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Health And Social Care Personal Statement

Due to previous experiences of dealing with a range of folks in the care sector I believe throughout my time on various work placements with people who have disabilities and difficulties in communicating, combined with the experiences gained throughout my studies, my wish to pursue a profession in the care profession is continuing to grow.

To further my fascination with working with and around people I completed a course in childcare.

Throughout this program I could gain valuable experience of dealing with special needs children. While this was very challenging I also found it an extremely rewarding and enjoyable experience. To further my knowledge and passion for working with people I took a health insurance and social care advanced course and took a week's experience in a day center which involves dealing with people who have problems with difficulties in communicating and having disabilities. This again helped to broaden my knowledge of working with people and also how to approach children and adults with disabilities.

Within my spare time I've researched the job role and requirements for health promotion to find out what is involved. To develop after these interests further, I am taking up a one week work experience within medical field. I will be spending the first week in a care home focusing on helping elderly people that suffer from dementia and my second week assisting a health promoter to see a far more professional job role in health care. I am looking forward to this valuable experience as it will further consolidate my desire to study health insurance and social care.

I currently work as a sales assistant which includes given me a valuable experience of dealing with people and exactly how to assist their needs at all possible. During this time period I am developing effective communication skills and good working relationships. Furthermore it is also helping me to show how committed I am to my duties as well as demonstrating good organisation skills. Having to juggle work and school as well as social activities this also implies that I am developing my time keeping skills to make myself more committed and much more punctual.

During my first year of sixth form I helped to improve money for the McMillan Cancer trust charity. I also found this very rewarding as I was helping others which were in need, just like during my work placements. I often play sports after sixth form with my friends; this has helped me to build up extra skills in working well in a team. In addition I've completed voluntary utilize a year six class to increase my understanding of working with teenagers, another activity that we quite definitely enjoyed and found extremely rewarding. To help expand my interest in dealing with people I have recently volunteered to execute a level 3 v-volunteering in my own spare time, the certificate itself can be an accreditation form Newcastle University. Within my free time I mainly like to dance and sing. I find this is a good way expressing myself in addition to help me keep fit. I also attend the gym often to also help keep me fit. I also like to attend various different events and take advantage of any activities which i am offered whether it is through school or outside of school. This helps to increase my confidence and also helps me to meet new people.

I believe that university is unquestionably the right path for me personally. I am always working extremely hard to attain the best I can, a feat that i intend to carry on throughout my university years. Personally i think I have the required skills had a need to enjoy university to the full and also achieve success in future years. Furthermore I'd also like to go to university to help develop my skills even more therefore i can gain a good job in the health and social care sector which is definitely my main interest.

Social Work Personal Statement

I have decided to take up the course in social work because firstly the subjects that i am doing sociology talks about people and society's problems, I've in this subject done focus on family and at this time doing religion, it has fascinated me to help individuals who are facing problems such as abuse in families. Secondly I've done personal study on this subject which I have enjoyed reading around in periodicals and journals which had fuelled my fascination with gaining a far more depth knowledge of working with different type of people and their problems. Thirdly I would like to take up a course which fascinates me and in which I'll determined me too succeed and the task of attempting to deadlines

Whilst in the sixth form I have been involved with a scheme which aimed to provide children entering school with a minimal reading age, with the assistance their required to enhance their reading levels. I also at in my private time have a tendency to go to old people house who are disabled because one of my close relative is there also this house is opposite my home so I go in and speak to different people and talk or play games with them. This is another reason I want to do this course because I've some connection with what I will be facing in this program, it won't be shock to me at first time round because I understand in social work you get people who are hard to handle especially youngsters

My part time job which is shop assistant helped develop my knowledge of responsibility and has given me increased confidence also enabled me to do something initiatively with dealing with unexpected problems and has helped to develop my communication skills. Dealing with the kids in school has improved my interpersonal skills so that I could now use children that can be awkward sometimes without any problems

As a person I like keeping fit that i have a gym in my house, I also like hearing music and going out with mates which provides me a different environment from school and work, this gives me an opportunity to make new friend and meet new people. I also in my in your free time help my younger brother and sister with the homework or I sometimes study from my mum how to sew clothes

As an applicant, I will bring beside me an enthusiasm and motivation because of this subject. My ethics background and cultural awareness should let me become and integrated yet individual of the university member within an increasingly cosmopolitan society.

Personal Statements: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Personal statements with positive impact

"After I was made redundant, I decided to become a support worker. This was because I have been volunteering for several years in the Youth Service, working with young people at risk of offending. I got a job in a particular needs school where I supported pupils on a person basis. I needed to create a good relationship with each pupil and also to adapt my communication to their special needs. A good example is how I worked with a boy who was afraid of the doctor ( describes her intervention and outcome). Employed in this field for three years has encouraged me to tackle an Access course; I've learnt the idea of communication and can see why I was successful in my work with school students. I'd like to build up my skills and knowledge further by studying for a social work degree. "

"Skills I needed gained as a support worker were needed when my father was diagnosed with dementia. I had developed always relied on his support and found that I needed to be reliable and ideal for him without letting my emotions overwhelm me. "

"I am currently working as a support worker in a multi-disciplinary community mental health team. Although I work mostly with the OTs I've a good opportunity to get a synopsis of the other professions including social work. I have worked together with social workers in the team to aid vulnerable people locally and particularly like the wider perspective they bring to their work such as involving carers. "

"I have worked in the substance misuse field for 5 years and also have undertaken NVQ3. I have been offered the post of manager in the service I work in but considering my own development needs, I now want to teach as a social worker to gain a wider connection with working with vulnerable adults and children. "

"I am a nursery nurse and wanted to take my involvement in child protection further by studying OU courses on health and social care. "

Statements with Limited Impact

"I've always been passionate about care, becoming a social worker allows me to fulfil my ambitions"

"I have been employed as a carer for 6 years. I love my job and the knowledge. This has been excellent for my own skills as I must speak to people like the elderly. "

"I really believe my own drive is an integral factor in my success as manager in a care home and I would be a secured asset to your degree".

"Working as a support worker means that I've learnt skills in communication and team work. " (No further discussion of these points)

Lengthy exposition of previous employment in various retail and marketing companies, paragraph ending with "The work experience linked to social work was a six week placement in day centre where I helped escort the old people home. " No further discussion of what person learnt from this, what impact it had on decision to apply to train as a social worker.

"Having gained an NVQ 3 in health and social care and with vast experience in paid and voluntary work, I wish to further my career by studying for a specialist social work qualification. . . . . (then follows list of all the service user groups applicant spent some time working with). . . in every these my skills in prioritising my workload, meeting deadlines, time management and team working has improved enormously. " No evidence given to demonstrate this statement.

Other statements contain very general comments on social work - such as " A social worker's vocation is highly complex and even more than interpreting the situation and assisting people find a remedy. It involves methods, theories and ethics. " There's a danger that these kind of generalised comment are either from websites or books and articles that are not referenced - plagiarism can rear its head even before some people have started their academic career!

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