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The first question any reasonable person will ask when you inform them that you are writing a law firm business plan or that of any business is why you are writing the business plan. To answer this question, you have to convince them with reasons why business plans are inevitable for businesses, especially for a law firm. This should be a somewhat flexible roadmap filled with specific milestones that will help the lawyer or lawyers to reach their goals. These will include the goals they have in mind but have not properly defined. It is just like a coffee shop business plan that is geared towards archiving your sole aim and objectives of opening up a coffee shop. If your law business plan is part of your law or business graduate coursework, then it must also be as ales tool that will help you obtain financing. It should be the marketing tool to convince people you want to go into partnership with. The business plan is meant to develop as you write it because it is not a totally preconceived thing. Ideas come and strategies unfold as you do the brainstorming and writing. You may conceive some things and realize that they are not workable again when you do the writing. This is why beliefs change when writing the business plan. The business plan is meant to change your mindset because it gives you the leap from thinking about starting a business to actuality working on starting the business. It is the number one process in starting a law firm. Another important thing is that a law firm business plan is not written and thrown into the drawer. Whether your law firm plan is annual, biannual or even semiannual, it must serve as your checks and balances because you must adhere to its dictates with religious compliance unless when changes are necessary.

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The law business plan has a format which must be adhered to, exactly the same way we do with the cv format when writing a cv for you. Every workable and acceptable plan must have an executive summary and analysis of the market, a detailed description of the law firm, the financing of the firm, your close competitors in the law business and the marketing strategies. There are some questions you must answer before you can come out with a very well written plan for your law business. You must be able to discover and map out the skills and experiences you are bringing to the table. The plan must be written when you have ascertained and decided on the legal structure to use. This may be a PC, partnership, LLP or a sole proprietorship system. You must know the clients you have at present and those you wish to acquire in the nearest future. You should also be specific about your social and business contracts, attorneys to help you fill practice gaps, methods of keeping your firm’s records and the equipment you need and how they will be supplied. Your law firm business plan must consider some other details and they include the information sources that will be needed and how you will get them, the insurance plans that are necessary and how you will get them, the mode of compensation for yourself and a review of your finances, assets, current cash flow and your expenses. Others are the needed bank accounts, your non-financial resources, the specific market you are targeting and where they are located, plainly and comprehensively defined startup plans and the location of your office and the name of the law firm. However, if you need help to come up with these, you have to seek professional services. We offer such services to our lawyer clients. This is coupled with other types of academic assistance. We even offer chemistry coursework help too.

The law firm business plan must be written according to different sections for proper organization and ease of use. It has to start with the executive summary. This may be named the most important part of the plan because it is supposed to say what the firm is all about. The core content of the executive summary is the destination of the firm and how it intends to get to that destination. Many people will argue that this should be written after the plan has been completed. But I see it as the starting point that controls all the other sections of the business plan and therefore, must be written first before all the others. Your summary must look at the mission statement of the firm, its major goals, objectives and milestones for steady achievement of the goals. Others are the vision statement and the business environment, which must list the things you cannot control like the marketplace, the competition, mergers, and acquisitions. The summary must also include a full description of the firm and its strategies, coupled with the financial overview of the firm and its financial projections in the future. The finances must include specific documents like balance sheet, action plan, cash flow statement and others as backups. If you need a comprehensive lecture on your law firm business executive summary, we can help you with this. We are versatile as a writing service provider. We don't only write, we also offer math homework help.

After the executive summary, you should analyze your market. This will include the dominant firms and where they are located, the new technologies that will change your way of doing business for the better, the law regulations that have and may still change your business. This section should be divided into the competition, government attorneys, new technology, relationships, family, and finance. From here, you move to your law firm analysis. This is where you give the history of the firm, your goals, your experiences and those of your partners and how relevant they are, your unique selling point, your clients, your strategy, long term objectives and short term objectives. Here, you should also talk about future projections, the level and types of services you offer, your pricing and billing and your SWOT analysis.

  • The next section of the law firm business plan must focus on the overall market, followed by the marketing strategy.
  • We can walk you through the entire process of writing such business plans. We have trained lawyers who will factor all aspects of the law firm in this.
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