What is the AMCAS personal statement length

A personal statement is a paper that you will need to deal with in case if you are going to apply for a position in an organization, for an educational grant, as well as for studying in a medical school. It serves to inform a certain institution, company, or any other organization about you as an applicant, as well as about the reasons for which you made a decision to apply for studying in a medical school. Usually every personal statement has a number of components and particular structure, although all of them differ from each other in some way. In any case, if you want to write an effective personal statement, there are certain guidelines and requirements that you need to follow. In this article, you can get familiar with the most important of them, as well as to learn about the AMCAS personal statement length and other characteristics that your paper has to match. Keep reading to learn more useful information.

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As a matter of fact, all medical schools require a personal statement to be written. Although the length of such a paper may vary from school to school, the most commonly accepted length is still near 5300 characters. In other words, you will need to write a paper for one full page. At first sight, one page seems to be not that a big deal. However, the truth is, if you really want to study un a medical school, you need to make every word on that page sound perfect. That is why it is important that you provide yourself with enough of time in order to create an effective personal statement. You don't have to hurry up, as long as it will never help you achieve your goal. But instead, you need to have an opportunity to take your time and think as long as possible, until you make sure everything in your personal statement is just perfect.

There is a great probability that a personal statement will be the most important paper in your life that you will ever deal, because this is what your further education and, eventually, career depends on. Therefore, it is essential that you do your best effort. Remember that you are not alone who decided to apply for studying in a medical school. There will be hundreds of candidates and obviously not all of them will manage to succeed and get what they want. Thus, you are expected not only to demonstrate that you are better that all the other candidates, but to prove it by means of providing all possible evidences. So, we recommend you to prepare for a piece of hard work, to concentrate on your purpose of studying in a medical school and to do your best.

  • Create a full list of your educational achievements. Of course, you will probably not include every achievement starting with middle school. On the other hand, however, you need to select the most worthy and interesting of them and present them appropriately, so the reader could evaluate your potential and actual possibilities.
  • Ask yourself a number of questions about your own future. Define what purposes you are going to achieve, what dreams you want to make come true, what desires you are going to implement. All of your answers to these questions will make your potential reader form an opinion about you. That is why you should be very clear about your purposes and write about them in an understandable way.
  • Create an outline of your educational and personal life. On this stage, you have to think of different experiences that you had in your life, what turning pints or important events made you start thinking of a medical career and, as a result, lead you to applying for studying in a medical school.
  • List the major challenges that you have ever had to deal with. Then, you need to define the most fascinating of them and decide how you are going to tell about them in your paper. Here, it is quite important that you try to be as objective in regard to your weaknesses and strengths as possible, as long as it will play a big role.
  • Now it is time for a deep analysis of your purposes in life and in career in order to understand clearly why exactly you want to study in a medical school. Is it because you are just interested in medicine or because you think you will make good money in this field? Be honest with yourself and this will help you formulate your statement appropriately.
  • Think about specific areas or aspects of your life that you would like to make emphasis on. Consider writing about your past, in case if you have many different achievements and you want to include all of them. On the other hand, you can also write about your future through the prism of the purposes that you have and that you want to achieve.
  • Explain how studying in a medical school can help you achieve your purposes. Why do you find it the best possible option for you? What attracts you most about studying there? What motivates you to undertake such step? All this has to make a good impression on your target reader so try to think really thoroughly.
  • Find out as much information about the particular medical school as possible. There is a great chance that they ant to hear answers to particular questions from you and these questions are probably provided on the web-site in the medical school.
  • Put together the information that you have gathered while following the guidelines and start writing your personal statement. When it is finished, remember proofreading and editing it

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