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Essay Topics Related To Hamlet

It is one of the most famous plays by William Shakespeare, and students are provided with much room for choosing a topic for their essays. The script itself is so engaging and robust that an essay topic chosen strategically can do wonders for the overall grade.

However, reading the play is one thing, and when it comes down to writing, it requires an entirely different skillset. Writing an academic piece on that particular play is not a piece of cake. The storyline is quite complicated, sophisticated, and open to different interpretations. Writing an essay on this novel requires your in-depth knowledge and ability to present a convincing argument. The first thing you need to do is settle on an aspect of the play.

There are several issues in society that this literary piece touches on. It provides you with an excellent opportunity to narrow your research to one aspect and then decide on a topic you feel more comfortable with. These issues include love, revenge, death, friendship, wealth, war, women's portrayal, and several others.

Make a pick and dive further into a category. Another choice you would have to make is the type of essay you want it to be. You can choose an argumentative essay, or maybe an analytical one. How about a critical essay?

If you are still finding it challenging to settle on an aspect and the type of essay, keep on reading to explore each option's potential.

Topics For Expository Essay

In this essay genre, you will be required to thoroughly investigate an idea, expound on it by evaluating evidence, and clearly and concisely put forward an essay. Following are a few potential ideas for an expository essay you can use.

  • What are the minor characters' contributions in Hamlet, and how did they help in revealing the central theme?
  • Is it fair to suppose the protagonist as a confused or indecisive person? What was his reasoning for refusing to take revenge?
  • What reasons led to a fluctuation in his suicide-related decisions?
  • The central theme of this play concerns the war between good and evil.
  • Through that play, Shakespeare aims to shed light on the conflict between reality and appearance. The central theme here is the protagonist's inability to put up with reality.
  • What was the relationship between Ophelia and Hamlet? Do you think it was real love? Give reasons.
  • Explore the element of humor in the play;
  • Explore suicide as one of the critical themes of the play;
  • How effectively are the images and descriptions used throughout the play?

Topics For Analytical Essay

In an analytical essay, you will be presenting an argument of some type. It is not a summary but concentrates on the way a literary piece is written. For further clarification, look at the listed essay topics below.

  • How, according to you, did the protagonist treat women around him? Draw connections to how this treatment led to some of the thematic issues in the play?
  • Examine the way Hamlet considered sensitive issues like sex and sexuality
  • Analyze the protagonist's nature of madness. Was it a mere imitation, or was he a real victim? Discuss the evolution of his mental state throughout the play.
  • Watch the movie version of the book. Do you think the director has done justice?
  • How does Shakespeare use the imagery in act three? Does it have any influence on the rest of the plot?
  • Analyze in detail the protagonist's perspective of nihilism through his speech.
  • What are the methods used by Hamlet, Laertius, and Polonius to arrive at the truth?
  • State the reasons and causes for the hero's indecisive nature?

Topics For Compare And Contrast Essay

In a compare and contrast essay, you have to analyze the similarities and differences of two or more ideas. Take the example of "Hamlet". You might have to compare it with some of Shakespeare's other novels. Here are a few ideas related to this type of essay:

  • Compare and contrast the nature of relationships between the two couples Romeo and Juliet vs Hamlet and Ophelia.
  • Compare "Shakespeare's Play" with "The Alchemist"?
  • How is "Alice in Wonderland" similar to this play.
  • How do the character traits of the hero differ from those of Claudius?
  • Compare the film version to the original Shakespeare's book of the play.
  • How can you differentiate the feigned madness of Hamlet from the real madness of Titus?
  • Comparison between the friendship bonds of Hamlet, Guildenstern, Rosencranz, and Horatio;
  • Which themes does it have in common with "The Great Gatsby"?

Topics For Critical Essay

In critical essays, you will analyze and evaluate a piece of academic text. For your essay to possess critical essay's qualities, make a stance, and back it using concrete evidence and references. Look at the list below for further guidance.

  • What is the reason behind the protagonist not taking revenge for his father's death when the opportunity arrives?
  • What significance does Ophelia hold in the hero's life? Was the love true between them? Did it cease after her death?
  • How is the idea of suicide treated in the play? Can it be treated as a tragedy, as stated by Aristotle?
  • What is the book really about? How is it of any significance in your life?
  • How does the hero manage to outlive feelings of depression and grief on which the play is based upon?
  • Does the hero have a psychological disorder in the play?
  • Analyze this play through the lens of Marxist theory. Outline the few elements of this theory that can be found in the play?
  • Explain how the roles of Hamlet and Macbeth can be related to the character traits of Saddam Hussein?
  • How does the hero lead to his own death?

Topics For Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is a genre that is based on a controversial issue. Selecting this type of essay is a good idea as people find controversies exciting and they are more drawn to them.

However, it would help if you only went with an idea under this category when you have prior knowledge about the topic or have a keen interest in it. Here are a few great examples of such essays:

  • Do you find the protagonist mentally unstable? Analyze his insanity through his uncontrolled and psychological issues. Support your stance using examples from the text.
  • Can this play be considered a feminist piece of literary work? Is the protagonist's perception of women negative?
  • What is your point of view on the top five painful incidents in the hero's life?
  • To act according to ethics and morals, the responsibility of every individual?
  • Does Polonius deserve to be brutally killed? Mention his character traits and provide reasoning.
  • Can the central character of this play be called evil? Does the essence of grim and evil spread throughout the book?
  • Can you call Hamlet a tragic hero? How is his character still relevant today?
  • What was it that the protagonist wanted by the end of this play? Is he capable of instigating a change?
  • Do you think the hero faced contradictions in the play? If so, give specific examples.
  • What does "special providence" mean in the context of the play?

