Real Estate Business Plan: the Makeup of a Good Proposal

When you set out to explore the numerous opportunities that are littered in the real estate business, you have to realize that things do not happen randomly in this sector. Success here is down to rigorous planning and tacit execution of the great plans. So, before you talk of having a successful year in the real estate business, you have to map out all you want to accomplish as an agent in a vivid real estate business plan. We have said that the lean startup plan has given more success that the long term bogus plans, just as it is a tradition that the short term goals are more beneficial than the long term ones. Because of this, setting up a real estate business plan just for one year will be the ideal thing to do, so that it will be more precise and concise, more specific and simpler to follow, monitor and accomplish. If you need a very workable one-year real estate plan, hire us and we will write something wonderful for you. In real estate writing, we do not take pride only in our literary expertise just as we do when we teach people how to start a cover letter, what we hinge on is the feasibility and workability of what we offer to clients. People in need of research proposals can also approach us for simple and comprehensive research proposal template that will aid them in coming up with the best for their research coursework.

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We make the real estate business plan very simple, in the sense that the agents can hang this on the wall of their offices and look at it every other minute. It can also be placed on a projection screen during team meetings or as wallpaper for computers in the office. The core mandate is to make sure that you are faced with this at every interval so as not to lose sight of your major goals, objectives, and strategies. The real estate plan starts with the main goal for the year. This goal must come in the form of net income for the year, the number of properties to be sold, the gross commission income or any other measurable goal. One major thing here is that the main goal must have a numeric value, which can be broken into achievable weekly amounts, or portions that can be measured to determine how successful you are moving at the end of every week or month. So, if you want to sell 96 homes in a year, then it should be 8 for every month. The next aspect of the real estate business plan is that it must contain the priorities that will help you to these goals. You don’t have to carry many of these. Just pick out about 3 main priorities that are directly connected to the goals. This should include the most difficult tasks on the road to the actualization of the goals. These may include getting a new office, a new website, some new marketers, etc. The next stage is that you have to map out at least 3 strategies through which you can accomplish these daunting tasks that will propel the realization of your goals. Make sure you focus at least each strategy on one task, to avoid a disorganized to do list. Now, this may seem to be one of the most difficult aspects of the real estate business plan. However, if you have these tasks but do not know the strategies to use in accomplishing them, you can use our services. We do everything. We will give you the plan from the scratch, we can help you to fine-tune your plan and we can help you with strategies to accomplish the priorities. People in need of geology papers can also enjoy our services because we offer the templates, examples, guidelines, proofreading, editing and full writing. We also offer good essay topics to those in need of them.

When you start writing the business plan, you should follow a given template or outline. Yes, you must write with a format to keep your plan organized and neat especially if you will seek for funding with it. If your plan is an assignment from your professor, there should be more strict compliance to the format. We can help you here with our intro to entrepreneurship homework help. Start the plan with a mission statement. This should be a short paragraph or one sentence that will map out the main purpose of the business and the benefits it will provide to the clients. Of course, every business must be a solution to a problem encountered by a group of people. So you must ask questions like what do we offer, how do we offer it and how does it create value. Being concise and specific here is key because less is always more on a mission statement. This should be followed by an outline of your goals. You have to state the things you are planning to accomplish in and through the business. There is normally short term and long term goals and the long terms goals are always determined by successful short-term goals. These goals must be measurable and they must be realizable too. You may say that your goal is to sell 100 properties each year or to buy, reconstruct and sell 10 homes each year, etc. Don’t do abstract goals that are not specific.

This is followed by the strategies to accomplish these goals. This is one of the most important aspects, and it is the aspect you will not see in simply restricted essays like psychology research papers.

  • This section will include the types of properties you are targeting, the trends in the market, the area, the size, type, price range and everything about the market.
  • It is also here that you will explain your criteria, taking into consideration the necessary conditions before you will make an investment.
  • You should also state how you will go about the financing of the deals, the process of making the properties profitable, like renovations, touch-ups, repairs, rents, etc. It is also here that you will state the exit strategies for the deal.

The next section should be the financials which should consider the amount you have, the things you will do to raise more cash and others. All these sections must be there for you to have a good real estate business plan.

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