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High School Book Report Template: Selecting an Appropriate Book

The high school curriculum naturally has such type of written assignments as book reports. This kind of school assignments has nothing in common with writing an expository essay and its appearance among students’ tasks is not limited only by language arts or any other literature-oriented courses. Therefore, do not be surprised to meet a book report amid tasks of earth science, economics or geography. Usually, teachers supply their students with directions on how to accomplish the book report, and the area of effect of their help varies from choosing a book to submitting a finished report. Whereas some teachers are helpful, others may be not so keen to support you in book report writing, so you had better expect for an open-ended and unrestricted assignment. As long as doing the work completely on your own is a worst-case scenario, you will never meet asperities if you face your book report or student coursework being fully prepared. Let us see, what part of preparation for writing a book report you can manage by your own strength.

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If it happened the case that you need to choose from many books on a particular topic that your teacher has suggested, you can do that with the following steps:

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Scheduling and organizing your work

Obviously, the stage of choosing the book is not easy, nonetheless you still have your main work ahead. Make sure you manage to read at least a hundred of pages a day. Accomplishing a book report is somewhat similar to writing a descriptive essay: you need to keep thinking about descriptive elements of the book and jot down everything important while reading it. After finishing the book, come back to the notes and see whether all fragments of your understanding remain invariable. In case nothing is changed, ask yourself if you actually comprehend the book and give an honest answer. Other questions must be answerable for you as well. How does the book begin? What is the register of its characters? What exactly do you think about each character/element of plot/writing device? Is there something new you have learned from the book? Was your judgment of author’s writing clear and unbiased?

The written form of book report differs greatly depending on the genre or type of book as well as on the exact teacher’s requirements. Certainly, the student should perform two completely different reports for “Uncle Tom’s cabin” and for a textbook about a physical therapy coursework help. However, the basic opening for a book report is the same for all genres and includes the book’s title, author, and the subject. The opening often plays a role of attention-grabber and therefore, should contain basic and catchy information about the book. In the main body of your report, there must be your opinion of the entire book as well as its details. It is necessary to describe character’s appearance, how they act and speak, where their acting takes place and what is the chronology of the events. For a non-fiction book, the student should state his or her understanding of the book’s main goal and evaluate whether the author has reached that goal successfully. Also, a non-fictional book report must comprise the discussion of the book’s details proved by facts, literary evidence, and examples. Always try to keep the consistency and content richness of the book report on a high level so that one may even use that report for a college research paper help.

Even if the student has not revealed his or her opinion about the book in the mid-section of the report, the conclusive part by all means should contain the student’s feelings and thoughts regarding the reading experience. There must be a generalization in the report – did the student like the book and what is his or her recommendation for the people who might benefit from consuming the book – of course, exclusively when such assumptions is supported by the format of a high school book report template. In addition, if you do not know how exactly your written opinion should look like, visit some commercial sites such as or in order to make acquaintance with good examples of books reviews from professionals as well as from ordinary readers.

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