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To choose the best capstone topic, you need to decide on the project's ideas and decide how to move. If you are a student of an engineering college or university, focus on what interests you. It could be a topic about the software or creating various phone applications. Using the same strategy, a marketing or economy student can choose a topic - labor market research or development of a market strategy. There is plenty to choose from, so below, we have collected the top topics that will inevitably become interesting for the reader. Our list includes the best topics in various sciences. But first, let's find out how to choose a capstone project topic.

Tips on How to Choose a Topic For Capstone Project

The capstone project is a kind of milestone, passing through which yesterday's student becomes a professional. Much depends on the choice of topic:

  1. How time-consuming the writing and subsequent defense will be
  2. What kind of material is needed for the practical part.
  3. Will the project proposals (if any) be new and useful?
  4. Will this work be helpful in the future.
  5. Whether it will pave the way into the world of exploration or, on the contrary, will forever close the door in it.

Therefore, you should not point your finger to the sky, or rather, to the list of potential topics. It is better to think over everything in advance and make an informed decision, focusing on your benefits. Let's consider several options for choosing a theme.

One of the most common options is that the project's topic is a logical continuation and development of other scientific documents you have already written. Of course, their themes should not be repeated word for word, but after all, it is quiet enough that the general direction of research is maintained. In this case, the student's developments in scientific research preparation will be beneficial in the capstone project. This can be statistical data, results of experiments, psychological tests, opinion polls, etc.

Another option for approaching the choice of the project topic is to focus on future employment. In other words, a topic is chosen that is more consistent with the upcoming professional activity. If, for example, a future psychologist will work with children, then his work should be built around child psychology and not be devoted to the psychology of conflicts between spouses or psychological assistance to victims of emergencies.

The third option is to discuss the topic with the scientific advisor. The ideal option is when you write all the documents for the same professor. The topic choice will be as adequate as possible, especially if you are also going to graduate school with this leader. If you had a new leader during the preparation of each work and when choosing a topic for the project he was changed again, then, of course, it will be more difficult for him to advise you something. But in any case, it will never hurt to discuss this with him, and you will hear something useful for yourself anyway.

Ideas From Top Experts For Students

It would help if you did not choose straightforward ideas for a project; there is a great chance that you can unwittingly repeat any document submitted earlier. The topic of the work should be relevant. If you choose it successfully, you can find a large amount of information in various literary sources. The commission draws attention to the year of publication of a particular book indicated in the list of used literature. Books should be no more than five years old for natural sciences and humanities, and technical ones - no more than ten years.

The implementation of research work will go faster if you first draw up a plan and decide on the future document's structure. This will help the order of information sources that set the vector of activity and sequence. So you can significantly reduce the number of possible improvements and build a train of thought on a given topic in your head. The plan is often corrected in writing, but this is good because it acts as a guideline.

It would help if you started preparing for the defense of the project by rereading the material. This helps to refresh your memory of all critical points. So it will turn out to look confident in front of the commission, leaving no doubts about your knowledge. Make sure that the structure of the prepared speech is entirely consistent with the plan. It is essential to check the availability of all applications and the order in which they are located. The explanatory note for the work also includes information on the presence of tables, diagrams. Now that we talk about many of the nuances of work let's move on to the list of topics.


The theme of a nursing project should be relevant, meet modern requirements for the development of science, reflect real health problems, have a practice-oriented nature, and correspond to the content of one or more professional modules. List of topics:

  1. The role of a nurse in providing healthy, safe food to the population.
  2. The district nurse's role in the earliest possible correction of risk factors and increasing the population's adherence to diseases' treatment.
  3. A district nurse's role in increasing the efficiency of dispensary observation of persons suffering from chronic diseases or having a severe integrative risk of developing acute diseases.
  4. Evaluation of the performance of a day hospital nurse in primary health care facilities.
  5. How do activities and hobbies affect the health of students? Can a nurse create an individual schedule of physical activity so as not to harm health?
  6. What methods and techniques should a nurse use in a blood emergency?
  7. How should nurses care for patients with spinal injuries?
  8. How can a nurse support a patient with cancer, and what special care do patients need?
  9. Can a nurse teach loved ones to care for a patient after surgery?
  10. What kind of care and method do patients require in the intensive care unit?