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Topics For Persuasive Essay

As the name suggests, in an essay like this one, you will be presenting an argument. Do it in such a way that it convinces the reader to believe in an idea or stance. You will do this by supporting specific pieces of evidence or drawing out the logic behind a particular incident. The Options below would make an excellent topic for your essay.

  • How is Claudius shown as a ruler? Who, in your opinion, would have made a better king? Provide reasons.
  • Can this literary piece be considered a pure tragedy? Mention comic elements present in the play.
  • In the first act, you are introduced to the presence of a ghost. Mention evidence in favor of such existence in the play.
  • What attitude did Hamlet have towards Ophelia? Do you consider this as love?
  • Analyze the discrepancies between the protagonist's actions and words. Do you think his character was not as strong as it should have been?
  • Do the themes of revenge and tragedy stand out in the play?
  • How effectively has Shakespeare used imagery to set the overall mood of the play?
  • How are conflict, probability, and consistency essential elements in the play?
  • What perception does the central character have about sexuality?
  • Is Hamlet seen to face conflict situations like a hero, or has he been seen dreading confrontation?

Argumentative Essays

As mentioned earlier, argumentative essays and controversies go hand in hand, which makes reading them even more fascinating. The best and expressive types of essays are where you can argue in favor or against a statement.

In the case of "the play", you can find such topics in various aspects of the book as there is plenty of moral content to be found. Hence, you are recommended to check out every category before making a final selection of an argumentative essay.

Writing On Themes

There are several major themes that you can find in the play. You can subcategorize them to find a perfect topic for your essay. These include love, death, revenge, women's role in society, morality, appearance vs. reality, and family. These are further broken down below to make the selection process easier for you.

Love And Affection

Love plays a significant role in this play, as it supports revenge. Some can put it in this way that the protagonist in the play sacrificed his love for his mother and lover. He did this in the way of seeking revenge because of his genuine love for his father. In another part of the book, he has shown to be disheartened by his mother despite having immense love for her.

It is because he could not bear to see her move on and marry his uncle soon after the death of his father. Ultimately all of this affects his perception towards females and love. There are many aspects to this theme. Below are a few examples you can build an excellent argumentative essay on.

  • What is the perception of love in the eyes of the hero of the play? Why is he so critical about it?
  • The pain of his father's death leads to suicidal thoughts. To what extent is that true?
  • The bond which Ophelia and Hamlet shared in the play, can you name it love? Discuss their relationship with suitable examples.
  • Does the protagonist's mission of seeking revenge affect his bond with Ophelia?
  • Does the love cease after the death of Ophelia?
  • What changes can be seen in the character after the death of his apparent lover?
  • It is not certain till the end of the play if the love is shown between Hamlet and Ophelia genuine or not. What is your take on it?

Mission Of Revenge

If you have read the play, the theme of revenge is inevitably brought up. The main story revolves around the planned revenge the hero intends to take for his father's death.

Nonetheless, it is not restricted to his character; many roles are derived from a similar force. In an essay based on this, one effective way to tackle it is developing your own opinion concerning the idea and supporting it using evidence from the book. Check out some options below:

  • Is revenge the central theme of the play?
  • Is the feeling of revenge and hatred greater than his love for Ophelia and his mother?
  • Do you agree that a strong emotion like revenge can lead people to have suicidal thoughts?
  • Was the main character's depression a byproduct of his mission of taking revenge?
  • Do you think the main character could have approached things differently and taken revenge from his enemy?

Family Bond

Here you can write about how the entire story is based on relationships. There are various aspects to this that you can take. Look at the examples below:

  • For the protagonist, the marriage of Claudius and Gertrude does not sit well. How does this contribute to the plot of the story?
  • The bond that the hero shares with his mother is weakened after she marries his uncle. How does it reflect in his character?
  • Laertes and the hero, although foes, share many similar traits. Discuss.

Roles And Characters

This play gives you a chance to construct several questions regarding the personality and morality of each character. Below are a few examples:

  • Do you think it is selfish on the part of King's ghost to use his son for revenge?
  • If the opportunity was there, was the protagonist fit enough to be the King?
  • What does the delay of seeking revenge tell us about the character of the hero? Was he smart, calculative, or a plain coward? Justify with reasons.

The Portrayal Of Hamlet's Character

Here you will ask questions relating to the role of the protagonist. For example:

  • Was he genuinely mentally unstable, or was it just a ploy for seeking revenge?
  • What does the revenge obsession of the hero tell us about his character?
  • The hero delayed his suicide attempt as he got intimidated by his religious beliefs. To what extent is this true?
  • Was the hero of this play wrong to judge his mother for remarrying his uncle?
  • Do you think Hamlet believed in the encounter of his father's ghost?
  • Did the death of Ophelia change her lover in any way?

The Role Of Women In Society

It would help if you posed questions regarding the role of women depicted in the play:

  • How do the actions of the male in the play affect the female characters?
  • Discuss the negative as well as positive role of the females in this play.
  • How do the roles of Ophelia and Gertrude differ from each other? What makes a woman strong in your opinion?
  • How can you see this play through a feminist lens?


Look at the two examples based on morality. You can use them as-is or think along the same lines to come up with your own.

  • Evaluate Ophelia's decision to commit suicide. What could she have done instead?
  • What would you have done if you were in the place of the hero and were deeply hurt by your father's death?
  • In your opinion, was Gertrude wrong to remarry?
  • What do you think about the protagonist's belief in life after death?
  • Can Hamlet's faking madness be justified in any way?

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