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In the irreversible tide of globalization, whether developed countries or developing countries, regardless of whether it is happy, have consciously or unconsciously integrated into the procedure, or they'll lose living space. Certain culture is linked to a certain level of economic development. Economic globalization is bound to have profound results on global culture, so all varieties of culture are starting great changes under the great driving drive of monetary globalization. Culture has too much to with the modern way of life, so globalization has a great effect on the consumers (David, 1996). Along the way of globalization, many businesses embark on a way from Localization to globalization, and McDonald's is merely the example that plays an important part in the fast-food business in the world. McDonald's has made a great success in the international arena since its inception, and it has left a profound impression on the mind of several consumers. Now McDonald's is not only a restaurant, but also a ethnic symbol, which includes an impact on consumers. McDonald's has carried out some marketing strategies in order to adapt to the ethnical environment of other countries, and this changes also have an effect on the neighborhood consumers. Now McDonald's has become a global icon, and it impacts the lifestyle of men and women worldwide. This information mainly includes two parts: the first part focuses on human effects of globalization, and the next section is mostly about McDonald's globalization and the impact on consumers.

2, human implications of globalization

Globalization is a fresh phenomenon becoming increasingly visible since 1980s, and it is the basic characteristics of your times (Steger, 2003). Globalization is a process, which identifies the circulation of materials and religious products break the shackles of regional and national restrictions, affecting every place of life on Earth. Globalization also contains cross-border activity of staff. The move of man is the highest level of extensive between materials and spiritual motion. In the process of globalization, the most apparent feature is economical globalization. Globalization has a great effect on individuals, and the effect is increasing with time occurring. Correctly understanding and properly dealing with globalization is conducive to market economic development and improvement of human civilization.

Just as every gold coin has two sides, globalization also offers two different effects on individual. Globalization has gone way beyond the financial field and is producing a wide range of effect on the international politics, security, social and cultural fields. The positive effects of globalization are the following: the first aspect is on promoting the development of innovation. Globalization promotes the global optimum allocation of production, resources, workers, trade, investment and financing, which reduces costs and increases efficiency. If countries wish to explore advanced development model, they must consider the factors of globalization and employ the opportunities of globalization. The second aspect focuses on promoting the logical allocation of resources. Globalization can realistically allocate the worldwide Capital, technology, products, marketplaces, resources and labor. Globalization has accelerated the free stream of development factors in the worldwide and shaped a unified global market, which promote the globalization of multinational functions and restructuring of global industry, and take full advantage of the optimal allocation of resources. The 3rd aspect is mainly about boosting individual civilization. Based on globalization, global issues, global interests and global governance, human may form new common worth of man and new real human civilization, which can break the West's leading role of individuals civilization and achieve a higher surpass than Western civilization. When witnessing the results of globalization, at the same time, the gradual deposition of its negative effect can't be overlooked (Stiglitz, 2003). The first aspect is about instability of the world economy. Globalization strengthens the instability of the world overall economy, which is negative for countries to make a development. The partnership between countrywide economies and the earth economy is now more meticulously under globalization. Each country's economic stability depends not only on the domestic factors, to a greater extent by the incredible impact of international factors. Brutal competition and economical instability boost the difficulty of expanding the national current economic climate. The next aspect is on global economic crisis. While using increasing close of the global economical chain, it offers a big probability that a well-defined surge in energy prices, serious financial order uncontrollable, obviously big country's economic recession could cause the global economical recession.

3, McDonald's globalization and the effect on consumers

3. 1 McDonald's globalization

McDonald's corporate and business headquarter is positioned in the Illinois of USA, which can be an international company of possessing multi-billion buck. Now McDonald's has become one of the greatest junk food chains on the globe. Since the McDonald brothers and Ray Kroc, the founders of McDonald's opened its first restaurant in the Illinois of USA, McDonald's has established more than 30, 000 restaurants, found in over 120 countries and the locations around the world, and its worldwide turnover is approximately 10. 49 billion us dollars˜ Ritzer, 2006˜. McDonald's is developing at a rapid rate, and McDonald's signifies an American life-style in many countries. McDonald's sales securely carbonated drinks that Coca-Cola Company offers, McDonald's and Coca-Cola Company basically form tactical alliances. McDonald's surrounding the world make appropriate alterations and try to be in accordance with the likes of residents. Furthermore, McDonald's now regulates some other restaurant brands, such as Aroma Cafe, and Donatos Pizza. In 2008, McDonald's total income come to 23. 5 billion U. S. dollars, net revenue of 4. 3 billion U. S. us dollars. "Ronald McDonald" as one of the McDonald's signs, symbolic of tranquility and friendliness, symbolizes that McDonald's will always be your friend and community member. McDonald's is ready every now and then for children and community's development to devote its strengths. Children's Charity Groundwork of "Ronald McDonald" was founded in 1984, and the organization has donated more than 5 million U. S. us dollars to help the children round the world. McDonald's has made a great success on a worldwide scale. Over 1 / 2 of McDonald's restaurants are located abroad, which is the globalization strategies of McDonald's. McDonald's restaurants can be learned in 118 countries and parts across the world, serving 50 million consumers each day (Alfino, 1998). McDonald's has opened 100 new restaurants in China per annum, and on the other hand, McDonald's has achieved its goal of 1000 new restaurants by the opening of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, which are the certification of McDonald's globalization.

