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Your daunting assignment: sample book report

Sooner or later, the vast majority of students stumble on the necessity of writing their first sample book report. You’d better avoid thinking about the upcoming book report until you’ve finished your reading. Just keep enjoying the book. Once you finish, think about what you’ve just read. Now it’s time to write your sample book report. Just follow these fine tips illustrated here below.

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Before you start writing

First, you should look through the requirements of your writing assignment very attentively. Perhaps, you may require asking a slew of questions until you properly understand the very essence of this writing work.


Read the book and keep annotating. Make sure you’ve just written down all the necessary points, not to mention page numbers. Mark crucial parts, take notes and underline enthralling lines. Then, keep the following things in mind:

You should outline the major ideas as well as sub-ideas of this book. You’d better do it while the whole story is still fresh in your mind. Thus, it will be much easier for you to organize your thoughts for your sample book report. Answer the following questions:

The form of your report

You require starting with a clear introduction. Then, in the first paragraph you should mention the title as well as the book’s author. Depending on the requirements to the paper, you may also require mentioning the year of publication, number of pages, genre and so on. In addition to the main facts, you also need to provide a short summary of the object of your research.


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The main body of your paper

Of course, writing the main body is a crucial part of your book report.

Write a substantial conclusion

Your conclusion needs to wrap everything up. You require restating the thesis or major idea in your conclusion. Review the key points and state your exclusive point of view. Your thoughts need to be pulled together. Show your impression of the book to readers. If the book is really worthy, make them want to read this stuff.

Your final copy

At this stage, you require rereading your paper and reorganizing if required. Make sure, you have a substantial body, clear introduction and smart conclusions. Your paragraphs need to support your introduction.

Other worthy tips

A couple of useful tips left to look through. Follow them, they’ll make your paper more convincing and professional.

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