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When you enjoy the excitement that comes with an enrollment into the MBA program, you must bear one thing in mind, and that is the fact that you can never get on with this dream until you are offered admission into the program. You can never complete the admission process without an MBA personal statement. This is one of the most difficult parts of the application process, and you must tackle it head-on. This essay is a make or break piece and you must get it right. Now, writing an personal statement is not the same thing as writing a character analysis essay in your undergraduate school. This is because you are now delving into a field or level of education that is very competitive in nature. The application into the program is in no way near a walk in the park, and I always reiterate this whenever I pay someone to do my essay. If you do not offer something higher in quality than the essays you previously wrote in your college days, then you are not offering a strong statement. You must writing the statement bearing in mind that they are the only means through which you will speak directly to the admissions officers. Your first assignment is to get to know the admission officers and strive to offer things that will impress them. This does not mean knowing them in person, but having a good idea of the things they will be looking for in your statement.

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One of the major reasons why people hire us for their custom dissertation help is because we know the exact things that are sought by the examiners in every dissertation, and we go a long way to showcase those. We also have very strong information about the things your admission officer will be looking for in the MBA personal statement. So, hiring us means dazzling them with what they expect. Your statement will be read by an admissions committee, and the members are bent on having a class that is balanced, accomplished and diverse. You should know that every MBA class prides in the accomplishments and statistics of the members, so the officers will always go to extra lengths in getting to know the precedence of the prospective applicants. The fact remains that the accomplishments and business experiences of the applicants are very important here, and these can only be highlighted in the statement for the admission officers to see and assess. In some cases, the applicants are given the chance to have a face to face interview with the admission officers. When this type of interview is organized, the focal point is always on the contents of your essay. So you must write something you can address and provide elaborations on. The core point of any mba statement is that all the contents must be connected to you. The highest mistake you will make when you set out to write such a statement is to make generalizations and in the process fail to explain how the events narrated in the essay connects directly to your person and experience. You must showcase that you have a unique connection to the business world. It’s not like philosophy and psychology topics that talk about abstract things or human beings in general. We will also offer top notch psychology paper to psychology students.

There are some things that must not be lacking in your MBA personal statement while there are others you must never include. Now, as a prospective MBA student, the chance is that you may not have enough correct information about unique programs offered by the school. However, you must strive to ensure that there is a very strong connection between the offerings and resources of the school and your personal requirements and interests. So, your best bet here is to speak with the university’s alumni, MBA admissions staff, students, professors or anybody that will offer such meaningful information to you. Don’t presume anything, so as not to writing things that are not factual. If you want us to write the statement for you, we will also work with such information by investigating and getting the facts from the appropriate bodies. We can also offer computer programming homework help to computer science students. You should also strive to ensure that your short and long term goals are properly connected in the statement. These must be outlined in a cause and effect setting because ideal long term goals are always as a result of accomplished short term goals. Whatever you aim to be in the future will come when you stand on the leap board of the past or present. The essential information you need in this aspect is that your personal statement is not your resume, so you should not spell out your complete resume here.

  • The application is already coming with your resume, so you don’t need to spend more than 50% of the personal statements on your work experience.
  • The information on your resume is already with your admission officers, so you should just limit the information about your career progress to 10-15%, or at most 40%.
  • The officers have huge experience in this field, so they know when you are sincere or not.

Because of these, you have to jettison generic statements to impress them. Everything must be real and very personal because they have read lots of personal statements and they know what every other person says. You really need to be unique. Your answer to why you chose the school should not be about flattery. It should be a concrete explanation of their characteristics, and the things they offer which no other business school offers. Our personal statement satisfies all these. Even when we offer thesis literature review example, it is always top notch.

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