Safety And Security Plus The Hospitality Industry Travel And Leisure Essay

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Originally published Oct 20, 2018, updated Feb 25, 2021
Safety And Security Plus The Hospitality Industry Travel And Leisure Essay

Introduction And Track Record Of The Study

Safety and security has a big role in this century. Everyone is concerning about their security and safety when they are staying in the hotel during getaway. Inside the worldwide hotel industry, the management too concern about security and safety issues pertaining on the guests and employees.

In the hospitality industry, these are pleased with themselves because they're known friendly to everyone in such way of frame of mind in welcoming their customers or guests. Therefore, they ought to practice and keep maintaining the idea of a "home-from-home" with their "open-door" tackle with comfort, convenience and privateness to their guests (Gill, Moon, Seaman & Turbin, 2002).

After the disasters such as terrorist attack at Luxor Egypt in 1992 and 1993, 852 travellers passed on on the shipwreck of Estonia in Baltic Sea on 28th Sept 1994, Iraq warfare terror episode of September 11, 2001 in NY, United States, the SARS epidemic in 2003, Tsunami devastation on 26th December 2004 in Thailand and Bali bombings, the need for safety and security across the world keeps growing and this issue of security and safety has become a popular discussion among the list of people on earth. Besides, almost all of the hotels have finally implemented a safety and security plan as well as quality plan such as providing training for the employees and guest's security and safety (Steene, 2009, Lockyer, 2007 and Helena & Natasa, 2010).

The hotel management has segregated the hotel protection into two extensive categories which are security and safety. The management classified safety just as the services provided, also included the engineering of the hotel interior designed whereby making certain they are really safe built for the employees to work in and in-house friends. However, security in hotel related to risks that establish by people than preparing by the physical surroundings, this means it depends on the individual who placed the security threat that can't be predict (Insurance plan Section, 2008).

Based on Enz (2009) personal definition on security and safety, she defined security as guarding guest's safe practices, while keeping guests' property safe will be included in the security definition. In other words, relating to Enz and Masako (2002), security involves in safeguarding employees and guests while in the hotel area from serious hurt and loss of life.

In terms of safety, it could be further grouped by various aspects such as flame safety yet others areas of hotel safety. As for hotel safety, it includes food safety, pool safety rather than forgetting the hotel's property safeness such as crime safety (Plan Department, 2008).

Problem Statements

Training security and safety steps is important to the hospitality industry whereby with no important of steps, the hospitality and tourim industry will not have growth so fast. This is because everyone take their life as treasured as gold. However nowaday, hotels only used of the tecnology security and safety system to protect their visitor. They should have also used of training method and methods to train their workers and educate visitor as a precautions for accidents to happen. Morever, the hospitality should become more concern which aspects that will have a high rate of damages happen in the daily rountine. However, why training is crucial for the hospitality industry to look after on? What exactly are the ways that the hospitality industry in a position to use to train their workers and guests to keep safe from hazard? Which aspects must they worried on?

Research Objectives

The intention of this research is done to determine worker security and safety training and education for friends do helps to minimize the security and safety issues in the hospitality industry. This research is completed to achieve several goals in the next below:

To determined the value of training security and safety.

To determined the techniques the hotels apply to train their employees and educate friends on security and safety to feel secure and comfortable while in the hotel.

To identify the factors that the hotels will look into concern and train employees and inform guest to prevent these issues to happen.

Research Questions

This analysis is attempted answer the research questions in the following below:

Why it is need for training security and safety?

What will be the ways that the hotel implements to teach their workers and educate their friends on the security and safety?

What will be the factors that the hotels will look into concern and teach employees and inform guest to prevent these issues to occur?

Hypothesis Statement

The hypothesis in this research will be done based on the value of the populace that your hypothesis affirmation will be related to the importance of training safety and security will lower the percentage of security and safety issues. In this hypothesis research, the writer has used a assertion that may give less bad influence on the result.

Ho = There is no significance between the importance of training security and safety will lower the ratio of security and safety and also have no effect on safety and security issues.

