Persuasive Argumentative Essay Topics

Whenever you are writing a persuasive essay, the major task is to try and convince others. So, when you are told to work on persuasive argumentative essay topics, you should first of all center on those topics that will give you the room to argue in order to get people to agree with the facts and value you are presenting in or with the argument. When writing a persuasive essay, you should note that there are some argumentative systems that have been mapped out by the masters to help you. These argumentative systems may not be easy for you to use and apply. If this is the case, then you should seek extra help to help with enumerations on the best ways you can apply these to come out with an essay that fulfills your heart desire and fit into what your teacher is looking for. Before we go into the argumentative systems which are three in number, you have to know the major elements of an essay of this type. The major thing that will stand your essay out is that you must establish your facts with enough evidence. The evidence is meant to offer the needed support to your arguments. Remember, you are trying to buy people over with your argument and if you don’t give them enough evidence that is filled with facts, they will not see your stand as good enough for them. Now, the major point of persuasion comes when you show people what they will gain when they abandon their old beliefs and stance to follow yours. So, all good persuasive argumentative essay topics must be able to point out the relevant values of your position for the audience, so that the things they tend to gain when they go with you are mapped out in clear terms. It must be something that solves a problem which the hitherto held views caused or problems such views cannot solve. When I hire people to write my essay, I also ensure that the works they give me are in line with these principal elements of the essay. You must also practice the principle of prioritizing. This is where you edit and format the arguments so that they will be placed in logical and chronological sequence. Arguments should be built. They should develop as the work progresses and they should develop in an acceptable progressive manner and sequence. The facts and values must also be presented in their order of importance, just as you present points in a sample case study where the most important ones come first.

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When you write on persuasive argumentative essay topics, you should also be careful about your conclusions. In essence, they should be written in a way that they persuade your audience to see that the conclusions are derived from the facts and value you have agreed upon in the body of the text. The reason why some seemingly good essays do not get the desired result as others is because they lack confidence. People do not know the difference between making a truthful and logical assertion and making the same assertion with confidence. Talk about your facts and evidence as if you are an authority in the field and as if they are absolute and perfect. Don’t ever doubt what you are writing because if you do, it will show in your work. We can teach you how to write with confidence or even how to build confidence while writing such essays. This is the same way you build confidence when writing a business plan. When you need your dream job in a matter of few months, just make use of our cv example to build your own cv. You can also enjoy the benefits of our business plan templates.

It is the act of persuasion that differentiates this type of essay from other types, and there are ways of handling the art of persuasion. The act of persuasion is not entirely a gift from birth. You can learn the act of persuasion the same way you learn how to write an apa paper. There are three major principles of coming up with wonderful persuasive essays and they are ethos, pathos, and logos. While you can use one of these to fashion your work on persuasive argumentative essay topics, you can also combine one or more to come up with great works. The ethos method of persuasion is based on the principle of credibility of your arguments. Here, you appeal to ethics either on the topic you are discussing or the personality of the writer or other things. People will always believe things that are coming from respectable people. When you first of all convince the audience that you are worth listening to by revealing that you are an authority in the subject and that you will always apply respect in all you do, they tend to believe that whatever you say is true. On the side of pathos, you will look in the direction of pity. This is where you look at the emotions of the audience or reader and in some cases your teacher. When you choose a particular language or offer examples and evidence that get to the emotion of the audience or your teacher, you can easily convince them to agree to your point of view.

  • The logos method of persuasion is a situation where you focus on logic alone. Here, you try to get your audience to reason with you. With the unaided power of human reason, you go ahead to convince them that what you are posting it as an undiluted truth.
  • You may tend towards the deductive or inductive reasoning patterns as you wish. In all, you are advised to make use of all these persuasive methods in convincing people to follow you.
  • When you do so, you will convince people according to the type of persuasion they pander to and still come out credible.

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