to Go Hard

Pick a day, any day from the week, and use it to work more than you usually do. Even if you are done with all of your assignments and there's nothing else to study, go the extra mile and start preparing for future assignments. Study things ahead of schedule, get questions ready for your next lecture, and take a look at the questions for your finals.

Who knows, maybe you won't have enough time a week from now, so it's best to use it now.

📚 Back Up Your Valuables

Notes, textbooks, essays, whatever it is: if it's important, make sure you have a backup. Keep a set on your computer, another one on a pen drive and store the third one online.

It might seem like it's a little bit too much until your computer crashes three days before a final exam. It's also a great way to study too. If you take handwritten notes, you will be reading them once again when you type them up on your computer.

💤 Sit Down and Study Before You Lay Down and Sleep

Scientific reports show that you will retain more information if you study before you go to sleep — as long as you have a good night's sleep.

Try to study early in the afternoon or after dinner. Later, get a good 8 hours’ worth of sleep. Avoid trying to pull an all-nighter unless you absolutely have to.

Sleep is a vital part of student life that is often overlooked. If you study right before you go to sleep and get plenty of rest, your brain will make sure you remember everything that you studied the day before.

👋 Develop a Good Relationship With Everyone

Have an amicable relationship with your teachers and classmates. It might not seem important for productivity but having a sense of diplomacy can go a long way.

It helps to study and work in a friendly environment. Your professor or classmates might help you in times of need. Who knows, you could get a couple of extra days when you need it if they like you.

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