H1 = There's a significance between the importance of training security and safety will lower the ratio of security and safety and also have no influence on safety and security issues.

Theoretical And Conceptual Framework
The Need For Training Safety And Security On Employees And Guests

Importance of training safety and security

Training the Employees On Safe Practices And Security
Ways and Factors To Concerned On
Fire Safety
Accident and Private Safety
Educating Friends On Safeness And Security
Crime Security And Security

Figure 1. 1 A conceptual construction on the value of training safety and security on employees and friends in the hotel industry.

Basically the above mentioned figure shows about this research will be focusing on several facts and facts including the aspects that the hotel should become more concerned on by applying ways to safeguard them. Before the author driven the aspects and ways on guarding the employees and guest's safety, the author would like to explain on the importance of training safety and security on employees and friends and not merely counting on the safety and security features such as CCTV yet others more.

As for the aspects for the hotel to be concerned on would be the fire safety, mishap and private safety and crime security and safety. These aspects should get worried on because they will happen in our daily life. Flames is a phenomena aspect which we can not predict to happen, thus it's important for the hospitality to train the employees and friends on ways to overcome it when it happens. For crashes and private safe practices, if the employees and visitor are teach to avoid them to happen, the speed of damages will be reduce. For instance, housekeepers should be trained in a right way to completely clean the room with safety precautions. Crime happens nearly every day in our life, thus the hotel should also take in safeguards even though there are security police force and officers. For instance, the hotel must educate employees on ways to not fall in to the unlawful traps when they suspected suspicious people questioning in the hotels.

Significance Of The Study

Training employees and teach in-house guests to keep themselves safe and secure is a very important elements in the hospitality and tourism industry nowadays. With the training of safety and security, they'll reach the employees and guest's satisfaction where they will feel safe exactly like they are simply in their own house. In the mean time, it will raise the attention from the outsiders and travelers if they know the hotel manage well safely and security matters, thus this will brings advantages to the hotel when they need more manpower and boost the economy and position of the hotel.

The author had recognized the types of training options for employees and guests to check out to defeat the negative factors which can make them feel safer while being in the hotel whenever and anywhere. Furthermore, the effects of the method used will minimize the security and safety issues. This research can help the organizations in the hospitality industry to understand the purpose of training security and safety will benefit the employees and travelers. This can also advantage the hotel as they practice and applying on the employees and guests to manage and increase the security and safety measures.

Scope And Limitation

Basically, this research is mainly focusing on the method that the hotel's management uses to train their workers and educates their in-house friends to keep them safe and sound, also help reduce negative issues that will took place in the hotel and the surrounding. Hotels keep them safe and sound in terms of avoiding accidents and fatality on the employees and guests when there are accidents, crime and flames.

However, there are several limitations related to the study have occurred to be able to complete this research effectively. Firstly, it will be the availableness to find extra data, the electronic sources. The author has experienced some complications in searching additional information and electric articles and journals from web sites that related to training safety and security for employees and educating guests when being in the hotel. Despite the fact that, the respective college university has provided several options for the writer like academic websites but there are still lack of sources for the writer to collect more information because some of the journals and information have to be purchased before consume. Moreover, the author got faced some problems because of missing experience and knowledge in executing a proposal. It is a great problem when the writer does not have sufficient experience and the abilities to acquire strong and good data because of this research.

Chapter Two

Literature Review
2. 1 Introduction

In this section, it will provides the finding of the writers got done research regarding on quite of training the employees and teach the guests, also several ways to teach the employees and instruct guests to keep safe while these are in the hotel. Besides, it will include the factors where in fact the hotel could be more concern on and prevent injuries happened. As for the prior researcher's studies and theories, they will be used as supporting information also making certain the methods and factors will be concentrating on can help in this research. Furthermore, all information and data that have been gathered for this research are from various supplementary data options such as electronic articles and journals.

2. 2 Importance Of Training For Safety And Security

The phrase "training" is means by giving a person the actual and enough information to her or him needed in order to work carefully. It isn't crucial that training have to have a formal course session or seminars and lessons for the employees to wait.

