BMW's Managing Information Systems


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BMW's Managing Information Systems

Management information systems (MIS) pertain to those systems that allow company leaders to make choices for the effective working of businesses. Management information systems are composed of computer resources, individuals, and functions utilized in the actual company. MIS also pertains to the company that establishes and manages bulk or the entirety of the personal computers in the business in order that leaders can make options. The objective of the MIS centered company is to provide information systems to different levels of commercial leaders. MIS experts build and aid the computer system all over the company. Trained and proficient to deal with company personal computers, these experts are in control in some manner for almost the complete computers, from the largest mainframe to the lightweight computers.

Company Overview

BMW is a German vehicle and engine unit producing organization proven in 1916. It also manages and creates the Tiny brand, which is the mother group of Rolls-Royce Electric motor Vehicles. Mainly, BMW Group Brands are MINI, BMW and Rolls-Royce (BMW Education Programme 2009a). BMW is well-known for its effective and durable vehicles. And its objective statement is being a leader in the world as high quality product service provider and also premium company( BMW Education Program, 2009b)

BMW has generated a reputation as both an engine unit producer and the manufacturer of luxury vehicles. They built the 3, 5 and 7 series, the M5, which presents sheer electric power, or the Z8, an ground breaking car. BMW has also proven its capacity to resurrect legendary vehicles, reviving the famous Mini and its acquisition of the Rolls-Royce brand (BMW Official Website, 2009). As the company's main office is still located in Munich in Germany, it includes ten manufacturing plants around the world - seven in Germany, one in Austria, one in South Africa and one in the us, and sales systems in sixteen countries where the vehicles are transported (The BMW Group, 2009). Apart from the vehicle segment, it stays among the important European providers of engines for civil aviation, through its relationship with Rolls Royce. Power merged with innovation is what BMW means.

Overview of MIS of BMW

The present automotive industry is classified by increasing product variety and quick development periods. One of the important activities is to get into the marketplace quicker by arranging the merchandise development and development start-up procedures. One can attain this streamlining by doing a huge number of effectively coordinated methods in parallel, utilizing a data structure that has all the info about the product and its own types which is available at each phase to all or any people contained in development planning (Clarke, 2007). This process, pertained to as built in product and process anatomist, reaches available when one utilizes mySAP Automotive.

mySAP Automotive combines SAP Business Collection programs with customized operations to aid BMW- as well as other manufacturers, distributors, sales, and service companies - attain large benefits by merging the complete engineering, creation, marketing and service business sector.

With mySAP Automotive merged within the operations of BMW, the business is able to improve important business types of procedures - and attain important company objectives:

* Competent staff and expertise with effective techniques for labor force and talent acquisition

* Financial stableness with improved procedures for financial performance control

* Operational effectiveness with improved steps for businesses control

* Product and service dominance with superior methods for product control

* Excellent client value with improved procedures for sales and service

mySAP Automotive is specially created to solve the needs and problems of the BMW and the automotive industry. It really is a thorough and effective solution for BMW that includes business techniques from engineering design, planning, processing, purchasing, sales and service (SAP for Automotive Website, 2010). Created to be a complete and alternative management information system, mySAP Automotive is structured predicated on various market areas that induce the foundations of automotive industry.

Roles of mySAP Automotive in BMW

Provide Information Across Various Departments

a) Operations

More than any operational aspect, functions of BMW have been influenced by significant innovations in technology. As a result, production functions have evolved. For instance, inventories receive just with time in order that huge sums of funds are not used for holding large inventories (Kiley, 2004).

mySAP Automotive offers alternatives for BMW in conditions of vehicle and method modeling, planning and manufacturing execution. mySAP Automotive helps BMW ins conditions of the improvement of the planning of the manufacturing process.

Consolidated product and process modeling is attained within BMW through mySAP Automotive, where the modeling of each vehicular model and creation procedures from the original prototyping stage to the production stage is completed in one construction (Kidd, 2000). This minimizes information redundancy and the necessity for interfaces as information is saved in a solitary system. Cooperative executive with suppliers provides new opportunities for more effective and quicker product development with suppliers online.

