Understanding the BMW Information System

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Understanding the BMW Information System

Companies are having a hard time organizing several data on their products and reports on updates in market trends. Management Information System or MIS helps them collate essential data for the companies' operations and management.

The Bayerische Motoren Werke Group or BMW Group is a German multinational company with an information system that collects data from within and outside the organization. This is so they can have information on products, suppliers, and industry updates. The information system helps BMW to create leading products in the vehicle industry worth mentioning in various types of academic assignments. Also, it provides infotainment in its system, shaping an elevated experience for its users as their vehicles update.

If you need an overview of BMW Managing Information Systems for your essay, this article can help you.

What Is the BMW Information System?

BMW's brain is from its information technology. It's composed of experts building a computer system that will help key personnel to understand issues and information regarding the company to aid them in decision-making. What does this information technology do?

  • It provides reports and keeps track of the company's overall performance to track and improve parts where the company lacks.
  • It also has information on suppliers and even rival companies such as Mercedes to compare its performance with the others.
  • It uses all the information curated by the system to maintain and develop products and monitor their details.

You can also find an information system within the cars that BMW manufactures. It has an IDrive controller that you can use, which has an updated software from the BMW information system. In your car's home screen, you can access thousands of updated information from navigation and connect your phone, such as Android Auto and Apple Carplay, as entertainment and connect information.

New BMW models are being developed with the BMW iDrive system since it has become a significant advancement in the automotive industry. The warranty of the vehicle purchased is linked with the main software of the brand, making it easier to claim services during damages.

What Is MIS?

MIS or Manage Information System backs up companies during essential procedures in creating products and maintaining its operations processes. It's a computerized information system utilized in decision-making and is usually composed of a company's financial information to organize and program reports on operations for different levels of management. Including it in your research paper is important because it's primarily used for feedback on the management and company's performance.

How Does It Work?

MIS receives data from the company. The data collected can be automated, linked with computers, or manually coded in the system. Then, reports are programmed using built-in query languages to display functions on the computer system. The status of different products and financial reports of the company is displayed together with its performance to evaluate and assess the current situation and develop solutions to improve weak points.

Company Overview

The BMW Group is a global company labeled as the leading manufacturer of premium cars and motorcycles. It owns a massive plant in Munich since 1922 and is composed of three brands, namely BMW, MINI, and Rolls-Royce.

The BMW Group sets the standard in production technology with its intelligent material to shift to digitalizing car systems. They incorporate touchscreen, voice control, and gesture control in their products' systems. It is one of the most advanced technologies in the automotive industry, especially with its voice commands.

Famous series by BMW Group are the 1 Series (F40), 2 Series (F44), and 3 Series (G20), which uses the iDrive system of the company. It provides information on the vehicle system, journey details, music, communication, and climate control features. BMW makes sure to have continuous software updates in its system to secure a premium experience for its users.

BMW and Its MIS

The company uses mySAP Automotive combined with SAP Business Collection programs in various operations to develop products in the automotive industry. It helps in the company's challenges in the industry and provides techniques and solutions for the employees and the business itself.

The SAP has combined engineering design, planning, processing, purchasing, sales, and service, creating competent employees, stable financial performance, effective operations, product and service dominance, and excellent client value, which works hand-in-hand to improve the company.

mySAP Automotive

mySAP Automotive monitors production status in real-time. It registers production confirmation and parts utilization now and then. Parts used during assembly time are removed from the inventory and added to the production cost. The monitoring system saves time in auditing and added costs. mySAP also increases the efficiency of the company's order-to-delivery time. Time for customers improved due to fast planning, tracking, tracing, deliveries, and inventory.

Here's how it works:

  • Manufacturing orders of raw materials from BMW's planning system are received fast, including the parts needed to build the car or motorcycle.
  • It is then sent to the JIT (Just In Time) delivery schedules to the suppliers already, where there is no need to wait very long periods to place an order for the parts.
  • An EDI or electronic data interchange for large suppliers where order placement is automated and much more manageable. These systems of placing orders are efficient through the use of over-the-air connectivity through the internet browser.
  • The suppliers can view the purchasing documents, invoices, and engineering documents.
  • Then, BMW can see the release schedules of the orders, and during shipment, there are ASNs (Advance Shipping Notifications), which include the parts counts and delivery date.

Roles of mySap Automotive in BMW

Why is mySAP Automotive important to BMW?

Provide Information Across Various Departments

  • Operations. Modeling the various automobiles and their creation process is done through one system to save all information. With this, the data collected from the system will not be repeated, and it will be much easier to locate files.
  • Accounting. mySAP provides an improved accounting system for BMW. It has records of all the transactions within the company for an easy audit system.
  • Finance. The system supplies financial data to predict future financial needs through trends from past and present financial reports.
  • Marketing. mySAP has information on other competing companies. It helps BMW in product development and dissemination, pricing options, advertising, and sales prediction.
  • People Resource. mySAP can build a healthy company relationship between employees and company leaders. Human resources can connect the whole company through the mySAP.

Facilitate Decision Making at the Three Tiers of Management

Operational Level Systems

It has an up-to-date information system. The product inventories, manufactured parts, financial reports, industrial updates, and market prices are updated in real-time. With this, decision-making is made with the correct data reports, and the processes of manufacturing are easier to monitor. Thus an efficient operating system is created.

Management Level Systems

Leaders of the company use a rational process in managing BMW where there is proper analysis of the options provided by the system of mySAP. It has a simple operation chain management through the information that can be accessed any time by different management teams.

They can assess their performance in terms of the department they are handling, like the supply chain management, where the team assigned in the supply chain can control and monitor the supplies going in and out of the manufacturing system. It will be easier for the next management level to create reports such as the financial team reports on costs of raw materials and the profit from the products sold.

Strategic Level System

BMW Group can assess the information on the market prices and current technological trends to develop a new product that is up-to-date and has advancements that the client has been wanting. The company can also monitor the overall BMW Group employees' overall performance and head through the reports that are accessible within minutes through the mySAP system. This will be an avenue to create solutions for the problems each department is facing. The team can view the weak performances and plan strategies to overcome such and improve the system.

Serves as an Efficient Opportunity for Taking Care of Business Processes

Through the mySAP automotive, BMW Group can identify current trends in the automobile industry, and the company sees the needs of its clients. They can then develop new products where it creates a new opportunity for the business.

Though mySAP does not lessen the costs for developing new products, it established a system for BMW which reduces wrong decisions from unreliable data and costs more due to waste of resources. It creates an efficient business process for the company to take extra care in manufacturing and developing products. They assess the need in the market and the resources that will be used, and how it can affect the whole company if it would create a new venture for the company or create an unwanted impact.


As the world advances in technology, the automotive industry has made new functionality demands on car manufacturers, such as BMW. It made a new operating system for the company to adapt to the client's demand in technological advances.

The company continues to update a new iDrive and new BMW series to have its name as a leading global brand. mySAP has been their backbone throughout the process of customization of cars and motorcycles. It has provided a control system with a ConnectedDrive from the user to its leading software where updates on the current system are programmed. This connectivity assures the customers a premium experience with the products they purchase.

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