In this generation, there are many aspects that make the hotel successful whereby these aspects are health, basic safety and sustainability of the visitors attractions business (Williams 2008). Corresponding to Pitt (2007), in United Kingdom, there are about more than 30 million of business days lost in every year due to employee's health sickness and seven million are because of employee harmed in the working place. Every year, there are more than a million of employees suffering from bully while working by their own fellow workers or open public. Therefore, to be able to reduce the number of workplace injury as well as others factors, training employees and friends to keep themselves safe while working and residing in the hotel are necessary.

Based on the research by Health insurance and Safety in the Wedding caterers Industry Liaison Committee, there is a legal legislation to provide information and training regarding to health insurance and safety aspects to all or any employees who are needed (http://www. hse. gov. uk).

2. 3 Training Employees

Weitze (2008) observed that if the hotel management is missing of employees training, insufficient maintaining the procedures and types of procedures and lastly missing of avoidance, these will all lead to a safe practices related event. Thus, it's important to train the employees from the hotel itself first before to teach the friends.

Moreover, the staffs of Shangri-la Hotel will be the first people who will interact with the guests after they step into the hotel. No matter they are from which office of the hotel, for as long they are Shangri-la Hotel employees such as bell young man, front workplace staffs, housekeepers and much more, the employees are liable to create a culture of safety and professionalism to keep themselves safe and keeping the visitor security and safety as well (Kwiecinski, 2010). Therefore, it is crucial for the management to train every employee to be able to face to face in any incidents such as fire, police force and other crisis services people in order that they may help out if that is clearly a need (William, 2008). Predicated on a health and safety administrator, Duncan Aspin, he previously stated that managers need to condition up health and safety training policy for guaranteeing every worker have sufficient training on safety and security issues to reduce car accident (Mottram, 2005).

For an example, regarding to Mottram (2005), providing program regarding on personnel development and safeness training has given a side to North-West department of Birse Civil to attain zero percent accident rate, which is also the top 1 company in UK as building industry for safe practices. Therefore, training employees not only will save their lives but also help Shangri-la Hotel to rise up hotel position.

2. 4 Educating Guests

Besides Shangri-la Hotel train their employees to keep themselves safe and implementing security and safety features for the visitor safety, additionally it is important for them to teach their in-house friends to take care of themselves as well. Generally, everyone who trips around to check out accommodations would expect they'll be safe and their house will be secure going out of them in the hotel while they are really out for travel. However, sometimes it is hard to predict that visitor will be safe by simply depending on hotel's safety and security features, thus the guests should also understand how to protect themselves away from crimes, injuries and fire.

According to the study by Mottram (2005), in the year of 2003, 80 people who are the friends and employees of Birse Civils have attended the protection management and programs. In result, the company has registered as zero injuries occur within the company area.

2. 5 Ways And Factors That'll Be Concerned On
2. 5. 1 Fire Safety

Fire accident can be an accident whereby we can not predict when to happen and when not to happen. Even when there is a fireplace, the guests may not learn how to handle because they're not aware than it. Therefore, the hotel management should take precautions on handling the safeness of their employees and guests. For instance, sometimes overseas in-house guests might have slow react to the evacuation alarms when it bands because they don't have a knowledge situation in the neighborhood hotel (Roberts & Chan, 2000).

According to Helena & Natasa (2010), to be able to protect visitor safe practices, the management of the hotel needs to educate guest by providing instructions, labels and reminders which related to open fire preventions. The purpose of put into action this so that guests will not be panic and nervous when there is fire mishap, in fact they'll stay calm and know the way to leave the hotel building easily.

Throughout the research, as for the fire safeguards to safeguard the guest and employees safe practices, Shareton Hotel did the best in training their workers to handle flames incident in order to save their life and the guest life too. They provide full induction and training for all hotel staffs on working safe techniques and reactions which relate with fire. Besides, new employees will be trained to make use of types of extinguishers and educated them ways to take care of when the hotel is burning (Roberts & Chan, 2000).

