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Writing the 8th Grade Book Report

The task to complete the 8th grade book report is given to students very often. For many, it is simply an impossible task, and they do not know where to start. There is no mandatory schemes for this, but to facilitate the work, you can follow a few rules.

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What is a report? In the report of a book you should demonstrate a personal opinion about the book, your thoughts and feelings that you may have during or after reading the book. Therefore, the most important thing you can do to facilitate your task is first to read the book. During the reading process it is recommended to record your personal attitude to a certain hero and note those moments that you liked. These recordings will be of a great help when you will be doing the review of a book.

It is better to start your report with a small review of the book, i.e. its title, author, place and time of the events that take place there, and who the protagonist is. You can also write what you know about the author.

In the second part, try to express your personal opinion on the book. Write what you liked or didn’t like about it and its characters. Describe what part of the book was the most interesting for you. Explain what you think about the main characters. It will be best if you write how you feel about the book, express your personal attitude to the problem or situation described in the plot.

The third part of your review should include your assessment of the book. Try to write what useful things you have learned in the book. You can give some advice to people who will read it. At the end of report tell what language the book is written, how easy it is to read it, and quote an excerpt from the book.

Many students have difficulty with the second part of the report, where they need to write their opinions and thoughts. Here examples of book reviews, which you can find online, will assist you.

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