Ucas Personal Statement and Things that You Should Do Before Thinking About an Interview

Usually, an application statement is the most important paper the student will ever complete outside of the examination room. Most universities in the USA and in the UK do not provide an option for selection exclusively via interview. As a rule, they prefer including short essays or personal statements in their application programs, whereas an interview remains an option for highly competitive courses, such as veterinary science, nursing or medicine. Music and drama students should expect an audition, whilst applicants of art and architecture often demonstrate their portfolios while being interviewed. Do not take a personal statement for a disaster, though, as it is a unique and wonderful opportunity for you to create a winning image, sell yourself as a promising student and enter your higher education with pride.

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At first, it is crucial to comprehend why the universities require your statement. Speaking from a point of view of economics paper topics, universities see you as an object for the investment of their time, equipment, and their teachers’ intellectual efforts. Using application statements, a university’s admission jury is trying to find out, whether you are worth the future investment. Therefore, it is a good chance for you to distinguish yourself among the other applicants.

There exists a special online system Apply on the Internet, which most UK students employ to process their UCAS application. It has many strict requirements that help keep you within acceptable stylistic boundaries. Thus, a standard font is to be used (e.g., Times New Roman) for writing no more than 4000 characters. Fancy formatting is not possible with Apply, as well as bold, italics or underlining. Also, you cannot do a spell check with Apply, so it is advisable to type your statement using MS Word and then just cut and paste the main body into an appropriate field of the application form.

Whether you decide to employ Apply or submit your UCAS personal statement in another way, you should remember that a good application paper will take at least three weeks to compose. However, the main part of your work on the paper should begin even much earlier, say, for months before the submission date. The point of early beginning is that in this way you will be able to look at yourself critically and do the material research to prevent poor choices at the last minute. Well, you do not want to boast about your achievements, but rather to show the ability to estimate your weaknesses and strengths reasonably. Also, you need a lot of time for application paper refinement, since you may win a first piece of admiration by presenting your statement, formatted in the best traditions of an ASA sample paper.

Surely, the style of your statement must be informative and engaging as you answer in your statement all the needful questions. It is important to find evidence to support claims in all sections of the paper, which are as follows:

  • - first section: your interest in the subject. What made you choose this particular subject? What is the reason for your deep interest in the studies and what particular areas of the subject appear to be the most engaging for you? After answering these questions, you need to support your application with relevant work experience – for example, your application for a physiotherapy course will not be admitted, unless you have practical experience for two weeks minimum. Thus, practice is as valuable for medical applications as an expert knowledge for a marketing research proposal.
  • - second section: the subjects and courses you are currently studying. Everything you decide to include in this section will speak for itself. Your assessors will be able to understand, what exactly interests you, as well as estimate your enjoyment in that discipline. And an even more important question: what material can you name as evidence of advanced reading or exploration beyond the syllabus? Try to list at least several books without evaluation, and then choose one topic or article for a deeper explanation. And again, if you are medic, try to come up with something better than books with an MCAT homework help!
  • - third section: your personality and extracurricular skills. Here you can emphasize your pursuits and goals that lie beyond your school or college courses. What other subjects do you like to study? What extracurricular achievements and awards you have earned so far? Moreover, in this section you can speak not only about your great erudition in geography or familiarity with physics paper topics but also about your leadership and organizational potential.

Apart from the strong sides of the application paper you should beware of poor stylistic elements. Look carefully, whether your language is clear – there must not be waffle and shaky-structured sentences. As long as it is a professional document, avoid humor, colloquial slang and messy grammar. Watch for enthusiasm and engagement that you express in the mid-sections and conclusions – dull, uninspiring and dry prose speaks the worst for its writer. However, do not try to plagiarize somebody’s work or substitute your own insipid words with someone else’s picturesque writing, because later your interviewers will easily unmask you and see who is who. It will be much better if you analyze yourself properly and do not try to look as an ideal applicant. Rather than pretend to be another person, be straight and honest, and in that way you will find an appropriate response from the admission committee.

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