Versatility and effectiveness in manufacturing within BMW is achieved through the Model-mix preparation and immediate needs prep feature of mySAP Automotive. Model-mix planning allows BMW to enhance the manufacturing sequence particularly essential for the business. Immediate needs planning allows quicker handling of set up and parts requirements of make-to-order arranging as against the basic MRP.

b) Accounting

In BMW, all accounting documents are been able by all accounting managers (Laudon, 2007). In this case, mySAP Motor vehicle offers solutions that improve the accounting procedures and regulations of BMW. mySAP Automotive offers alternatives that enhance the accounting activities of the business, enabling them to respond more quickly and effectively to the industry demands.

c) Finance

mySAP Automotive offers financial data to all financial managers within BMW like the brain of the fund department. The top of the funding office of BMW studies historical and present financial outputs, predicts long-term financial needs, and songs and manages the usage of money as time passes utilizing the data produced by the mySAP Automotive (Buxmann, 2004).

mySAP Automotive offers alternatives that allow sales and rates of vehicles through configuration, status monitoring of automobiles, sales and allocation of available components. Car customization and prices online increased car sales of BMW by giving clients with the choice of customizing their cars (Seese, 2008). After the car is customized, car customization and charges will identify the price tag on the car according to the customization. Car search and locator allows BMW to look and discover cars that meet this configurations, attaining quicker delivery to clients.

d) Marketing

mySAP Automotive assists the marketing initiatives of BMW in the aspect of product development, dissemination, pricing options, advertising, and sales prediction (Forquer, 2005). More than any other operational aspect, mySAP Automotive is determined by outer sources of information. These references include rivalry and clients, for occasion.

e) People Resource

mySAP Automotive also helps with BMW's initiatives connected to employees, market leaders, and other staff working within the company. Because of the fact that the role of the human resources is important to all other aspects of the businesses of BMW, mySAP Automotive has an important responsibility in guaranteeing company development for BMW (Sankar, 2006).

2) Facilitate decision making at the three tiers of management

a) Operational Level Systems

To make the operational level decision making within BMW very easy and effective, mySAP Automotive helps in offering and disseminating updated data to proper users. mySAP Automotive is established to increase the reporting of data that'll be critical in the correct decision making within the operational degree of BMW. mySAP Automotive is able to immediately accumulate and alter information, summarize effects, and able to cope and right errors immediately.

b) Management Level Systems

mySAP Automotive has programmed and manual interior controls that help in the management level decision making activities in BMW (Kogent, 2009). Data is obtained through proper editing and inner control checks. A detailed inner and outer audit program is used within BMW through mySAP Automotive.

c) Strategic Level Systems

To have an improved tactical level decision making, information within BMW is analyzed and structured effectively and uniformly through mySAP Automotive. Spaces in the manner data is obtained and documented can alter data and tendency analysis. Apart from this, since information gathering and documentation techniques will alter as time passes, so BMW management has created effective processes to allow systems trends through mySAP Automotive. These processes are always well defined and observed, effectively communicated to proper staff and has a monitoring system that supports the strategic level decision making of BMW.

3) Serve as efficient opportinity for taking care of business processes

The establishment of mySAP Automotive within BMW is the result of the implementation of an environment of system management. The owners are the users of mySAP Automotive who understand current client needs and possess budget expert to financing new projects. In order to manage its business processes successfully, BMW has strived in building ownership that advocates pride in its business types of procedures and aids assure accountability. Despite the fact that mySAP Automotive does not really completely reduce costs, the establishment of this important system, and its own effective usage, decreases the probabilities that erratic selections in business operations are done credited to unreliable data (Dickersbach, 2005). Erratic business decisions essentially waste materials resources. This may lead in a detrimental impact on profits and/or capital.

Management always ensures that mySAP Automotive is made on a rational process which includes the following phases:

Proper analysis of system options, approval areas as the system is set up or obtained, and process management.

Program establishment and negotiation of handles suppliers.

System's integration and management. Management always considers the usage of business management functions to keep tabs on development as mySAP Automotive is being integrated. Inner controls are created into the procedures and periodically assessed by auditors.

Application of mySAP Automotive in BMW

mySAP Automotive obtains customized production purchases from BMW's planning system. The requests require the components necessary to manufacture every vehicle; the X5, for case, has a lot of parts contained in the car list of materials. mySAP Automotive produces the delivery timeframes for each element of match BMW's assembly-line prep and organizing policies.

BMW delivers these detailed analyses and appropriate JIT delivery timeframes to its suppliers. Major suppliers get the info through digital data interchange (EDI). Other suppliers get into the mySAP Automotive established site, where BMW claims the requisites to offer the latest data on its delivery requirements (Kuhlin, 2005). By logging online, suppliers can take a look data in genuine time, including release time structures, procurement data files, receipts, and executive files.

When they send components, the suppliers send BMW frontward transport notifications to give BMW with accurate data on component figures and delivery schedules. Components entering at the BMW premises are then obtained and shipped immediately to the lines. There, BMW utilizes mySAP Automotive to check manufacturing position in real time (Dickersbach, 2007). mySAP Automotive requires be aware of the production validation and components usage data every 3 minutes. Components used during processing are eliminated from the inventory list, and expenditures are uploaded to compute the worthiness of work in process.

