The Not So Wonderful World of Eurodisney

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The Not So Wonderful World of Eurodisney

Euro Disney and other Disney are subsidiaries to Walt Disney Company. This is a research study based on Euro Disney to critically analyse and answer question of the NOT Wonderful World of EuroDisney- Things are Better Now at Paris Disneyland. EuroDisney first yr of operation was faced with several factors in which hindered their financial development and success in the first season of procedure.

The case study will analyse and answer several questions associated with the Not Wonderful world of EuroDisney. The questions are divided in to five which are: 1) Why was Euro Disney undertaking improperly during its first season of procedure? Recommend and propose strategies and ideas to increase the situation? 2) To what degree do you consider these factors were a) foreseeable and b) controllable by either Euro Disney or the father or mother company Disney? Evaluate the cross-cultural marketing skills of Disney! 3) Do you consider the new theme park would have encountered the same problems if a location in Spain have been selected? 4) If you were the business development director, what could be the major consideration you'll go through before selecting a location for the next Disneyworld? 5) From your own discussion decide on a location you think will be the next Disneyland site.

By the finish of the examination, a specific understanding it to be derive on what business lead to the not wonderful world of EuroDisney, and shading light on errors created by the parent or guardian company.

Chapter 1


The Walt Disney Company is the parent company of Euro Disney and other Disney company in various countries rendering it a network of international family entertainment network in every house hold about the world with four business diversification that are media systems, parks and resorts, studio room entertainment and consumer products. Disneyland, Disney world and everything places Disney have been known as the happiest put on earth, the purpose of Walt Disney is opening Disneyland was not to just be a theme playground, but to be always a theme playground that the complete family could enjoy. But the Walt Disney Company was founded in 1938, it was not until 1952 that the theme area, Disneyland, was opened to the general public. When Walt Disney opened an amusement park in the center of Southern California orange groves in 1955, he changed just how that Americans, and the earth, viewed such entertainment. After the domain of carnival hucksters, carnivals underwent a significant makeover at the hands of the top of the Disney Studios

Walter Elias Disney is a pioneer, innovator and possessor of one of the very most fertile imaginations on earth. He was an American film producer, director, screenwriter, voice actor, animator, businessperson, entertainer, international icon and philanthropist. Disney is well-known for his influence in the field of entertainment through the twentieth century. As the co-founder (with his brother Roy O. Disney) of Walt Disney Productions, Disney became one of the best-known motion picture producers in the world. The organization he co-founded, now known as The Walt Disney Company, today has annual revenues of around U. S. $35 billion. Disney is specially noted for being a film designer and a favorite showman, as well as an innovator in animation and theme recreation area design. He and his staff created a number of the world's most well-known fictional characters including Mickey Mouse, a character for which Disney himself was the original tone. He received fifty-nine Academy Prize nominations and received twenty-six Oscars, including an archive four in a single year, presenting him more awards and nominations than other individual. He also won seven Emmy Awards. He's the namesake for Disneyland and Walt Disney World Holiday resort theme parks in the United States, Japan, France, and China.

In Apr 1992, The Walt Disney Company and Affiliated Companies exposed a new playground for European tourists. It had been located by the river Marne some 20 a long way east of Paris and was made to be the largest and most lavish theme playground that Walt Disney Company got built as compared to other sister companies (Cateora, & Graham, p. 615). Nevertheless, the introduction of big theme park in Paris instead happen Euro Disney's set up problems because the management did some blunders on task plan. They cannot arrange a proper plan. Because the management not able to purposely consider certain results, there was a something wrong in planning Euro Disney. The Disney management also didn't have adequate assumption about the European market as well as they have for their mother or father mark.

Chapter 2

2. 0 Case Study

The not-So-Wonderful World of Euro Disney - Things Are Better Now at Paris Disneyland.

2. 1 The questions of research study to be responded:

  • Question 1

Why was Euro Disney executing terribly during its first year of procedure? Recommend and propose strategies and ideas to improve the situation?

  • Question 2

To what level do you consider that these factors were a) foreseeable and b) controllable by either Euro Disney or the parent company Disney?

  • Question 3

Evaluate the cross-cultural marketing skills of Disney!