Later your project theme may help you with your nursing dissertation.

Information Technology

Information technology is very interesting for those students who are passionate about computers, the development of algorithms, applications, coding. If you don't know which topic to choose, then take a look at this list:

  1. Designing an automated system for recording attendance at a virtual school.
  2. Creating an automated information system using the UML language.
  3. Designing an educational and methodological complex for training students in the chosen major.
  4. Development of a database of a dispatching office of a transport company.
  5. Automated information system for assessing the borrower's creditworthiness (JavaScript).
  6. Development of an information system for the patrol and guard service.
  7. The creation of an information system for a company is providing Internet access services.
  8. Development of a software module for automating the activities of a cafe.
  9. Medical registration information system.
  10. Information system for monitoring students' knowledge on the topic of Internet technology

Computer Science

Computer science is complicated to learn. It is not easy for a student to come up with a project topic because there have already been many discoveries, but we still found those ideas that will become interesting for the reader:

  1. Configuration for analyzing cost data.
  2. Development of a server part, a graphic editor, and a package of documents for an information system for residential buildings.
  3. Development of a web interface for working with network directories.
  4. Development of a set of classes and libraries for creating web applications.
  5. A one-stop reference for non-financial tasks.
  6. Development of a financial analysis and planning system.
  7. Application processing system.
  8. Implementation of an extension of the Java language to support parallel algorithms.
  9. A system for creating three-dimensional computer games and designing game logic.
  10. Methods for indexing text using neural networks.


In writing a work on the business, the student must demonstrate the acquired skills and ability to write a business plan, perform specific investment calculations, choose the most rational decisions, and manage a business idea's implementation. List of topics:

  1. Analysis of the liquidity of the enterprise in the practice of domestic financial management.
  2. Business plan as a basis for modeling new projects for the production of goods.
  3. The impact of the business life cycle on strategic planning.
  4. Possibilities and limitations of using ready-made software products in the development of business plans.
  5. The value of annexes to a business plan.
  6. Categories and characteristics of investors.
  7. Coefficients are used to control the economic efficiency of the project.
  8. The criteria that determine the physical feasibility of a business plan.
  9. Business plan marketing solutions.
  10. Investment risk assessment methods.


Work on accounting should help the graduate demonstrate the general level of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, the degree of his readiness for practical work as an accountant. List of topics:

  1. Organization of accounting: principles, regulation, forms, and methods of information processing.
  2. Accounting method and the use of its elements in the organization of the accounting system.
  3. Accounting objects, their assessment, and reflection in the organization's reporting.
  4. Application of static and dynamic balance sheet concepts to determine an organization's financial position and financial performance.
  5. Inventory is an element of the accounting method.
  6. The primary observation is the basis of the accounting information system.
  7. Direct supervision in the accounting system.
  8. System of accounts in accounting: classification of accounts, typical and working charts of accounts.
  9. The principles of accounting assumptions and their influence on the formation of the accounting policy of the organization.
  10. Justification and development of accounting policies - the fundamental basis of the organization of accounting.


Students must demonstrate skills in working on a personal computer, carry out mathematical calculations, and process materials when completing their final qualifying work. List of topics:

  1. Improving the efficiency of ensuring the economic security of the enterprise.
  2. Analysis and assessment of the enterprise management system.
  3. Saving the working time of the personnel of the enterprise management.
  4. Diagnostics of the crisis state of the enterprise.
  5. Development of an enterprise development strategy
  6. Development of the innovative potential of the enterprise.
  7. Ways to improve the competitiveness of the enterprise.
  8. Human resource management in the enterprise.
  9. Corporate governance.
  10. Development and economic justification of investment projects.


An education project should be primarily experimental. At the same time, it is allowed to perform theoretical work. List of topics:

  1. Automated systems for managing the educational process at the university.
  2. The author's position is an integrative way of self-realization of adolescents in artistic and aesthetic activities.
  3. Adaptation of the child to school.
  4. Adaptation of students to university education using physical culture.

