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All students have to write their 7th grade book report at least once. Book report is usually an essay that reflects students' thoughts and ideas regarding certain piece of literature. This sort of work discusses the book content and it is written as a part of an assignment, which is often given to students in school on different levels. As a rule, teachers provide their students with a list of possible literature to read, and students pick something that seems interesting to them. However, sometimes students are absolutely free in their choice and do not have to consider any list of literature. Anyway, writing the 7th grade book report is not an easy deal. For this reason, we would like to provide you with some writing advice that you will probably find useful.

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The first and most important thing you should know if you are asked to write a report is that you cannot even think of actually writing the report until you have finished reading the assigned piece of literature. And, even when you have read the book, don't start writing at the same moment. The best thing you should do, is get up from your sofa, go for a little walk, give your mind some time for rethinking the information and for building your opinion regarding the assigned book. So, if you are done with it, you may proceed to reading the following tips.

  • You need to make sure that you know and understand the requirements of your assignment. Maybe you even have some instructions from your teacher, then you need to learn them thoroughly. Try to understand what your teacher expects from you and what he is going to look for in your 7th grade book report. This is essential because it influences the whole process of writing the paper. Also, make sure you are aware of the deadline of submitting. Provide yourself with enough of resources, which is not only time, but also your desire and inspiration.
  • Make an annotation for the assigned book. We hope that you have done many notes while reading, otherwise you might have forgotten a lot of interesting and necessary moments. Well, if you don't have notes, take a brief look through the book again. But this time remember having a pencil by you.
  • When taking notes, you need to underline the important dialogues or quotations. When an interesting idea or some sort of impression came to you in the process of reading, do not be afraid to look aside and write down what came to your mind. Believe, these notes will help you significantly when writing the 7th grade book report.
  • Now it is time for outlining the main ideas of the assigned piece of literature. You'd better do it when you've just finished reading the book and when your impressions and memories are strong and fresh. Write down the names of the main characters and who they were, what connections existed between them, what they did and what the reasons for their behavior were. Also, write your personal attitude to the characters, whether you like or dislike them, what the background for your attitude and thoughts is. Outline the main and turning points in the plot of the book. What was the main part of it? What were the circumstances in which the characters did what they did and what were the consequences? This procedure will help you form precise and clear thoughts for the content of your paper.
  • Now you are ready to proceed to actually writing the 7th grade book report. If you have done all the above-mentioned steps carefully and attentively, this part will not be too hard for you. All you need is to put everything that is already in your head into the body of your paper. Here, you need, of course, to consider your personal viewpoint regarding the book. But at the same time, remember that it also has to be an analyze, not just an expression of your attitude. Additionally, it has to be a summary and a critical review. You may compare this book with some other books of the same author (obviously, if you have read them).
  • A very important thing is that you need to pay attention to the issues raised in the book by the author. By such issues, we mean moral values, for example. Is this book about love? Or maybe hatred, pain, anger, generosity, diversion? What is it truly about? This is exactly what you have to pay attention to. This is the main reason why people write and read books because we all want to understand what are these values, what happens to them sometimes, what the sense of life is. Think thoroughly about what issues raised in the book you have read. And then, your 7th grade book report is going to be of a serious level.

These are basic tips for writing and preparing for 7th grade book report. They should help you draw a general picture of what a 7th grade book report actually is. We realize how hard this assignment may seem for some students, especially for those who do not possess proper writing skills. For this reason, we created our great service. We help students all over the world successfully accept the challenges educational life throws into them. We are a team of writers who deal with all kinds of assignments in a wide range of study areas. Our company is among top essay writing companies of the country. We are available every day at any time and you are welcome to contact us and tell what you face difficulties in. We will provide you with all necessary assistance so you could get the best results without any stress.

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