  • Question 4

Do you think the new theme playground would have experienced the same problems if a location in Spain had been selected? Discuss!

  • Question 5

If you were the business development manager, what would be the major consideration you would proceed through before selecting a location for the next Disneyworld? From your discussion select a location you think would be the next Disneyland site.

Chapter 3

3. 0 Answers To Circumstance Study

3. 1 Question 1

Factors that contributed to Euro Disney's poor performance during its first season of operation.

Euro Disney's factors of poor performance marketing errors were present throughout the complete inception of Euro Disney. Euro Disney were confronted with several affecting factors which contributed to the failing or poor performance of the business, the factors came along with location, price, and insufficient research in trade rate, as well as the design of the theme park all played assignments in the lack of success experienced by Euro Disney. The factors that played out in to the unsuccessful first 12 months might have been foreseen and somewhat easily by Euro Disney or the parent or guardian company, the same goes for their being able to control them. Hostility one of the French experienced risen even as the plans were being placed as it was explained earlier, that they did not want American imperialism invading their country and culture. Cateora & Graham, p. 614 information, "Paris theatre director Mnouchhkin" descried Euro Disney as a "cultural Chernobyl. " In land 1989, throughout a stop by at Paris, French columnist pelted Michael Eisner with eggs. The joke going around at the time was, "for Euro Disney to modify properly to France, all seven of snow white's dwarfs should be called Grumpy. . . "

  • Location

Many factors contributed to Euro Disney' poor performance through the first yr of procedure and several factors could have been alleviated if the proper factors would have been viewed previously. The first problem was the demographics and subsidies, and because the French federal government made Disney an offer it could not refuse, they located Euro Disney 20miles outside of Paris, a location that was thought to be very convenient. It enjoyed a poor role in the success in the success for Disney. Just how many people go to Paris to get glimpses of American theme parks? Most of the tourist heading to Paris would hang out travelling the town and its wonders. About 17 million lives less than two hour drive from Paris and another 310 million can travel there at the same tie or less. The French administration offered the business more than $1billion in various incentives; all in the expectation that task would create 30, 000 French careers. "The land arrived at rock bottom prices, cheap lending options were offered, and a passionate broadband TGV and suburban railway hyperlink was also provided by the People from france. France provided Disney an offer they could not refuse, overlooking the over value franc, bad weather, French people not being known for their hospitality and periodic anti-American demonstration by upset farmers because French agricultural subsidies had been lower, Paris was still chosen to be home of Euro Disney. The local climate in Paris was also unsuitable and off-season attendance was way below expectation. Many landmarks incidents were competition to Euro Disney's opening year, such event was the main one placed in Spain. "Spain held the world reasonable in Seville and Barcelona was home to the 1992 Olympics which needed tourists to area apart from Paris. " All in all, 1992 had not been looking good for Euro Disney in conditions of success.

  • Foreign uncontrollable and Exchange rate.

In Paris when it comes to economic causes, legal pushes, competition, and culture can be held accountable for Euro Disney misfortune. In starting in the summertime of 1992, European countries was getting into recession and this triggered income from catering, merchandise, including souvenirs and foods, hotels to be way below that was expected. High rates of interest also induced many currencies to devaluate against Franc leading to more financial problems for Euro Disney. In negotiation with France, legal representatives were used too much. The rigid legal strategy was offensive to the France, who, like the majority of Europeans consider depending on attorneys to reach a summary to be final resort. Despite the overseas market uncontrollable hindering the playground from the beginning, when Euro Disney opened in the summertime of 1992 many marketing and functional errors factored into the parks unsuccessful opening.