The founders of McDonald's haven't expected that their ambition has so incredible influence. The influential development of McDonald's comes with an impact not only on the fast-food industry, but also on the modern-day way of life, and the impact will probably accelerate in the first 21st century.

3. 2 McDonald's impact on consumers

Just as globalization has two different aspects of results on humans, along the way of McDonald's globalization, McDonald's effects on consumers are also different, including positive impact and negative impact. "Ronald McDonald" is McDonald's "Chief Happiness Officer", and he has lasted for approximately 50 years. Previously, children, children, parents and other market sections were acquainted with amiable "Ronald McDonald", who was simply a good "brand ambassador". McDonald's corporate and business culture is a kind of family-happy culture, which emphasizes its influences of happy culture. Duo to its huge influences, McDonald's comes with an impact on diet plan of consumers.

MacDonald's has three characteristics: quick, cheap and broadly accepted by the public. But the feature of "fast" has actually improved. Junk food restaurants have changed into the conveniently leisure and recreation area, so the function has altered (Schlosser, 2002). Now the restaurants have converted into the celebration wedding ceremony, the premises of reading and writing, party places, and leisure location for chatting. In the feature of "cheap", most people only occasionally patronize, which points out that the food is not real cheap. From a deeper level, the significance of McDonald's as a symbol of American culture is more obvious than as symbolic of fast food. McDonald's has turned into a social ambassador and make more people understand American culture. The meals price of McDonald's between varieties has little difference, so does indeed the intake level and the assistance provided. Warm dining environment and good services get many sorts of social categories, and McDonald's is showing a different image in a myriad of people's heads. All kinds of people with different needs and life experience see the same thing, and their emotions are also different (Tomlinson, 1999). They understand a point of McDonald's culture from their own point of view. McDonald's took an array of measures available strategy, to be able to meet all degrees of society and folks of all ages, such as facilitates for young enthusiasts as the "Valentine's part" and "Children's Paradise". Plus the staffs are dressed up as "McDonald's uncle, aunt, " and play with children. Many children are keen on the food of McDonald's and they want to patronize McDonald' normally as they can. Though many young lovers may do unlike the food, they also want to go to "McDonald's, because the surroundings of "McDonald's is good (Ritzer, 1996). No matter McDonald's marketing idea and McDonald's business viewpoint, are all set up to entice more customers, and McDonald's has more and more huge impact on eating habits of consumers.

When McDonald's influence the eating habits of consumers, it also impact the culture of different countries. Inside the framework of globalization, different ethnicities about the world communicate, permeate, collide and merge with one another. No strong cultural is not a real electricity. If countries want to become a power, they need to prevent its culture from ethnic erosion. Along the way of McDonald's globalization, McDonald's has a great effect on local culture, which may cause cultural erosion for residents. McDonald's changes its marketing strategies into going after cool, enthusiasm, and adventure, that includes a great attraction by the young family (Paul, 1997). Young family is insufficient judgment potential, and McDonald's culture may cause them making a mistake. The styles of "cool", "on your own decision, "playing my game" are incredibly popular among teenagers, because of the affects of McDonald's, and these themes may have a violation comparing with local culture. For example, as long as customers shout "I'm lovein' it" at the waiter, they'll be able to receive a cylindrical glaciers cream. Such activities are very popular with extreme young people. Some students feel that these activities are extremely fresh and interesting. Each one of these may have an effect on the local culture somewhat.

Meanwhile, McDonald's have an impact on the modern-day life-style. Many children like the food of McDonald's and they want to patronize McDonald' normally as they can. Some of them want to visit McDonald's and eat its food everyday, and the food of McDonald's becomes their main food. Nowadays, McDonald's is among the most sign of fashion and trip. Some young people regard going to McDonald's as a fashion and trip, which can illustrate that they are the younger generation. In addition, McDonald's supplies junk food for consumers, which might affect the speed of life. Consumers have a tendency to eat food quickly, and change their previous dietary patterns.

4, conclusion

Globalization has a great impact on human worldwide, and its own impacts can be shown from two aspects: positive impact and negative impact. Its positive impact identifies promoting the introduction of technology, promoting the logical allocation of resources and maximizing real human civilization. Its negative impact targets instability of the world overall economy and global economic crisis. Generally speaking, globalization's positive effect on human beings outweighs its negative impact. Human beings should seize the opportunities of globalization and salute its threats, to make a long-term development. Globalization can be comprehended well by the procedure of McDonald's globalization (Featherstone, 1991). McDonald's may bring satisfaction for consumers, while it also affects eating habits of consumers, triggers cultural erosion and comes with an impact on modern-day life-style. Globalization can be an irresistible craze, and Globalization can provide a beneficial effects on consumers as well as undesireable effects. So consumers should make full use of its beneficial results and withstand its undesireable effects along the way of globalization.

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