Client demand for BMW's new X5 sports car and its own famous Z3 models needed a remedy that would effectively increase and assist streamlined developing. mySAP Automotive helps the company to minimize order-to delivery time, improves its supply chain initiatives in the areas of demand planning and monitoring and locating of materials deliveries, and enhances inventory precisions all over its production facilities- allowing BMW to immensely minimize time to client for its efficient cars.

Benefits of MIS for BMW

Effective Solution

BMW had been utilizing a custom-made data solution to handle its distributor and logistics needs. The organized was able to conclude its integration of mySAP Automotive only a month after this management information system became accessible. mySAP Automotive provides BMW an effective, measurable structure that can be widened and changes to consider new efficiency or developments in business procedures.

mySAP Automotive offers BMW with first class Internet operations and the commonly employed business types of procedures - from creation preparations and purchasing to sales and allocation- for a total supply string management remedy. The effective coordination between BMW and its own business partners helps the executive and massive manufacturing of personalized products (Woods, 2006). BMW calls for advantage of actual coordination on the Internet and instant pipeline awareness, enabling them to track developments in the midst of the development and manufacturing stages.

Immediate Usage of Data

Important BMW business types of procedures are merged with mySAP Automotive so data stored in BMW systems can be conveniently looked at, including prediction requisites on an element stage, sales purchases, and car expenses of materials. Since mySAP Automotive is not that hard to incorporate, BMW can connect it with its modernized warehouse. The information system's transparent environment and expandability have also allowed BMW to immediately merge its programs in to the venture site for suppliers in mySAP Organization Portals.

Aside from industry-based solution, BMW is utilizing mySAP Automotive for logistics, funding, and labor force improvement tasks. The organization has also proven Internet programs for supplier price establishment and analysis for manufacturing components, which were included to the mySAP Automotive.

Enhanced Efficiency

mySAP Automotive allows BMW to optimize profit opportunity, handle and limit bills, improve quality, and speed up period to delivery.

Minimized Risk

Updated data regarding jobs, procedures, efficient performance, and markets provide BMW primary indications of changes in demand, consumer needs, and financial situations.

Improved Visibility and Management

Improved analytics permit BMW to ascertain effectively where they're getting product and making expenses, permitting them to maximize efficiency in all of its resources (Knolmayer, 2009).

Quicker Time to Market

mySAP Automotive speed up the period to market by improving conversation, enhancing coordination, and controlling regular information in the complete procedures.

Widened Reach

With mySAP Automotive, BMW can control the whole value string, interacting through organization sites and allowing all natural coordination among employees, suppliers, and clients.

Increased Sales

mySAP Automotive allow BMW to predict and manage up to advertise demands, determine new business fads, and exploit new ways to increase market share and income. Assistance for business management allows methods like car sales, car service, components management and finance to be effectively watched by BMW (Missbach, 2000).

Enhanced Supply String Management

Locate-to-order and make-to-stock types of procedures offer perspectives in to the client needs, inventory, and potential - allowing BMW to address client demands.

Improved Aftermarket Service

With mySAP Automotive, BMW is able to know client requirements, improve customer support, and offer excellent assistance to improve revenues in the very best end aftermarket business.

Reduced Overall Expenditures of Ownership

mySAP Automotive decreases overall bills of ownership by offering high end features and eliminating the necessity for the expensive interfaces needed by other information systems.

Easy Integration

mySAP Automotive effectively mergers important aspects of BMW's operations, including supply chain management, product life-cycle management and business management (Stanford-Smith, 2001). mySAP Automotive offers BMW a centralized, merged groundwork, therefore the company doesn't have to control an information base of various systems.


The framework of mass production was initially presented by Vehicle industry in the past. But at present the industry is confront world competition and the demands of the industry have completely improved. The clients usually are not any more contented with limited options. They say what they need, the time they need it at the correct place. Clients are always regarded as an important source of information for automotive companies.

To address the requirements, make-to-order manufacturing is vital alternatively than mass production. Here the performance relies on speed; the speed of acknowledging market needs, the pace of building new frameworks, the pace of purchasing raw materials, the rate of creation and the tempo of shipping the products to the proper environments. Coordination the whole industry stakeholders-providers, sellers, and clients - is important.

The mySAP information system of BMW offers seamless flow of data to organizing the operations. mySAP Automotive is greater than a mere Supply Chain Management information system. mySAP Automotive provides a centralized information composition for engineering, supply string management, purchasing and business management. Whether or not the organization is a car manufacturer like BMW, a company of car parts or seller, mySAP Automotive supports these organizations to concentrate on their clients. Important advantages of the mySAP Automotive information system lies in offering established functions, improved program tools, and open up technology to acquire their mySAP Automotive information system up and running immediately - and assisting to attain their business targets.

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