2. 5. 2 Damages And Private Safety

In the Occupational Basic safety and Health Action (OSHA), they have explained in 1970 that each working people either man or woman in the nation need to have a safe and healthful working conditions which does mean that without having any injuries through the working period (Hobson, 1996). Inside the hospitality industry, it is important for the hoteliers to look into this aspect because mishap can occur in the hotel easily at anytime and anywhere on the employees and guests.

In the research by Mottram (2005), the company of Birse Civils does indeed provide training to their employees including first-aid training. This training is to ensure that their employees are licensed to medical and Safety Regulation 1981, which need four times training at St John Ambulance premises. Thus, as for all hospitality industry, the management should provide training such as this as a security to their employees and guests safety.

In addition, in certain time, housekeeping office has a higher percentage of leading to damages when the housekeepers do not taken care of dangerous chemicals in a proper way and rehearsing bad poses while cleaning the rooms. Because of they are interacting with dangerous hazardous chemicals that may affect their health and life, security and safety training and orientation are important and should be practice in the housekeeping team even although housekeepers didn't handle any equipment. For example, Wyswert hotel will provide training and information for the housekeepers on what they are supposed and not supposed to do (Kristanti & Kuhn, 2005).

However, it is sometimes a part of the employee's careers to safeguard the in-house guest's security. Leong (2000) has stated that the entire employees have to be trained so that they find out about the security procedures to follow which will be helpful for the friends. Thus, training employees is important especially when the front tables agent is coping with the appearance guest's room key. Matching to Kristanti & Kuhn (2005) and Woods, Ninemeier, Hayes & Austin (2007), they have mentioned that front desk providers are not allowed to give out tips, room numbers, emails and email to anyone from the requester with no owner's of the room real individuality. Also, through the process when leading desk agent passes the room key to the guest, they should not announce the guest's room quantity out in the public.

In addition, restaurant staffs also are likely involved in keeping the friends safety and security whereby they need to keep their customers property in secure when they are experiencing their dishes in the particular restaurant. The restaurant administrator needs to coach the server to become more alert on the client possessions (Kristanti & Kuhn, 2005).

2. 5. 3 Criminal Offenses Security And Security

Nowadays, violent offense at work has turned into a world issue that everyone will concern. Therefore, it is currently has become a problem to the hospitality industry that they will be facing which problem is increasing in other countries (Hobson, 1996). Following the incident of a popular singer was raped with a knife pointed at her in Long Island motel, the problems of security turn into a serious issue to all or any hotels in the United States (Leong, 2000). Therefore, hotels have alert to criminal offenses issues and security system and begin practicing offense management (Gill, Moon, Seaman & Turbin, 2002). Criminal offenses in the workplace has generally separated into different categories such as robbery and other commercial crimes, company or other worker direct situations and terrorism.

In order to reduce the pace of violence criminal offense in the hospitality industry, the management can strengthen the administrator and supervisors security skills and ways to use first aids. It's important for both of them to be expert in handling these securities because they are the one will handle the issues when there's a problem. For instance of a circumstance that happened in Pasadena, Tx in 1977, the manger of the hotel didn't help the sufferer because of lacking of security knowledge (Hobson, 1996).

Besides training the bigger level of management, training leading line employees is needed too so that they will have the data on controlling it. The management of the hotel can give training such as "smile training" which known as "don't look them in the eye training" to teach the employees in order that they will be more prepare and quiet when there is a situation occur. A definite and understandable teaching should get in order to avoid fighting when there is a robbery (Hobson, 1996).

Under the study that has been done by Shellum (2002), several hotels took action to strengthen the security issues. They have got better their security-guards training and then assess them by standard operating types of procedures such that it is constant. Research has shown that recognition is the most important tools to be able to look after security, thus the exemplory case of the hotel has done show the right way of training the employees (Helena & Natasa, 2010). Thus, they may have increased the staff-awareness by giving them more training instead of hiring security guards (http://www. hotelasiapacific. com).

Chapter Three
Research Methodology
3. 1 Introduction

In this chapter, the writer will be explaining about the study methodology which is using to gather data because of this research and seeing the way the data will reach the study objectives. While using used of the research strategy by following the structure of suggestions, it will help the writer to accumulate reliable and trustable results for the study. To be able to test the results because of this research, qualitative and quantitative methods will be used as a support with one another and the results of the results will be accurate in this research.