  • Advertisement created by Euro Disney

Another controllable factor was the advert made by Euro Disney, which factored the indegent the poor undertaking by the Euro Disney in Paris. Euro Disney advertising got emphasised Disney image as an appealing bit of North american somewhat than an trying to explain to customers what they can actually do for the recreation area. France (2004) reports, "every surface that may produce an advert placed on it clothing, buses, taxis, myriad walls and billboards, even the snow you sky on now hawks something. " Relating to Wikipedia encyclopaedia, Ò‘Advertising is the campaign of goods and services, companies and ideas, usually performed by an recognized sponsor. Company are bombarding us with thousand of advert with only 1 intention, to persuade us to buy their product. Euro Disney's image marketing did not explain to Europeans that the theme park was or what attractions it experienced to offer the European consumer. The business advertising centered on the size of the park and the glamour behind it that this poor online marketing strategy hurt over-all business. No one in France cared that Euro Disney acquired cost over $4 billion and that its 4, 800 acres include five split recreation areas, six hotels with room for 5, 200 people in all, an entertainment centre, a 27 gap golf course and a wooded campground. The online marketing strategy in the us was found in France and it backfired when the French visitors stayed from the recreation area. Yes advertising bombards us everywhere, but it isn't without control and rules by the government, businesses, and residents. This opens one of the major issues in advertising, "the question of regulation and ethics. " The sensitivity identified by the French with regards to the advert was that, it didn't tell them the particular citizens will take advantage of the EuroDisney, and also the French weren't happy with the way the Americans use their own advertising style.

  • Poor Management operation

The management of Euro Disney had difficulties anticipated to ethnical and lack of understanding of the French culture. Operational mistakes that easily could have been avoided accounted for more troubles than were expected in the Euro Disney. In regards to employees, alcohol, entrance and hotel prices, and breakfast in the hotel, staffing problems, and polices regarding house animals, many problems cause the Euro Disney misfortune in the first season. The employees dressed code enforced on employees prohibited facial hair and limited the use of cosmetic and jewellery. The lack of understanding by the parent country with regards to the dress culture of the People from france influenced customer patronage. The France didn't think dress benchmarks like that been around outside the west military services academy. Also the ban on liquor caused astonishment in a country where a glass of wine is generally given for introduction which is necessary as a fork for eating. However banning the alcohol in this theme park could have have you ever been a factor is incredible and since it was a major issue, this insurance plan of not portion alcohol in the park was also a hindering factor at Euro Disney. Another factor that brings about poor procedure was the purchase price system. Prices entail around Euro Disney were also the reason for it not performing well rather than generating earnings. "consultant who examined the area say that its high admission price thirty percent more that Disney Orlando makes guests keen to have as many rides as it can be, so they spend less time searching for Mickey Mouse button ears and such". Prices at the Disney hotel were high in comparison to other hotels in Paris, the hotels in Paris runs from $180 to $380 in the Paris metropolis.

  • Staffing problem

One of the major factors in the client romance in the international marketing, even at the local market is the customer- personnel marriage. At Euro Disney, there were staffing methodology problems too. The company had attempted using the same team work model it do use either in America or Japan, which didn't work in France. Within the first nine weeks of Euro Disney's procedure, about 1, 000 employees, ten percent of the staff left. Individuals were departing because they noticed these were not being grasped and they weren't being treated in an appropriate manner that was reasonable to them. The business actually educated that Monday would be a les active day, while Friday a busy busy time, however the reverse was the case, Monday ended up being very occupied at the Euro Disney.

  • Unforeseen issues

Factors that really could not be seen by professionals included the approach to European recession, the Golf warfare in 1991, and increased interest rates. Exterior factors that damaged business were also the devaluation of the Franc money in the international market, which lead to rivals to draw the interest of customers to the various sites. These competition were the world's fare in Seville and the 199 Olympics, that was performed in Barcelona. (Cateora, & Graham, p. 615)

  • Ethnocentrism

The professionals of Disney and Euro Disney used their way to do business, their ethnical belief and ethics, and what they know and are used to to be able to get a different country to do the same. Cateora & Graham represents in more detail, "A brainstorming, kick the door down attitude seemed to reign amidst the U. S. decision manufacturers. " The authors described one past manager's comment, "We were arrogant, it was like, we were building the Taj Mahal and folks should come on our conditions. " Ethnocentrism is usually referred to as "tunnel perspective. This view says that one certain ethnic group values about morals is the correct one and better than any group. The French observed the American professionals as bullies, arrogant, and workaholics. A search for this issue, "Business culture Vs French" (n. d) refers to Laura Hampton, France ministry of Education as she explains the views that the France have about American business and culture:

"The French have a love or hate romance with the U. S. Our company is deeply admired for many things (entertainment industry, our political system, our optimism as a people) nevertheless they are also very critical of the role the U. S has performed in globalisation that they see intimidating their own identity, culture, and terms. . . (Regarding management procedures) the People from france are less immediate about theory expectation and you have to pay closer attention to the simple cues given to you. ,