  • Adaptation of first-year college students to study at the institution.
  • Activating the attention of younger students in the process of music perception.
  • The amount of physical activity, types of physical exercises recommended for students with disabilities of the cardiovascular system.
  • Interaction between schools and parents in the process of teaching and educational work with children.
  • Fostering a culture of behavior in a preschool institution.
  • Children's whims: reasons, ways of prevention, and overcoming.


Engineering students can come up with a lot of ideas because the given type of job is quite common. We have selected the best themes:

  1. Study of the deposition of amorphous phosphate coatings.
  2. Comparative characteristics of copper plating electrolytes with various additives.
  3. Study the protective properties of chemical nickel-phosphorus coatings on steel as an underlayer before the titanium nitride deposition.
  4. Regeneration of chemical nickel plating solutions.
  5. How the electrolysis process affects the physical and chemical properties of different alloys?
  6. Extraction of surfactants from wastewater by electroflotation.
  7. Investigation of the Ag-Cu alloy electrodeposition process.
  8. Electrodeposition of chrome coatings on complex-shaped products.
  9. Study of the influence of various factors on the distribution of current and metal of galvanizing electrolytes.
  10. Improvement of processes of electroflotation cleaning of washing solutions from impurities of petroleum products.


Usually, the topic of marketing work is related to the activities of the organization. The work should contribute to the introduction of more advanced, including international marketing management methods and the organization's activities. List of topics:

  1. Automatic enterprise management systems.
  2. The influence of external and internal factors on the activities of the firm.
  3. Influence of informatization on company strategy.
  4. Innovative approaches in the marketing activities of the company.
  5. Innovative technologies in the advertising activities of the company.
  6. Integration of marketing management processes using a marketing information system.
  7. Interactive marketing in the enterprise management system.
  8. Internet marketing in the activities of a commercial enterprise.
  9. The use of mobile technologies of content providers in the policy of promoting goods of large companies.
  10. Marketing of restaurant services.

How To Create Good Capstone Projects?

To write good capstone projects, you need to follow our advice:

  1. Don't put off writing a project until the last week. Students can meet an urgent deadline. But the project still takes a little more time than coursework. Why? This project is a kind of report on your studies over several years.
  2. The research topic and content should correspond to the realities and needs of today. You don't want to hear on defense that the text is uninteresting, too simple, unoriginal.
  3. The working version of the plan will allow you to streamline the work and draw up a writing schedule. Write down extended items and set estimated deadlines. This approach saves time and simplifies information processing.
  4. When writing your work, be sure to save copies to a USB flash drive, Google Docs, and other media. Backups have saved a lot of time and effort.
  5. The unconditional requirement is uniqueness. It is necessary and essential for the student to check the text's originality using several essential resources with a different verification algorithm.
  6. Before defending, ensure that all the design conditions are met, an annotation, an explanatory note, and all attachments. It is essential to work out a speech for defense, to rehearse.

Where to Search for Capstone Project Samples?

It is good that in our time there are libraries and the Internet. The student can find out what modern textbooks, capstone projects, articles in magazines on the topic under study exist. Also, visiting the library and traveling through the Internet is an exciting activity.

Let's take a look at the Wikipedia site. You are interested in a marketing project. We will see an article on this concept. At the very end of the article, we will see a list of references on this topic. Typically, this list includes beneficial literature sources. Of course, not many of them are on Wikipedia; nevertheless, they will give the main direction for further search. Through these sources, you can find a capstone project samples, understand how to create a document, etc.

Another way to find project examples is to ask the professor. Before work, clarify the document's details, what should be included; the teacher will help you in this challenging task. In the examples, you will find answers to the questions that torment you.

You can also contact the managers of our site. If you do not know how to draw up a paper, then you will be helped. You can see examples and order a project if you do not have time to complete the task yourself. Skilled professionals know not only the capstone definition but also how to make it memorable and outstanding.

What Does the Capstone Project Mean?

Every student graduating from a university or college needs to know what is the capstone. This document is a graduate qualification work. The content of the work shows the level of general theoretical and professional training of the student. According to the level of its implementation and the defense results, the examination committee determines the possibility of assigning the appropriate qualification to the graduate and issuing a diploma.

