Knowledge Management at the Coca Cola Company

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Originally published Oct 11, 2018, updated Feb 20, 2021
Knowledge Management at the Coca Cola Company

This review discusses about the data management with the Coca Cola Company. The Coca Cola Company has been in business since 1894 which started out as a soda pop fountain beverage. It is one of the world's top producers of soda, which they sell at typically 1. 3 billion servings per day. It also has one of the world's top systems in their common distribution. One of the most admired organizations for having credited as proficient on the production, syndication and marketing. The business has an impressive start; however, the development is only whenever a system for a bottling was created. The technology has boosted the business enterprise in great ways. The presentation possessed a positive final result, improving the product quality and the efficiency of the merchandise.

It requires a very aggressive methodology for a firm to prosper. Thus, it is vital to study what to the detail before decisions are created. For example, in putting up a commissary in a new area, a supplementary care and effort to research is very essential. Things that we need to know about the place are an essential part in this approach. The market must be surveyed too by inquiring the 5 season plan of the government agency. In this way, the investment will be covered.

The system at the Coca Cola Company has been honed for centuries and it's really been deeply rooted from community centered level, rendering it a very good social concern. Their system has effectively dished up the wide and various arrays of likes which have catered not only in the local business. The strategy applied by the company is based from value chains and force models. These tools have helped the company maximize and guide them in their efforts to solved future business reverses. And it is definitely quite effective as the world has gone through a recession; the Coca Cola Company has stood still but still braving its way towards success and excellence.

The knowledge management of Coca Cola has a profound relationship with collaboration. It partake the nature of not simply a system but a huge network where in fact the people within the company can communicate with the business network located in a different country. This nature will help assess knowledge professionals on how much information must the company need to further their endeavors of efficiency and customer satisfaction.

In executing their strategy, knowledge management is very helpful because it assists as a style or guide where certain specific areas are marked as they considered fit, or areas are being highlighted which they found that needs for even more improvement. It also serves as a solid pivotal point where company seeks assessment or gathers information to help expand extend the Coca Cola System.

As the recently appointed Knowledge Management (KM) manager from the Coca Cola Company, I highly emphasize the need to further the study in the advancement of technology within the company. I am discussing the word called "intranet" that i found has been area of the business that needs to be advanced and requires in-depth research. It is a network of computer systems that is merely accessible to authorized personnel, that has the lone control and management of the data source. The intranet system can help the company properly deal with their networks. Through the use of the data management mechanism, it'll optimize posting of knowledge amidst them.

The trouble spots with the knowledge management of Coca Cola are its lack of ability to focus on the needs of the individuals working within the company. They were not presenting proper initiative how to further their studies as they are working on an unhealthy management system. It is an obstacle to urgently work and be attentive to change. It shall steal them of these passion, imagination and devotion towards the merchandise.

Another area which the company didn't address is the need to put importance on business reviews. If they continue not to take credit on the assessment of the general public, its failure may cause great harm to its syndication and marketing. As an understanding management manager, I suggest to take credit on every reviews being put under the company. And this should not be taken for granted, but instead be saved on the business data source for future research or as a guide to help create a system to boost with the same would attend to the needs of the customers.

Although this multinational firm has been successful for centuries and the set ups and techniques they've developed have been tested over time, they still flawed in one thing which is called the decentralization. For this reason factor, the business has encountered trouble on the matter of inner management. As a result, conditions at a local level will never be thoroughly adapted. It'll definitely affect the strong relationship between your company and the clients. Thus, impedes the development of an additional secured market in the local scenery.

This intranet strategy will help improve the romantic relationship of the bottlers due to network created between them. Knowledge management provides them with facts and tips about how greatly serve customer satisfaction. The bottlers are they key source that knowledge management can acquire data because the bottlers know the community very much and they're considered as the essential unit of the whole Coca Cola System. They believe in winning together because this is actually the only way to accomplish their goals and missions and whose relationship is aiming for a permanent destination. This strategy will help them endure a long lasting relationship aiming for a typical goal and standards of perfection.

Lastly, the continuing future of Coca Cola's success is on bettering their information technology. As a newly appointed knowledge management I strongly, suggest the necessity for an "intranet" system within the company. This can help change lives in achieving to the needs of the most basic customer level which is the primary and foundation of the company. Inability to exhaust and dwelling address to this area would bring the complete company to jeopardy.

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