Disregarding the French culture to be the world's biggest consumers of wine beverages, the management of Disney still hung on the "we realize best" conviction. Male employees were required to keep well groomed as the American managers wanted in this manner. Their insensitivity to the French culture led to an extremely bad start even though they have relent in some areas such as allowing females employees to wear brightly coloured fingernails polish and allowing kennels for the mission pets. The French would never dream of leaving their dogs and cats when going on holiday. (Cateora & Graham, p 615)

CONCLUSION: the major factor that added with their poor performance, throughout their first 12 months of operation can be narrowed right down to marketing surveysm, which lead to ethnocentrism and self research criterion.


There are several means in which the controllable factors could be prevented in other to present Euro Disney the success it needed at the first season of business. This means are suggest and proposed the following:

The deliverance of advertising to the customers, not on the physical composition of just the area together, but on the resources and service that a customer are certain to get from patronising the holiday resort. Advertising should be cautious controlled. Culture needs to be sure that people aren't taken in by misleading advertising campaign. There's a set of ideas that all advertisers must follow (Roman & Mss, 2003, p. 200):

  • Tell the reality, show the fact- the merchandise should look exactly the same way as the consumers will purchase it
  • Make the general impression truthful- "Advertising is judged not with what it says, but what consumer's thinks it says". (p. 201)
  • Ban "weasels" and dangling companions- All phrases must be clear.
  • Substantiate product claims- must definitely provide evidenced that the case is true.
  • Back recommendations with research.

It is vital that cross ethnical communication, cooperative decision-making and collaborative problem solving be implemented in multinational firm management like Disney. It's important that the management of any multinational corporation work together to overcome limitations and differences also to be able to speak, and collaborate in order to effectively work together, converse, make decision, and solve problems as an individual entity as globalisation will simple that. This brings the planet jointly. The EuroDisney might use the help of the Disney in Turkey in other to have the ability to handle the social difference in French. By understanding the French culture, EuroDisney will be able to bring polices that'll be accepted by the French customers. The French cherish their culture that it's important for EuroDisney to in a position to change the culture and prevent cultural self criterion, rather try to understand the culture of the French.

Make use of the number one property which is real human resource to be able to use the best techniques and method and concentrate on both macro and micro economics of the global business. The management from the top quarters branch(in cases like this, management from the United Talk about) cannot do this only but will become successful if he learns from those in the many parts of the entire world and learns from those who are experts in the various locations and cultures where they live and work. They'll next, solutions communication, sales, customers services, find alternatives, developing innovative strategies, etc. The best way in owning a diverse sales force is to include the sales management from each area and empowering them and learning from them, this technique will help the Euro Disney to overcome the cultural differences and policies that aren't suitable for the French employees.

Generally as management, it's important to have a general knowledge of domestic activities and regulations, and understand the various cultures and functions of the sales force outside of america. This can only be accomplish by using individual resource from which are aware of the culture of French, company, and cultures, how business is taken care of in different elements of the world, differing company regulations and businesses (although the business is an entity, policies and routines range somewhat, if not extremely, to be able to support the variances), words and cultural variations, various sales methods, training, customer service, account management, follow-up procedures, key bank account management, and so on. Can only just be treated by dealing with the various sales groups and using their expertise.

CONCLUSION: The above mentioned proposed suggestion will tackle the indegent performance at Euro Disney. The first recommendation should be the general market trends and survey, that will handle the staffing problem, social issues and drafting and delivering of effective advertising,

3. 2 Question 2

3. 2. 1 The factors that could have been foreseeable and handled by Euro Disney or the parent or guardian company.

Taking a glance at the above mentioned factors that lead to the indegent performance of Euro Disney in their first time of operation, some of the factors were possibly foreseeable, although some weren't foreseeable and uncontrollable. A company reputation and size of Disney is allowed no room for mistakes. The stakes included are billions of dollars. Complementary businesses like this of the hotel industry are reliant after the success on the success of this team park in Paris. Nice cash received from the government and private corporations would have to be produced well of. Disney can foreseen the unforeseen.

