Companys Segmentation Marketplace And Positioning

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Originally published Oct 21, 2018, updated Feb 20, 2021
Companys Segmentation Marketplace And Positioning

Market segmentation thought as a process of dividing market into distinct group of consumers who've common characteristics, needs or patterns to selecting a number of segment to focus on with a definite marketing blend. Different companies have their own skills to provide their target market better, which is why some company placing much effort and attention on specific segment. First, geographic segmentation is dividing the marketplace into different physical units. Fast-passed Malaysia has a good shape for the cookie industry. That is because coffee stands for cookie culture. Therefore, Malaysians can go through the coffee to learn more about the cookie culture. Oreo got chosen to give attention to psychographics, demographics lifestyle of consumer, which is why Oreo is usually the best choice.

Psychographics is also referenced as behavioral segmentation, it based on consumer's lifestyle, interests, activities, expectation and frame of mind, which suggest what customer preferred, that they spent their time, and the main is the way they feels about issued and event. The company heavily included and promoted in education, charity and the environment. They satisfied their customers not only through their cookies, it included advertising and program. Oreo positively participates in charity activity. For example, hands-on activities (the process of earning Oreo biscuit) that help students understand the concepts of philanthropy. Those that participate could learn to promote and save through the hands-on activity. (http://blog. charitynavigator. org/2009/11/oreos-and-charity-teaching-kids-to-be. html)

Other than that, demographics divided the marketplace into groups based on age group, gender, income, occupation, size of family, education, contest, nationality and religion. Oreo target children and young adult, era of range around 6 to 18 yrs. old. Their products are usually aimed in key school, high school, and even university. Children and young adults always wanted to flavour cookies, so Oreo will be their first choice. The price for Oreo's product is affordable and good. Even if they do not include a huge income as well, they can highly find the money for to obtain a packet of Oreo. (http://www. shoplet. com/NFG03742_Office_Supply_oreo_cookies_retail_price. html)

A company can enter into one or more of these sections after they described market sections. Market targeting entails breaking market into segments, and then focusing, selecting on one or more segments to get into. Oreo is focuses on kindergarten kids, mainly university students and family.

Oreo will not target adult immediately, but they do offer ice-cream, wedding cake and pie. Thus, Oreo also suits for family. For cases, parents could buy their children some Oreo Cookie Snow Cream Pie while they creating a tea-time at anywhere and they can benefit from the Oreo flavored glaciers cream with the children as dessert. Oreo is wanting their finest to refine and improve their products to satisfy their customer and creating tranquility for family.

Position is organizing for product to occupy an obvious, distinctive and appealing place relative to rivalling products in the imagination of aim for consumers. Company wants to develop a distinctive market position because of its product, if the product is certainly same with others, consumer could have no reason to buy it. Therefore, Oreo products always have been recognized with a high-status image by their ad. With the high quality products, variety of likes, customers are prepared to pay for the products.

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In order to maximize their consciousness and establish them as the most famous and respectful brand in world and in their marketplace, Oreo completed a well-integrated marketing program that would use a marketing combine to satisfy the needs and wants of its targeted market. Product, price, place and promotion are strategies that formed into a coordinated plan of action. Each component helps to influence clients in their setting of products.

A product is thought as something that is with the capacity of gratifying a customer's need or want. It includes features, branding product design, packaging and quality. Oreo markets the original Oreo chocolates sandwich cookies, Golden Oreos, and Little Oreos. Oreo markets it product through many avenue, including supermarket, mail-order catalogs and website www. nabiscoworld. com. Oreo also partcipates in furnishing put into practice and home elevators cookies that can fit customer healthy lifestyle. For example, Oreo provide its menu which divided by five groups which are counting carbs, fewer than 150 calories, reduced fat, simply for kids and good source of calcium mineral. (http://www. amway. com/Shop/Product/Product. aspx/Nabisco--Oreo--Variety-Pack?itemno=701946)

(http://www. nabiscoworld. com/recipes/RecipeSearchResults. aspx?keywords=)

(http://www. nabiscoworld. com/Recipes/default. aspx)

Price is the amount of money that customers need to cover the product. It includes payment period, credit term, allowances and discount rates. Profits go to the people who ask for the right price. Oreo's prices range from RM1. 60 to RM14. 99. Amazingly, it is lower than its competitors, while not by much. For instance, Oreo regular load up was more than 20% cheaper than Famous Amos cookies and Oreo butter cookies were 10% less expensive when compared to others specialty competition like Royal Dansk Danish butter cookies. However, when compared to quick-service restaurants, Starbucks was more expensive. Compare Starbuck with Ny donut and caffeine, the latter can be an average 17% cheaper. ( http://www. answers. com/topic/royal-dansk-butter-cookie) (http://www. nextag. com/famous-amos-cookie/compare-html)

The third 'P' - place, Malaysia does not have a retail store, the marketer place more of the merchandise at convenient shop, petrol place and the others stop. The retail stores are much more convenient for individuals who are in haste. Shops should select rural area and other locations to provide customers outside the house and grow brand consciousness. Besides that, the environment of the shop will also effect the crowds. People will likes to spend their times in a comfortable environment instead of a noisy, filthy shop. The business should provide and serve their customers in an improved way in order to make their customer pleasure with the services and environment. When customers are content with their services and environment of the business, they will visit the place frequently.

Promotion is the online marketing strategy which includes advertising, selling, public relations, trade shows, immediate mail and presentation. Successful campaigns are designed to change perception or increase consciousness, knowledge and purchases among audience. Company runs promotion at major food suppliers throughout many countries allows Oreo to get responses from the buyer. One of the deals that Oreo has used is Promotion. Oreo offered its discount at sampling stations inside the meals retailers and at website. Therefore, we will run seasonal promotions that can be played with company's press schedule. For example, January to February, there would be a contest that can encourage a twelve months Bally Total Fitness's membership. This promotion can help to start the business's New Season Resolutions. For the calendar months of Apr to May, ten elliptical cross trainers will get away in a sweepstakes sketching to begin the swim suit season. In December 2009, there was a contest for anyone who creates the most special OREO Xmas cookies house design. That victor will be honored five thousand dollars to stay their credit card bills from Christmas shopping.

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