3. 2 Research Design

Qualitative methods can be used because of this research whereby it will be rely more upon interviews sessions and some case studies research working with some small numbers of people. The writer will collect the info and information by focusing on to interview the people in Shangri-la Hotel about how they coach their staffs and friends to keep themselves safe while being in the hotel. The author would plan to interview the managers based on private basis so that more information included own ideas and thoughts will be given by themselves. The interview questionnaire will be established and ask based on the related questions stated in Chapter 1.

The progress to do interview session with the respondent will fundamentally starts off with creating the interview questionnaires and scripts which may have related to the research. After the progress of getting ready the questionnaire which will be asked to the respondent, setting up and conducting a direct test steps will be studied for the interview treatment. In the end, the last portion of the process would be the author interview the respondent in a single on one basis.

Quantitative method is another part of research methodology which will be used to accumulate information from the respondent. This research method will have less interview periods and observation. However, it is more towards on the selections of the info and analyzes the numerical data and statistic. For this research, survey technique will be employed by creating a review questionnaire for the respondent, which is the visitor in Shangri-la Hotel. That is done in order for the writer to have more understanding upon this research.

3. 3 Data Collection

In this research, there are two types of data gathered that has been used for this study which will be the primary data and supplementary data. The blend of these two data collection may be useful and able to show exact results which will help the author to do because of this research.

3. 3. 1 Principal Data

In this research, principal data is very important to the researchers to acquire data because the information that gathered is immediate from the respondent itself. Therefore, it'll be much more accurate. However, this method that'll be used requires additional time, cost and energy to complete. Thus, the author needs to spend more work to be able to acquire great information and data.

The most important data because of this research will be collecting through one on one interview and questionnaire review. Firstly, the author will be only focus on the manager of each office in Shangri-la Hotel to gather information and data which relate with this research. The respondent that will be interviewed will be at least at the director level; therefore the results taken will be more useful and reliable. The interview questionnaire will be asked will more basic on the ways and the factors of security and safety issues will be concentrating on.

The purpose of using interview method is basically because data that given will be more comprehensive and interviewer in a position to ask more personal question in order to gather extra information. Also, it is possible for the interviewer to track record down the chat during interview procedure as personal references and proofs with the agreement approve from the interviewees.

3. 3. 2 Extra Data

Secondary data are data that have compiled and done by earlier researchers and now become the needs for the existing researcher. Besides, secondary data can be known as ready quick resources with strong facts and facts. Secondary data includes literature, journals, articles, news among others more.

As because of this research, the supplementary data could be more relying on the electronic journals and less on academic textbooks. The data collected will be used more on internet sources because it is simple to assemble valuable data which have done by someone else previously. Electronic publications articles which used to find relevant articles and journals as a support for a few facts in this research are from the data source of EBSCOhost from KDU e-library websites, Emerald from USCI library website and Google Scholar. All information that collected from these three websites is validity, accuracy and reliability also free for bias.

In addition, the author will acquire some literature for extra information which relate to the research doing from the library of KDU University or college University at Petaling Jaya campus.

3. 4 Sampling Design
3. 4. 1 Sampling Technique

The writer would choose non-probability sampling as an instrument to choose the respondent for this research study. The writer will be interviewed the professionals of Shangri-la Hotel through quota sampling to get information. However, quota sampling will never be a helpful tool for the writer to get this done research because not many people are decided on to be interviewed, thus convenience sampling will be use within study questionnaire. The questionnaire will be sent out to the targeted respondents who are willing to answer the questions sincerely. With the use of this method, it offers the author to acquire large numbers of full complete questionnaires fast and inexpensive which help the author to save cost.

3. 4. 2 Sampling Frame

In this research, the hotel that the author choose to do on research is Shangri-la Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, thus the writer will only concentrate on the respondents who will be the guests who stays on in Shangri-la Hotel regardless of gender or races for the convenient sampling. As for the quota sampling, the author will only select people who have a high degree of management to interview.

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