When Euro Disney was founded the consideration considering is the physical area and culture as well. However Disney set up the Euro Disney predicated on the type or American thinking, they expected the Europeans to do something as People in america and prosper over newly designed theme park. They forgot that these were producing a substantial theme area bigger than another theme area in European countries for the American mentality. They may have computed the exchange rate, and did not calculate the Western european culture. They might well have foreseen the problems mentioned in the above mentioned poor performance factors shown.

Factors such as those mentioned previously are not grouped as the unforeseen; alternatively these are being grouped as the expected factors, which Euro Disney or the parent or guardian company Disney must have recognized. Economics, politics, culture complemented and associated with comprehensive evaluation of the 4P's follow the basic guidelines of marketing. Disney must have foreseen the changing economic arena in France with the forthcoming European recession in 1991. The partnership with the French government should have been taken care of with greater health care and delicacy, because of the size of the investment involved and ultimately, the amount of jobs determined by the success of the Euro Disney. Looking at culture, the mother or father company can drive itself on another people, looking at the cultural profile of the People from france, which in cases like this was the European continent. Disney marketed its product, the theme area similar compared to that of Tokyo Disneyland in Japan believing Europeans needed their little bit of Americana. In international marketing, the needs and would like of the consumer are being indentified, the package offered by Disney to their customer meet neither their needs nor wants. Disney true success lies in adapting to the surrounding culture of the France and Europe as a whole, being marketing oriented to find success in customer satisfaction. Disney failed in both aspects. Culture is extensive and change occurs when level of resistance slowly yields to acceptance, so the basis of amount of resistance becomes unimportant or neglected, which means that on the part of the Western community, we are certain to see bargain, but over a period. Disney too must reconcile with the surroundings it has resolved in. we read within the circumstance that Disney will in the end mend it ways. Making room for continuous change is the best way to go about its business.

Conclusion: most of the factors that lead to the indegent performance of EuroDisney in their first season of operation were foreseeable which will be the staffing problem, advert problem, and social differences etc, where some factors weren't, including the economic recession in those days in Europe.

3. 3 Question 3

The cross-cultural marketing skills of Disney

The problem was that in the beginning, cross ethnic marketing skills weren't used and applied. Taking for example, Disney executives were told that French didn't take breakfast each day, which lead to downsize but surprisingly, the French do eat breakfast time.

Cross cultural marketing would have let the professionals know that the Europeans were more energetic and protected more of the Euro Disney theme park and rides than those in the western hemisphere. Therefore, instead of the normally three times stay at the Disney North american theme playground, the remains were normally shortened to two days and nights stay. The Western european vacation customs were not being examined so the theme park didn't see profits and success as hoped. Us citizens take brief breaks nonetheless they take the more often. However, Europeans take one month for getaway. The American professionals thought that the Europeans would change their one month tradition and take up the Us citizens shorter yet more repeated time off but didn't happen. The French schedule remains the same and they would close the office and stock during the complete month of August, which was contrary to the actual North american do. These factors should have been considered. Mix cultural marketing would have been extremely useful however the parent company professionals were being quite ethnocentric and it cost a great price. (ibid, p. 615) had a need to say, their ethnic marketing skills were unsatisfactory, in fact, nonexistent. Had that they had any skills of this sort, the beginning would have been a success rather than such failing in the beginning.

Therefore, we can say that the abilities of Euro Disney cross ethnical marketing skill was poor, they did not have skills of cross social marketing skills which is the main type in dealings in international trade like Euro Disney. They put an American theme area in the middle of Europe with North american mentality, American food, which did not heed to the cultural worth of the Europeans. However, the new CEO in 1993, the park known their problem and made the changes. Then they started their new marketing plan, including skills of cross cultural prices, understanding. They began to include French and Western favourites like Zoro and Mary Poppins. They advertising campaign include famous European characters with the powerful kingdom. Within the year, they took off bargains boosted.

CONCLUSION: after the recognition of the problem facing Euro Disney that was the cross cultural marketing skill, that was bad. After some time park realized the pending problem and provided a remedy, which was the utilization of People from france in their marketing campaign etc.