The final stage of training, which gives the right to award an educational master's degree, is precisely the capstone project. Work is the most active form of communication between students' theoretical teaching and practical experience working. In preparing a document, students develop a breadth of thinking, acquire research skills, demonstrate the level of their professional training, and report for the entire study period.

Why is A Capstone Project Important?

Now when you know capstone meaning, you need to understand why this work is so important. This project is initially created to carry out scientific research in a specific area of ​​knowledge, which results in the latest developments. They can be new methods, definitions, theorems, recommendations for improving any processes and phenomena, training programs, all kinds of training, technical inventions.

In the course of work on a project, any student can realize his dream, the idea of ​​creating a new device or program, suggesting his unique technique or method, which, in his opinion, will be more effective than previously developed by scientists. This is a kind of chance for a talented graduate of an institute, college to reveal his brilliant ideas first to the teacher, then to the certification commission, and later to the whole world.

What is the Purpose of A Capstone Project?

The purpose of the qualification work is a deep understanding of the topic, mastering the methods of independent research, the practical application of theoretical knowledge to solve specific problems. The work includes two components that are approximately the same in scope - educational and research. An individual plan determines the content of the research work of a specialist and a master. Professors of the university and college are appointed as heads of work.

The work must be logical, evidentiary, reasoned, and meet the following requirements:

  • contain a scientific analysis of the subject of research;
  • results of personally carried out comprehensive research and analysis of problems in the field of activity;
  • make and substantiate real proposals for improving various aspects of professional activity by the subject of the research;
  • be properly executed and have all the necessary accompanying documents.

What Are the Types of Capstone Projects?

If you think that this kind of work has only one meaning, we hurry to inform you that there are different capstone projects.

The student may not always select the types. It depends on the science that the student is studying. But you can combine them. Before deciding which type to choose, you need to consult with the professors; if he gives you full freedom, choose based on your interests; if specific rules are set, then stick to them and not deviate from the instructions.

Each type will significantly increase your grades. If you apply them in a project, you will unequivocally prove that you are ready for independent activities. The professors of the educational institution will evaluate your contribution to science. Therefore, carefully approach the elections because your future depends on it.

How to Implement the Capstone Project?

This project is necessary to describe the various methods and approaches that you apply in the research. The project's implementation depends directly on you and how you can develop ideas, thinking plans, and strategies. But we understand how difficult it is and give you instructions on how to implement the project. There are two stages; let's look at them:

  1. Planning Phase - this process aims to create the structure, plan, and all the document's necessary details before you start writing it. You will have the opportunity to realize all ideas with the help of a poster or notebook, where you write down step-by-step instructions. And then transfer everything to the document.
  2. Completion stage - this process aims to ensure that you can choose the necessary research methods in the course of work and then write about them in a paper. Here you need to briefly describe all stages of the project, goals, tasks, and then it will be easier for you to write all the chapters.

What Does the Planning Phase Include?

Students who have successfully passed exams have made reports at scientific seminars, taken part in international conferences, completed an internship, and defended a report are allowed to work. The planning phase covers such actions:

  1. Selection and approval of the topic.
  2. Selection and familiarization with literature.
  3. Drawing up a plan, developing an individual job assignment, and an implementation schedule.
  4. In-depth study of literary sources and writing a theoretical part.
  5. Collection and analytical processing of statistical materials on the research topic.

What Does the Execution Phase Include?

After completing the processing of theoretical materials, the student proceeds to the practical generalization of research materials and writing chapters. The study results are presented based on the following requirements:

  • content and concreteness of presentation;
  • consistency and consistency;
  • completeness of the presentation of thought;
  • exceptions to tautology.

The student must submit the work to the supervisor for the first check-in parts within the established time frame. In case of non-observance by the student of the calendar schedule of work, the head of the department, upon the supervisor's proposal, has the right to contact the rector with a proposal to expel the student who does not fulfill the curriculum. Considering the supervisor's remarks and instructions, the student corrects the text and finalizes, after which he proceeds to its design by the requirements of the content and structure.

The prepared and adequately executed work is submitted for reviewing to the supervisor to receive written feedback and assessment from him. After receiving positive feedback from the head, the student completes the design of the project. At this point, this stage ends, and you need to protect the work. We wish you success, and we hope that you will succeed.

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