3. 4 Question 4

3. 4. 1 New theme recreation area in Spain

Spain is a country that accept and receive overseas cultures compared to France, the southerners obtain foreign culture with higher warmth set alongside the central and east Europeans, where if Euro Disney would have launched in Spain, Disney could have achieved less criticism. But we have to be aware that, Euro Disney is really built to serve the entire European countries as a whole not simply Spain. Therefore, criticism will probably come from other part of European countries, even if Spain obtains Americans with ambiance.

Cultural account is shaped as the bases of international marketing romance, what sort of product is being sold in the international market, in a overseas country is based on the cultural variable present in the country. In other for Disney success in marketing the theme park internationally, it will force them never over emphasise the importance of understanding the culture of the foreign culture. A style park in virtually any part in European countries generally, Spain not excluded will face a differing percentage of regal restraints, political risk, culture issue, and monetary disruption as well.

Therefore, if Disney places a theme park in Spain, it is assumed that the ethnic difference will lay down a huge role in its success, as suggested earlier. Disney would have to adapt to the customers culture and the culture of Spain generally, and integrate them in to the development, implementation, and procedure of a fresh theme playground. The workaholic habits of the Americans is opposing of not just Spain's concentrate of life and family first, but generally Europe as a continent. In the United States, people focus more on themselves and personality is the concentration not group (Hofstede ethnic dimensions).

CONCLUSION: international marketing is the function associated with culture, what one can do in marketing to a particular international product is shaped by the ethnical variables of the united states. A theme park is Spain such as another part of Europe would face a varying proportion of, legal restraints, political risk, culture issue, and monetary disruption.

3. 5 Question 5

3. 5. 1 The major things to consider for another Disneyworld

The concern for another Disneyworld should be in Dubai. Dubai should be considers as the next Disneyworld location priority. Dubai (UAE) is the major commercial business hub of the Arab world. Business horizons increase from the western coast of the United States to the eastern Philippine archipelago. Business communities around European countries have created a stronghold here as a gateway to the majority of Northern Africa, the Middle East also to a limited extent the Asian Subcontinent. Dubai seems to be a good strategic location for another Disney world to be proven. Dubai is seen as the site not only to the minority areas from European countries, Asia and America's but specifically to the Muslim world of over one billion. Then actual opportunities are tremendous. The father or mother company Disney has already been a recognise number in households of the particular location UAE. The relaxed social and social atmosphere Dubai possesses over Muslim claims should not present a hazard to the continuity of business at Disney in Dubai, which is called Disney Arabia.

Dubai accounts a GDP (gross domestic product) per mind of US$15, 000 to $18, 000, one of the best results in Asia. The trade balance remains a surplus with over US$500 million. The infrastructure provides usage of telecommunication facilities and move by land, air and drinking water as state of the art. The diverse ethnic communities level communication obstacles between your Arabs and expatriates. All in all, Dubai posses the qualities and the right backdrop to promote the new "Disney Arabia" to a wider opportunity of people, both conservative and the more liberal, foreign and local. Thus, lunching the new Disney subsidiary is obviously not an right away or one day project, careful planning will be needed in defining the eight P's as important to the Arab world.

CONCLUSION: it's important to study from the mistakes which were made when EuroDisnay was began. Having offices and managers from the united states will be detrimental. Incorporating Dubai culture and evaluating the traveler activities, techniques and fads will be essential to the making of breaking of a Disney in Dubai.



Euro Disney faces poor performance throughout their first time of operation, which makes it important to learn from mistakes which were made when Euro Disney was started out. Having office buildings and managers from the country will be harmful. Incorporating the culture and evaluating the traveler activities, tactics, and styles will be essential to making or breaking of a Disney new job and existing one as well. The Disney Paris lately from 2005 commenced to see changes in markets from what was generated in the past as Euro Disney, which was because of the fact that, the new management came into being looking into earlier managerial techniques and operation, where helped them in understanding were the problems were made at the initial stage of the operation in the first 12 months, because of its poor performance.

Cultural literacy is required to do successfully business in any country and making decisions based on assumption should be prevented at all cost. The use of effective electronic communication and working is designed to help one to connect effectively as steelworkers, distant project team members and geographically dispersed employees. Therefore, communication sometimes appears as an important type in international marketing. Most multinational companies, when getting into international marketing fail to consider the mix social marketing techniques which are important for the MNC.



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